Grandstream Launches Reseller Program; Furthers Commitment to Cost-Effective VoIP/SIP-based Solutions for SMBs

grandstream_logo.gifGrandstream announces its inaugural agent/reseller program for VoIP CPE solutions. The new Grandstream Reseller Program offers worldwide partners implementing Grandstream’s GXP CPE endpoints the ability to garner additional revenue through instant rebates when GXP products are purchased through a growing list of participating suppliers.

“The new reseller program is the latest example of how Grandstream is committed to working with its partners and developing cost-effective CPE solutions for the enterprise and SMB markets,” said David Li, CEO of Grandstream. “Our program does not require certification or demand any quarterly performance incentives. Our goal is to simply give our partners the products, support and financial rewards needed to accelerate the deployment of VoIP/SIP-based solutions.”
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DIGITALK Announces SBC VoIP Peering

Digitalk_logo.jpgDIGITALK announces SBC VoIP Peering, a high capacity and low footprint network solution for international wholesale services with a complete integrated operations support capability. Based on DIGITALK’s carrier-grade Session Border Controller for VoIP routing, DIGITALK SBC VoIP Peering incorporates full carrier rates management, automated routing, reporting and troubleshooting plus the unique benefit of an integrated prepaid engine.

DIGITALK has taken its broad experience of delivering solutions worldwide to the international long distance market over the last 10 years to distil in a single application the benefits of a consolidated routing, rating and management solution. Justin Norris, CEO of DIGITALK said “Based on our considerable market experience, we have developed a solution that directly addresses the issues carriers face with out-dated and inflexible solutions, and provides a very powerful and cost-effective platform on which to seize critical growth opportunities, especially in these leaner times.”
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Patton, Broadvox, and ABP Partnership Showcases Turn-key SIP Trunking Solution at AstriCon

patton_logo.gifPatton announces a three-way partnership that offers a turn-key SIP Trunking Solution to the VAR community.

Also announced today, Patton is the sponsor for the just-launched VoIP Routers Global Online Community on TMCnet.

The three-way partnership offers a turn-key solution for business-class VoIP that combines SmartNode VoIP IADs from Patton, with SIP trunking services from Broadvox and configuration and distribution services provided by ABP Tech. The three companies are unveiling their joint solutions at AstriCon this week at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, MD during 26-28 October.
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Dialogic Completes Interoperability Validation with BroadSoft for IMG Media Gateways

Dialogic_logo.jpgDialogic announces that the Dialogic IMG 1010 Integrated Media Gateway has successfully completed interoperability validation testing with the BroadWorks IP communications server platform provided by BroadSoft. Service providers can now use the IMG 1010 Media Gateway in conjunction with BroadWorks, enabling tens of thousands of concurrent business VoIP subscriber sessions to access the PSTN.
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VoIP Supply Launches Deploy Nationwide Installation Service

VoIP Supply announces the launch of Deploy. Deploy by VoIP Supply is a suite of nationwide VoIP Installations service aimed at business that don’t have the time or technical acumen to properly install a VoIP solution. Through Deploy businesses can make the evaluation and installation of a VoIP system quick, easy and affordable.

“Even though VoIP systems have become easier to set-up and install do it yourself is not for everyone,” stated Garrett Smith, Director of Marketing and Business Development at VoIP Supply, LLC. “With Deploy by VoIP Supply those businesses that do not have the time or expertise to properly set-up and install a VoIP system can now do so quickly and inexpensively, ensuring they realize the cost savings and efficiency increases that come with VoIP.”
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8x8 Announces Release of Virtual Office Pro 2.0 Upgraded with New Features

8x8 announces the release of "8x8 Virtual Office Pro 2.0," an upgraded edition of its award-winning hosted unified communications offering with improvements designed to further enhance the productivity and mobility advantages of this powerful web-based solution.

Originally introduced in January 2010, 8x8 Virtual Office Pro delivers a complete suite of web-based communications and collaboration services - such as phone, fax, web conferencing, call recording, chat, mobile application and more - via a single online dashboard, enabling access to these tools remotely from any location using just a PC and web browser. In addition, 8x8 Virtual Office Pro reduces a business' communications costs by combining the services (including unlimited local and long distance VoIP calling) in a bundled offering priced at under $50 per user, significantly less than the cost of acquiring the same services separately from individual providers.
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AGC of America Selects PingTone’s Enterprise VoIP Service Platform

AGC of America has chosen PingTone’s Enterprise VoIP service platform to deliver service to their headquarters and satellite office locations. AGC of America had opted to leverage outsourced VoIP service in 2005, and had recently performed a market evaluation of various hosted VoIP service providers. AGC decided to select the PingTone solution as they were able to fulfill AGC’s requirements while also demonstrating the ability to provide reliable VoIP service required for AGC’s critical business operations.

