snom Unveils New Provisioning Solution to Accelerate Enterprise VoIP and Unified Communications Deployments

snom_logo.jpgsnom introduced snom Active, a new secure and hosted provisioning solution for snom IP phones being deployed as part of an integrated business IP telephony or unified communication system. snom Active provides snom distributors and certified value-added resellers with a free advanced provisioning and management tool for snom phones and endpoints that boosts the speed and efficiency of the deployment process for VARs’ implementing VoIP or UC in the enterprise.

snom Active provides snom partners with the remote capability for bulk configuration, provisioning and ongoing administration of snom’s SIP endpoints, including live updates of snom software and firmware. As a hosted, web-based service, snom Active offers VARs a highly reliable platform to manage and provision hundreds to thousands of snom phones across multiple distributed sites.
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Digium and Open Source Community Release Asterisk 10 at AstriCon

digium_logo.gifDigium releases Asterisk 10. Asterisk is a communications platform that allows developers to create powerful business phone systems and unified communications solutions. Since its introduction 12 years ago, Asterisk has been used, free of charge, in nearly every country of the world to power telephone and other communications systems. It has been downloaded millions of times, including two million last year alone, establishing Asterisk as the most popular open source telephony engine.

The most important new feature in Asterisk 10 is its wide-band media engine. Digium has replaced Asterisk’s telephony-grade media engine with a more advanced one, providing support for studio-quality audio and a nearly unlimited number of codecs. By supporting high and ultra high-definition voice, Asterisk can now be used to power communications applications that would have otherwise required specialized or expensive equipment and service in order to convey nuances in speech or emotion. Digium has also updated Asterisk’s media support for Asterisk 10, with several new codecs, including Skype’s SILK codec, 32kHz Speex support and pass-through support for CELT.
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Voxbone Creates VoxTRUNK

voxbone_logo2.jpgVoxbone announces the introduction of VoxTRUNK, in a move that helps enterprises increase efficiency, lower costs and simplify management of their inbound voice services. The new offering enables multinational companies to purchase global voice channels that can be used simultaneously to receive calls on both geographical and toll-free numbers.

Until today, customers had to buy separate channels for geographical and toll-free services. VoxTRUNK is the first global solution that enables a customer to purchase a single channel for both geographical and toll-free services, and it is available across Voxbone’s entire footprint, spanning more than 50 countries and 4,000 cities.
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Global IP Telecommunications Releases Free Plug & Play Solution for VoIP Services that Enables VoIP Even in Restricted Networks

globaliptel_logo.gifGlobal IP Telecommunications releases a free plug & play software to supplement SIP VoIP services in order to make unobstructed telephony available at WIFI hotspots, in hotels and other restricted networks. The product SSC, "Simple SIP Channel," provides for unprecedented freedom in telephony. The actual VoIP service provider can be chosen freely.

The development took two years from concept to realization. The quality and speed of the data transport mechanism have been the focus of the tap-proof point-to-point encryption of voice data. SSC is freely available to every interested person from today. A Linux and Windows variant of the software can be downloaded from There is no limitation of use. SSC can be used with all Ninja Software Telephones from Global IP Telecommunications. Implementation of the relevant functionalities in third-party hardware and software is stipulated as well.
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Data-Max Wireless Selects VoxOx VoIP Platform

voxox_logo2.pngVoxOx and VoxOx In Business announce the addition of Data-Max Wireless to its white label VoIP customer roster. Data-Max Wireless is leveraging the company’s managed wholesale VoIP enablement platform and robust back–end infrastructure to provide a wide range of services to customers nationwide. Telcentris offers white labeling of all Internet telephony services that are sold through its VoxOx In Business division, including: SIP Trunking, Hosted PBX, Hosted Contact Center, as well as carrier services, wholesale SMS, data services, and more.
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NextiraOne Drives New Communications Solution for Austrian Engine Manufacturer

NextiraOne_logo.gifELIN Motoren has chosen NextiraOne to implement an upgraded communications network throughout the company's Austrian sites, as part of the company's project to construct its new headquarters in Preding/ Weiz.

At the heart of the new communications infrastructure is an IP-based converged network based on Alcatel-Lucent technology. The Gigabit Ethernet network for voice and data communications provides Power over Ethernet delivering high performance and reliability to the desktop.
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Trisys Introduces Replay SIP

Trisys introduces Replay SIP, a scalable module of its popular Replay Call Recording solution that is easily added to IP-based telephony systems. As business adds IP phones to existing telephony systems in order to take advantage of cost efficiencies, access to phone application software is often lost or requires expensive upgrade. Now with Replay SIP business can freely add call recording functionality for less than $300 per phone. The small footprint, scalable product also moves Replay to the forefront of options for new, predominantly IP phone system sales.
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ASC to Promote VoIP Recording and Quality Management Solutions at Gitex Technology Week

ASC will be demonstrating its VoIP recording solution, EVOip, and quality management system, INSPIRATIONpro, at Gitex Technology Week, Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on October 9-13, 2011, at Germany's national booth.

