Talkster Bridges Mobile and VoIP Services

Talkster unveils a groundbreaking voice over Internet (VoIP) network that allows users to place calls from ordinary mobile phones to traditional and next generation voice services. As an important component of the company’s forthcoming enterprise communications service, the Talkster network connects mobile phones to VoIP networks and devices without phone numbers, such as IP-PBX office phones provisioned inside a corporate IP network.

To demonstrate this network capability, Talkster is offering an individual user beta service that substantially cuts the cost of international long distance and roaming, and is also the first service to enable mobile phones to call instant messenger with voice services such as MSN and Google Talk. The Talkster beta service can be used by the widest number of mobile phones without requiring software, special networks or convoluted calling methods. During this beta, calls to instant messaging services are free. People can sign up at and start using the beta service today.
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HotZone 4010-Based Wireless Broadband Network in Mexico

GlobeTel Communications Corp. announces that it has successfully built and deployed a HotZone 4010-based wireless broadband network within a city northeast of Mexico City, Mexico, and has begun to service customers through the network.

“The Company began offering Internet services on the network in conjunction with an introductory promotion to residential users within the network’s cloud,” stated Peter Khoury, Chief Executive Officer of GlobeTel Communications. “We experienced a favorable response rate and we are optimistic that these products and services will continue to be well-received through the extension of this network, and other HotZone-based networks in Mexico.”
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Reviewed: Philips VoIP433 and VoIP321 Phones

I came across a review of these two Philips VoIP Phones and thought I'd provide you a cliff notes version of the review.

The VoIP433 provided users with a "true plug-and-play" experience with Windows Live Messenger and the phones automatic contact book provides an up-to-date contact list. However the screen is considered to be one of the worst ever seen on a handset. It's 98x67 pixel LCD is only capable of showing 4096 colours and the low resolution can make it hard to read.

Call on hold
Call waiting
Battery life of 10 hours talk time and 100 hours standby

The VOIP321 is a Skype phone that requires the installation of a driver and small application program. This runs in parallel to Skype and your computer to provide the phones interface. After installation it provides a small icon in the computers system tray.
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Netgear's Skype Phone Reviewed

netgear_skypephone.jpgI came across this review by David DeJean of TechWeb on Netgear's Skype Phone Model SPH101 and found it to provide some helpful insight.

"Even though the Skype Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service lets you talk to other people just like you would on the telephone, it still requires a computer to make it work. However, a new generation of Skype handsets is changing all that. The Netgear Skype WiFi Phone gets you off your computer entirely: If you've got a WiFi network and this handset, you've got all the equipment you need."

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3Com 3108 Wireless Phone

The 3Com 3108 Wireless Phone allows users to roam a building or campus environment and stay connected with customers, partners and co-workers while utilizing VoIP, wireless email and data applications. The 3Com 3108 Wireless Phone delivers reliable and secure voice communications over any standards-based IEEE 802.11b/g wireless LAN infrastructure.

  • Sleek clamshell flip form factor with a high-quality color display
  • Keypad and intuitive four-way cursor lets users manage calls
  • Access their phonebook
  • View call logs and view e-mails
  • Personal settings, such as ring tones, speed dials and connectivity settings, can be configured on the phone or via a Web browser-based management tool.
"The 3108 wireless phone is also the newest addition to 3Com’s broad portfolio of IP phones. It works with 3Com NBX and 3Com wireless networking solutions as part of a complete VoIP solution. 3Com VCX is scheduled to support the 3108 wireless phone in early 2007. The phone is currently available through 3Com channel partners and distributors at a list price of $415 USD."

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Talkster to Offer Mobile-to-VoIM Calls

Talkster Inc. announced that it has retained Mobility Public Relations as its agency of record. Mobility Public Relations was selected because of the expertise their team has in the wireless industry having managed media and analyst relations activities for such companies as Cisco Systems, iPass and the Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP).

"Mobility Public Relations blew us away when they presented the program they are building for Talkster," said Maria Puccio, vice president of marketing at Talkster. "Very quickly the team at Mobility Public Relations created precise product positioning and messaging. It's fair to say that Mobility PR is playing a major role in transforming our business."
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Wireless VoIP in the USA and Western Europe

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Forecasting the Commercial Impact of Wireless VoIP in the USA and Western Europe to their offering.