After a thorough analysis of the hosted VoIP providers, and based upon PingTone’s exceptional reputation and customer service excellence, AGC of America selected PingTone. “PingTone was able to quickly and efficiently implement the PingTone service in our offices, but more importantly deliver to AGC a reliable and quality business grade VoIP service,” said Fara Francis, CIO of The AGC of America.
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Alteva to Showcase Hosted Voice Integrated with Microsoft Communications Services

Alteva announces another affordable way to leverage Microsoft Communication Services integrated with Alteva's enterprise hosted VoIP service, at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Washington, D.C. Together, Microsoft and Alteva are providing hosted UC solutions for smaller businesses that integrate communication and business processes to increase productivity, streamline costs, provide more flexibility and increase and manage growth.
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VoIP Operator in North America Purchases RADCOM's Service Assurance Solution

RADCOM announces a major VoIP operator in North America has purchased RADCOM's NGN Service Assurance solution. This VoIP operator supplies high-quality voice and messaging services over broadband networks. With a few million subscribers, providing Quality of Service, real time customer experience and troubleshooting subscriber experience are of essential importance to such an operator, in order to satisfy and retain its customers.
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BroadSoft Responds to Worldwide Growth in Demand for End-to-End VoIP Network Monitoring

broadsoft_logo.jpgBroadSoft announces customer growth of BroadSoft PacketSmart. Responding to increased global demand for end-to-end VoIP network monitoring, PacketSmart has been selected by InTechnology and Alteva to ensure high quality of service and minimize the challenges encountered in the delivery of real-time communication services.

Both InTechnology and Alteva have already seen PacketSmart help to significantly improve QoS for their customers. BroadSoft PacketSmart is designed to enable service providers and enterprises, to deliver "carrier-grade" service quality all the way into the customer local area network, even when they do not control the end-to-end network.
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ASC's VoIP Recording Solution Certified for Connection to Alcatel-Lucent's IP DR-Link

ASC announced its VoIP recording solution. EVOip active, has been certified by Alcatel-Lucent for connection via the IP DR-Link on the company´s OmniPCX Enterprise R9.0.

The certification, provided by Alcatel-Lucent engineers at their laboratory in Brest, France, encompasses the use of ASC’s RIAactive via EVOip Server Software Version 9.0. Thus, ASC has added another prominent integration to the many it already offers with major telecommunications vendors.

The certification was issued by Alcatel-Lucent’s Alliance and Application Partner Program after ASC’s EVOip recording system successfully passed the standards of inter-working with its OmniPCX Enterprise R9.0 communications platform.
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HelloSoft Announces Its IP Convergence Suite for Sprint's 4G HTC EVO Phone

hellosoft_logo.gifHelloSoft announces the availability of its award winning VoIP, IMS and IP Convergence software suite for the 4G HTC EVO phone launched by Sprint on June 4th. HelloSoft is the global leader in the embedded VoIP and IP convergence client market, and provides multimedia mobile device solutions to top tier carriers and ODM/OEMs around the world. HelloSoft will be demoing its Android client at the 4G WiMAX Developer Symposium at Stanford Developer Conference in Palo Alto June 15th, which will be the first public demonstration of any IMS compliant VoIP solution on Sprint's 4G HTC EVO phone.
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Russia-based NTC Selects VocalTec for Complete VoIP Solutions

vocaltec.jpgVocalTec announces that New Telephone Company, a triple-play carrier headquartered in Vladivostok, Russia, selected VocalTec as their preferred supplier for the roll-out of their Next Generation VoIP network.

VocalTec's Voice-over-IP solutions were selected to power NTC's migration to packet-based telephony and serve as the core voice platform for NTC's triple-play offering. VocalTec's solution fully satisfies all local regulatory requirements and allowed NTC to launch their VoIP service in record time.
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Compunetix VoIP Solution Powers KPN

Compunetix is pleased to announce that KPN has added VoIP to its CONTEX Summit-based public service conferencing offer. KPN uses CONTEX Summit collaboration media processors with both VoIP and PSTN calls on the same system without the use of external gateways. Voice calls maintain the reliability and quality of service that has become a benchmark in the industry, regardless of whether a call is VoIP or ISDN. The Compunetix VoIP solution easily passed the rigorous certification testing with the Ericsson VoIP Connect SIP trunking interface -- a testament to Summit interoperability and versatility. The VoIP launch marks a significant milestone for KPN as they expand their service offering and more efficiently manage operations. KPN uses Compunetix CONTEX Summits for reservationless and event conferencing services.
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TalkFree Announces Enhancements to 1LegCall, Zonefone

talkfree_logo.jpgTalkFree has added new features to its popular 1LegCall wireless VoIP application and Zonefone mobile VoIP dialers. Both solutions now support the S60 5th Edition, Symbian OS version 9.4 Nokia mobile phone models and Short Message Service.

1LegCall and Zonefone now can be used with nearly the entire Nokia S60 phone series, including popular models X6, N97 and 5800 XpressMusic. These new edition phones are selling fast in the Middle East and Africa, which are strong markets for TalkFree. Indeed, the carrier uses its mobile VoIP platform to complete more than 500,000 calls originating in these markets daily.
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