Largest Hot Zone in Joliet, Illinois

Proxim Wireless, Inc., a global provider of broadband wireless equipment and wholly-owned subsidiary of Terabeam, Inc., announced that it is exclusively providing the broadband wireless equipment to power a public Wi-Fi, voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and secured merchant transaction processing network at Bronk's Corners, a 275,000 square foot retail, office, and restaurant open-air center located in Joliet, Illinois. The network is being designed and installed by ITP Wireless, Inc., a licensed Illinois Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) and Proxim Wireless Platinum Partner. Bronk's Corners will be Joliet's largest Wi-Fi hot zone.
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Florida's First Citywide Wireless Mesh Network

Strix Systems, the leader in high-performance wireless mesh networking, announced that Citi WiFi Networks has selected Strix's Access/One Outdoor Wireless System (OWS) to create Florida's first public/private partnership by deploying a citywide wireless mesh network in the city of Dunedin. This robust and highly scalable network will provide wireless broadband Internet access to Dunedin's businesses, city offices, marina, tourists, and 38,000 residents. Already 25 percent complete, the network is expected to spur economic development and reduce the city's fixed costs. Upon completion the city's wireless mesh network will cover 10.4 sq. miles.
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Atmel Embeds RADVISION SIP In VoIP Chipsets

RADVISION, a leading provider of multimedia conferencing, communications platforms and development tools, announced that U.S.-based Atmel(R) Corporation is licensing RADVISION's SIP toolkit to be used on Atmel's product line of wireless and wired Voice-over-IP (VoIP) processors.

The toolkit will be used to bring advanced VoIP capabilities to Atmel's VoIP processor devices that are targeted at embedded applications such as enterprise VoIP WiFi and wired phones and VoIP enabled home routers. Atmel's silicon products with RADVISION's SIP embedded will be used by tier 1 and tier 2 OEMs and original design manufacturers (ODM) that design and develop wireless VoIP handsets for the Enterprise, SOHO, Service Provider and consumer markets.
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SkyPilot Networks One of the ''Fierce 15'' Wireless Companies of 2006

SkyPilot Networks announced that it has been named to FierceWireless' annual Fierce 15 list. This distinction honors SkyPilot Networks as one of the top 15 emerging wireless companies for 2006. FierceWireless is an internationally recognized email newsletter for the wireless industry, provides more than 73,000 executives in over 100 countries a quick, authoritative briefing on the day's top wireless stories and markets.
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MobileVoIP Convergence Solutions

Net2Phone, a recognized provider of global VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solutions for service providers, and BridgePort Networks, a leader in MobileVoIP convergence, announced that Net2Phone selected BridgePort Networks' MobileVoIP convergence architecture for its telecommunications partners. Net2Phone's telecommunications partners will now be able to offer a joint landline - mobile solution to their customers using BridgePort Networks' MobileVoIP convergence solution.
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Interoperability for Wi-Fi Telephony Applications

SpectraLink Corp., the leader in workplace wireless telephony, and Meru Networks, the global innovation leader in wireless infrastructure for the All-Wireless Enterprise, announced that they have completed field verification of compatibility between SpectraLink's NetLink Wireless Telephones and Meru's Wireless LAN System. Verification of compatibility was done at multiple customer sites including PGT Industries, the leading U.S. manufacturer and supplier of residential impact-resistant windowsand doors.
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CSR Behind First Bluetooth VoIP Design for Skype Calls

CSR PLC the wireless specialist and global leader in Bluetooth technology, announced the world's first true plug and play dongle for making wireless voice over IP (VoIP) calls. The CSR Voice Dongle 1 package incorporates all the elements required for manufacturers to produce a low cost plug and play USB dongle for making Skype VoIP calls over a Bluetooth mono headset. The first complete solution of its kind, Voice Dongle 1 will allow CSR customers to create a product which pairs automatically with the user's Bluetooth headset, integrates seamlessly with the computer's Skype software and requires no separate installation software. This benchmark design package is available now to CSR customers worldwide.
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VoIP Increasing in the Mobile Market

SyChip, a leader in Radio Frequency Chip Scale Modules (CSM), today introduced SyVoice(TM) 1000 (SV1000), a Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) integrated circuit that has been optimized for wireless VoIP applications. The SV1000 device is the newest in the SyVoice family of products targeted to mobile devices such as cell phones, single-mode wireless VoIP phones, PDAs, personal media players and portable gaming consoles. SV1000 combines a high-speed digital signal processor (DSP), A/D and D/A converters and power management logic in a single integrated circuit. SyChip will be located in Booth 1243 at Spring VON 2006 at the San Jose Convention Center.

