HotZone 4010-Based Wireless Broadband Network in Mexico

GlobeTel Communications announces that it has successfully built and deployed a HotZone 4010-based wireless broadband network within a city northeast of Mexico City, Mexico, and has begun to service customers through the network.

“The Company began offering Internet services on the network in conjunction with an introductory promotion to residential users within the network’s cloud,” stated Peter Khoury, Chief Executive Officer of GlobeTel Communications. “We experienced a favorable response rate and we are optimistic that these products and services will continue to be well-received through the extension of this network, and other HotZone-based networks in Mexico.”

Khoury continued, “The low cost of customer acquisition allows us to provide service at a rate competitive with the existing Internet access services in the area, plus the addition of enhanced services such as higher download speeds. This is a WiMAX-based technology that provides high throughput, low latency and high quality service while supporting existing end-user CPE devices such as Wi-Fi cards and DECT phones. This WiMAX technology will allow a new breed of wireless applications to be utilized, such as video, MP3 and in-vehicle devices.”

This first phase of network deployment includes 15 sites containing HotZone 4010s broadcasting both 5.8 GHz point-to-multipoint connections and the redistribution of standard Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz providing broadband internet access. This network rollout illustrates the cost efficiency of the HotZone 4010 by broadcasting a standard 802.11b signal resulting in a Wi-Fi “cloud” allowing homes in the area access to broadband Internet service using an ordinary laptop or computer with a standard Wi-Fi card or adapter. The network has been operating with users since mid-October and has performed to Tier 1 specifications providing 99.9997% network availability calculated on a monthly basis.

Although the primary use of the Company’s first commercially-available network in Mexico is for broadband Internet access, the HotZone 4010 also allows the offering of VoIP telephony through the DECT standard, permitting a typical DECT-enabled cordless phone to have a reach of up to 800 meters from a HotZone 4010 base station, and allows for the fulfillment of WiMAX needs.

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