IPEVO Equips USO Pacific Region with Skype Phones

ipevo_logo.jpgIPEVO announces that 18 USO centers across the Pacific Region will deploy its S0-10 Skype Desktop Phone and S0-20 Wi-Fi Phone for Skype devices. Using Skype and the IPEVO phones, more than 890,000 troops and their families that use the centers each year will now have a free communications link back home, without the need for a computer to make calls.

The S0-10 is a fully certified desktop Skype phone for the home and office. Connecting directly through an existing network, the S0-10 eliminates the need to use a computer for IP calls. The S0-20 is a Wi-Fi phone that gives users the flexibility and mobility to use Skype wirelessly in a home or office Wi-Fi network. People traditionally think that you need a computer to use Skype, but with IPEVO's stand-alone phones, calls can be made using a Skype account directly on the device.

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