Skype Wi-Fi Access to be Powered by Boingo Wireless

Boingo Wireless and Skype announce agreement that will allow Skype users to access more than 100,000 Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide, and pay using Skype Credit. The feature, called Skype Access, will be embedded into Skype as a core feature, first in the Skype for Mac 2.8 Beta software released today and then in versions of Skype for other operating systems sometime in 2009.

The new application lets users connect to a Boingo Wi-Fi hotspot with a single click and to pay per minute only for what they use. Skype Access actively scans for available Boingo hotspots and presents a pop-up dialogue box displaying the price per minute to use the Boingo network using Skype Credit. Boingo’s Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy apply and access to all Internet services will be provided on a simple, per minute billing basis.

Boingo gives people the best choice of Wi-Fi hotspots by combining more than 100,000 locations from more than 150 leading Wi-Fi operators into one worldwide network spanning 90 countries.

By sharing one authentication and enrollment process, one download and one payment method, the Skype-Boingo collaboration clears a path between one of the most popular communications platforms on the Internet with the world’s largest network of Wi-Fi hotspot operators.

Skype Access will be embedded into the Skype client as a core feature. In addition to Skype Credit and a Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, users must have Skype for Mac 2.8 Beta installed and running. Prices will vary based on location and currency. There are no connection fees or monthly charges for Skype Access.

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