Forecasting the Commercial Impact of Wireless VoIP in the USA and Western Europe answers your key questions:
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JAJAH Promises Free Global Calls from Mobile Phones

JAJAH unveiled the JAJAH Mobile Suite, which allows consumers to make free long-distance and global calls directly from their mobile phones. The service is the latest milestone in JAJAH's ongoing mission to become the first, true global communications company by providing consumers with the smartest, cheapest and most innovative communication services around the world. With 2.5 billion-plus people who use mobile phones as their primary communications device, the JAJAH Mobile Suite vastly expands the company's global footprint.
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VoIP Innovator Launches Service for Mobile Phones

Voice communications technology company PeerMe, Inc. launched its free service designed to allow users of Sprint EVDO mobile phones to make free unlimited calls. PeerMe CEO Tom Lasater says, "Sprint has the best EVDO network in the U.S., but at the same time they have the highest churn in the industry and they signed up fewer new users than any of their competitors this year. We are giving them the ability to use their technological edge to become the leader in the U.S. wireless market."
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Wireless VoIP Phone Based on UniFi, Single-Chip WiFi

CSR launched UniVox, a VoIP phone based on the company's UniFi single-chip WiFi technology. CSR has designed UniVox to enable manufacturers to produce wireless phones for residential use at the lowest cost, and lowest power with up to 20 hours talk time and 400 hours standby time from typical handset batteries, using latest generation access points. CSR is providing UniVox customers with schematics, layout and bill of materials (BOM) as well as royalty-free design software. To ensure the lowest cost, CSR has designed UniVox to be highly integrated, so the total cost of components listed in the BOM is under $20 with electronic bill of materials (eBOM) totalling less than $15. CSR is demonstrating and sampling UniVox today, and expects a full production-ready UniVox example design by the end of the year.
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Nortel and Followap Enhance IMS Services

Nortel has selected Followap's Presence technology to power its IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) portfolio to unprecedented levels of personalization, mobility and security in communications.

IMS is designed to deliver uninterrupted, seamless communications regardless of network, making it possible for interactive services such as instant messaging, VoIP, push-to-talk and multimedia gaming to follow users in real-time as they roam across wireless, wireline or cable networks. Presence technology is an essential component of IMS that enables networks to be intuitive, allowing users to specify their availability and willingness to communicate via the network and device of their choice.
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Wireless is Trend Setting Regarding Implementation of VoIP

AMITELO Wireless SL, located in Campanillas-Malaga, a 100% subsidiary of AMITELO AG (Zurich), continues the geographical expansion of its IP-network at the Costa del Sol, Spain. The company provides broadband services to, amongst others, the specific areas of Coin, Ojen and East Marbella. This represents the second implementation phase of the network connection program and services rural areas to the rear region of Marbella and in the city of Malaga itself. The services are also provided in the hinterland.
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BlueAnt's X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Loaded with everything for the digital connoisseur, the newly released wireless multi-function BlueAnt X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset is packed with multiple features to stream stereo music from an iPod, mobile phone, PDA, MP3 player or computer as well as taking calls and using voice over internet (VOIP) applications. Sleek, stylish, compact and fully portable, this all-rounder is a must for professionals on the move, gamers and those who want quality stereo streaming in the office, at home or while traveling.
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Nationwide Deployment Program of Mobile VoIP

xG Technology, LLC announced the launch of a nationwide deployment program of xMax, the first ever mobile Voice over IP (VoIP) service. Starting today, the company is accepting applications for its xMax Domestic Dealer Program and will award exclusive territories to regional carriers for deployment of mobile VoIP services. The first systems will be online in the first quarter of 2007.
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Mindspeed Announces Wireless Software Suite for Comcerto

Mindspeed Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for network infrastructure applications, announced a comprehensive wireless software suite for its Comcerto voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) processor family.

Mindspeed's new wireless software solution and integrated Comcerto processors offer the industry's most highly optimized platform for implementing GSM/W-CDMA and CDMA media gateways with support for IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) and fixed-mobile convergence applications.
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