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VoIP Services Marketed to Users of Wi-Fi Networks

Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc., announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with the owner and operator of one of the largest free wireless Internet networks to promote its VoIP services to millions of Wi-Fi users. Under terms of the agreement with AnchorFree Inc. ("AnchorFree"), a leader in providing and aggregating free Wi-Fi access and wireless hotspot directory services in conjunction with, AnchorFree will promote Fusion's efonica VoIP services on various of its websites, in its toolbars and on content pages. AnchorFree and attract millions of users each month.
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Philips Aims to Improve Mobile and Roaming Experience

Royal Philips Electronics announced that its technology powers unlicensed mobile access (UMA)-enabled phones to be available in the U.S. market from a major operator. The flexible device using the Nexperia cellular system solution 6120 for UMA, can be used both at home over the fixed line broadband network and on the go for mobile calls. Requiring no additional setup by the consumer, UMA phones switch between cellular networks and Wi-Fi hotspots, automatically detecting the fastest and most cost-effective network -- reducing bills dramatically. UMA is particularly attractive to business users, with Wi-Fi use in the office environment growing exponentially, further reducing bills for corporate users.
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VoIP-friendly Wi-Fi Access Points Seen as Step Forward

That holy grail of wireless/IP convergence, the seamless handoff of a dual-mode phone call from a Wi-Fi network to a cellular network, is still a rare phenomenon in most places. But we are taking small steps towards it now, in the form of a new class of specialized Wi-Fi access points designed to support voice-over-IP.

Connected to a VoIP network and phone service, these access points provide VoIP's cheaper services to cellular phone users within range of their Wi-Fi transmitters. They may also offer better-than-cellular indoor coverage.
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Meru Networks Announces Industry's First Wireless Security Solution

Meru Networks, the global leader in wireless VoIP infrastructure, announced the industry's first wireless security solution that provides protection of wireless networks at the Radio Frequency (RF) signal level. The Meru Security Services Module, a software module that works in combination with Meru's complete wireless LAN product portfolio, bring enterprises a new, more advanced level of security for Wireless LANs delivering mission-critical applications.
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Wireless VoIP for Windows Mobile-Based Devices by SyVoice

SyChip, the leader in Radio Frequency Chip Scale Modules, announced the VWLAN7100 wVoIP module, the first in its SyVoice family of products for mobile handsets, now enables Windows Mobile-based devices wireless VoIP functionality with talk times up to eight hours and stand-by time of more than 100 hours.

"Wireless VoIP is a rapidly emerging market segment and an application that is very important for our Windows Mobile operating system," said Joe Levy, Project Manager at Microsoft. "We are pleased that companies like SyChip are developing technologies for Windows Mobile that will help to enable the VoIP market."
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Calypso Wireless to Sell 35,000 Software Licenses of CoMob

Calypso Wireless, Inc., a leader in advanced wireless telecommunications technology announced that it has received a purchase order for 1.05 Million euros from Inversiones CCS SA, for the delivery of the Calypso - Sleipner CoMob End User license software. The software run on the Calypso C1250i Dual Mode WiFi-GSM-GPRS VoIP cellular phone, which runs on Intel PXA series application processor and Microsoft WinCE 5.0 operating system.
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PC-Based Soft Phone Gives Wireless Providers New Device Solutions

BridgePortBridgePort Networks, a leader in convergence with its MobileVoIP solution offering, announced the availability of the company's SoftMOBILE solution. The solution brings together BridgePort Networks' NomadicONE Network Convergence Gateway (NCG), a standard mobile phone and a soft phone client designed for PCs or laptops to offer a full suite of mobile voice and messaging. Targeted toward the teen, young worker, work-at-home employee and road warrior; this combination enables GSM and CDMA mobile providers to offer converged, single-number service that is consistently delivered to the user interface of choice - mobile phone or PC.
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