Calypso Wireless to Sell 35,000 Software Licenses of CoMob

Calypso Wireless, Inc., a leader in advanced wireless telecommunications technology announced that it has received a purchase order for 1.05 Million euros from Inversiones CCS SA, for the delivery of the Calypso - Sleipner CoMob End User license software. The software run on the Calypso C1250i Dual Mode WiFi-GSM-GPRS VoIP cellular phone, which runs on Intel PXA series application processor and Microsoft WinCE 5.0 operating system.

"We have decided to launch the Calypso Wireless - Sleipner CoMob End User license software and we have therefore, placed a purchase order with Calypso for 1.05 million euros to acquire 35,000 End User licenses of CoMob software version 1.4. Our company will arrange to establish irrevocable letter of credit from an accredited bank acceptable to Calypso for this purchase," says Francisco Calderon, General Manager of Inversiones CCS.

"When using the Calypso C1250i WiFi-GSM VoIP cellular phone and connecting to any Wi-Fi access point, mobile subscribers will be able to save money on local and long distance calls using either the CoMob Agent software or Skype, therefore reaching more users and reducing the cost of calls," also says Calderon.

"This initial purchase order of 35,000 End User licenses of the Calypso Sleipner CoMob software represents the beginning of our licensing plans. With over 700 millions cellular phones sold word wide in 2005 (estimated by Frost & Sullivan), this order is just the beginning of Calypso entering the mobile market with the ASNAP patented technology providing value to consumer and mobile operators," says Alfredo Sarrazin, Vice President of Sales of Calypso Wireless Inc.

"On October 2005 Microsoft invited Sleipner SA Italy (now Calypso Wireless Inc) to demonstrate at the SMAU Microsoft booth the Calypso Sleipner CoMob ASNAP seamless mobility solution. We were able to demonstrate our solution to potential customers," further adds Sarrazin.

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