Gitex connects 3,500 international ICT vendors with 136,000 industry professionals, helping visitors to identify new products, innovative solutions and consumer trends; find ways to give their business an edge within the market; and discover new contacts and sales channels. ASC's solutions, EVOip for VoIP recording, and INSPIRATIONpro for quality management, provide powerful features for businesses with multiple locations and complex infrastructures.
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XConnect Calls on AudioCodes to Support High-Definition Voice Transcoding Feature

XConnect_logo.jpgXConnect announces that its new high-definition voice transcoding feature, which enables HD voice traffic to cross the fixed-mobile divide through an IP-peering federation, has been developed in conjunction with AudioCodes.

Now available for members of the XConnect HD Alliance, the new capability draws on the combined strengths of XConnect’s carrier-ENUM registry and multimedia interconnection services and AudioCodes’ Mediant 3000 high-definition transcoder.

In a tested, certified end-to-end solution, XConnect’s interconnection hub detects the need for transcoding, prompting the AudioCodes transcoder to translate between the different codecs used by fixed-line and mobile operators.
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XConnect Launches Feature to Deliver HD Voice Between Fixed and Mobile Networks

XConnect_logo.jpgXConnect announces a new transcoding technology designed to promote wider adoption and utilization of high-definition voice services. The new feature for members of XConnect’s HD Alliance delivers clearer, higher-quality and more effective voice communications by enabling fixed-line and mobile operators to seamlessly exchange HD voice traffic through an IP-peering federation for the first time.
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VoIP Supply Expands VoIP Convergence with Valcom IP Paging Solutions

VoIP Supply is happy to announce the addition of new Valcom IP Paging devices for mass notification and real time IP voice.

Paging system solutions for schools, manufacturers, hospitals, and businesses were traditionally a separate analog based system. Elimination of that separate analog system is possible with Valcom IP page controls that tie into an existing IP network that most institutions already employ for data and VoIP phones.
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BeroNet Launches Cloud Managed VoIP Card & Gateway SaaS Solution

BeroNet launches 'BeroCloud', the SaaS Cloud based Solution that empowers its rapidly growing base of Solution Providers and Carriers to manage their installed base of BeroNet devices through any web browser.

As a Cloud SaaS solution, BeroCloud now solves a serious industry problem empowering VoIP Solution Providers and Internet Telephony Service Providers to remotely monitor their systems, batch update firmware, backup configurations, recover settings, create projects and schedule automatic tasks. BeroCloud is now available in Beta and exclusively by invitation for BeroNet Certified Solution Providers.
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Digium Adds Fixed Mobile Convergence to Switchvox

Digium_logo2.jpgDigium introduces Switchvox 5.0, a new version that adds fixed mobile convergence and further integration with third-party business applications into its full-featured and cost-effective VoIP unified communications solution designed for small- to mid-sized businesses. The new release enhances Switchvox mobility to allow users to seamlessly integrate any type of phone with Switchvox. Users can select up to six phones of any type, including VoIP, digital, analog, smartphone or a soft phone, to converge with their Switchvox extension. The user can now route, record or transfer calls appropriately, at any location. Users of Switchvox SMB with active subscriptions can download version 5.0 to have access to these features at no cost.
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Cytracom Plans for More Growth with CoreXchange

CoreXchange has been chosen to provide additional connectivity and data center services to Cytracom. Cytracom provides high-availability VoIP solutions through an exclusive partner network and owns and operates its own equipment on a fault-tolerant network engineered for high demand VoIP traffic. The company anticipates strong growth this year as a result of increasing market reach and awareness and the expansion of its channel partner network. Cytracom continues to rely on CoreXchange as it grows its network and data center infrastructure necessary to support and provide superior VoIP solutions.
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Fonality Announces Trade-In Program to Help Growing Businesses Transition to Cloud-based VoIP Solutions

fonality_logo.pngFonality announces the launch of its “Turn it In/Turn it Up” trade-in program, providing small and mid-size businesses with a cost-effective solution to upgrade their business communications capabilities. Through this program, SMBs can trade their outdated, legacy phone systems for fair market value and receive credit toward Fonality’s cloud-based Unified Communications, VoIP and contact center solutions.

Specifically designed for SMBs, Fonality’s six-time award-winning communications solutions are simple to use, easy to manage and affordable to deploy. The company’s cloud-based solutions deliver Fortune 500 features without the costly hardware, infrastructure or lengthy implementation cycles associated with legacy on-premise IP systems. Productivity-enhancing features, such as unified messaging with email, secure chat and Microsoft Outlook contact integration, are combined with audio conferencing, photo caller ID, visual voicemail, email/text, ring-back and on-the-fly call recording. Fonality solutions start at a cost of $30 per user per month, which includes calls, and offer a total cost of ownership up to 50 percent less than legacy phone solutions.
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