Telcentris Augments White Label VoIP Portfolio with Two New Solutions to Address Customer Demand

Telcentris announces the commercial availability of WL2 and WL3, two new offerings that expand the company’s white label portfolio from a single, entrance-level package to a three-solution suite. Telcentris’ white label portfolio leverages the company’s end-to-end managed wholesale VoIP enablement platform, and now, with the addition of these new solutions, provides customers unprecedented control over their private-labeled telecommunications offerings. Addressing a number of customer requests, the full suite caters to a wide variety of audiences, ranging from resellers, MLMs and entrepreneurs interested in entering the VoIP market; to interconnects, MSOs, MSPs, ITSPs and traditional phone companies (ILECs, CLECs, IXCs) seeking to add VoIP to their business services. In addition, Telcentris is providing its white label solutions through its Channel Partner Program, making the company among the first to offer a comprehensive white label VoIP portfolio to channel partners.

Telcentris now boasts three white label packages that enable customers to private-brand SIP trunking, hosted IP-PBX solutions, carrier services, SMS, callback services and residential landline replacement at wholesale prices. All three options can be set up in a matter of weeks. The solutions are as follows:

WL – Telcentris’ original turnkey, managed VoIP enablement solution, launched in December 2010. This offering, which includes a number of pre-packaged VoIP products and services ready for private labeling in a matter of days, is best suited for resellers and entrepreneurs looking to enter the VoIP market with minimal upfront investment. Package highlights include:
  • Carrier-grade billing platform
  • Administrator portal
  • Fully branded members portal
  • Customized invoice template
  • Simple pricing model
  • Transaction detail reporting
  • Ability to assign purchased numbers
  • Ability to create customers and accounts
  • Ability to modify offerings, tariffs, subscriptions and plans
WL2 – This new offering mirrors the original white label solution model but also grants the customer API access and more control over functionality, interfaces, troubleshooting and product pricing. This solution is designed for more technical audiences such as interconnects, MSPs, ITSPs and carriers, but also may be utilized by resellers and entrepreneurs with access to technical resources. WL2 offers all of the original white label solution’s features and services, and also adds highly sought-after features, such as:
  • Access to all of the original WL offering’s features and services
  • API accessibility
  • User access level management
  • Personal DID inventory
  • Troubleshooting tools (ability to access SIP logs, billing logs and call tracing)
  • Cost / revenue reporting
  • Ability to create customer plans, tariffs, and representatives
WL3 – This new solution in the suite takes white labeling to the next level of customization and scalability. Akin to a hosted or partitioned softswitch, this offering grants full access to Telcentris’ underlying technology platform, enabling customers to add direct carrier interconnections, leverage oversubscription, create products and resellers, and access carrier-grade Least Cost Routing. This solution is geared towards more technical audiences, including interconnects, ITSPs, MSOs, ILECs, CLECs, IXCs and other international telcos, who may have an interest in adding VoIP services to their portfolio but have existing carrier relationships and/or advanced customization needs. WL3 capabilities include access to all abovementioned features plus:
  • Oversubscription (concurrent call sessions)
  • Direct carrier interconnections
  • LCR platform
  • Vendor usage reporting
  • Ability to create resellers and sub-customers
  • Ability to create products and vendor tariffs
  • And more
All white label customers receive web-based interactive training sessions spanning three to five days.

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