NetSymphony Releases its Maestro System

NetSymphony announces the availability of its latest planned product release to enhance the company's successful Maestro system. The NetSymphony Maestro product is an active testing and monitoring solution for monitoring and managing the full life cycle of VoIP deployments. NetSymphony is helping to ensure trouble-free VoIP installations and high-quality voice services. The Maestro product provides an independent plug and play testing layer for company networks that observes but does not impact existing network hardware or software or other network testing equipment.
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JAJAH Expands SMB Solution Suite

jajah_logo2.jpgJAJAH has expanded its SMB Solution Suite to incorporate a managed service IP telephony solution, including a fully functional 'soft' PBX. The suite of services gives every small and medium business the ability to IP-enable their existing telephony systems and make VoIP calls to over 200 countries without any additional investment.

The JAJAH SMB Solution Suite gives every employee access to:
  • All devices: make or receive calls via mobile, landline and even softphone (PC-based telephone), with specific plug-ins for Blackberry and Windows Mobile phones available. Pre-paid and analog-only phones will also be supported.
  • Productivity Tools: a suite of Productivity Tools gives the ability to embed telephony within Office Automation Tools, including support for Google Enterprise Apps and Microsoft Office. Features also include centralized address book, database and directory lookup services.
  • More after the jump.
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LiveVox Awarded Patent for VoIP Dialer Solution

LiveVox announces the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded a patent for the company’s carrier-grade, hosted-VoIP-dialer solution. The patent solidifies the company’s position as the first to deliver a VoIP dialer without using the public Internet and validates the technological advancement of the LiveVox solution. Because the solution directly accesses the carrier backbone using a SIP interface, LiveVox can offer hosted dialing services with unlimited capacity, higher quality and lower cost than premised-based or other hosted-dialing solutions. Other hosted solutions use either the public Internet or a hybrid of VoIP and analog protocols.
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BroadSoft's VoIP Platform Selected to Expand Samsung Networks'

broadsoft_logo.jpgBroadSoft announces that Samsung Networks will expand its deployment of hosted voice services on BroadSoft's BroadWorks VoIP application platform. Samsung Networks delivers the services to large enterprises in South Korea.

Samsung Networks has already successfully deployed 200,000 Hosted PBX seats on the BroadWorks platform, making Samsung Networks one of the world's leading IP telephony service providers to large enterprises. Now, the company will introduce more VoIP services offerings, including BroadWorks Business Trunking, a SIPconnect-compliant solution that extends advanced calling features to enterprises using the customers' existing telephone facilities and equipment.
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VoIP Supply Selects to Deliver Total Business VoIP Solutions

VoIP Supply has selected to provide voice and data services for its end-to-end phone system solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. In selecting, VoIP Supply will now be able to offer businesses complete nationwide advanced Internet, VoIP, network and wireless services in addition to its current phone system and VoIP hardware offerings.

The partnership, VoIP Supply's first with a voice and data service provider, represents a strategic investment in the delivery of complete telephony solutions to the small medium business marketplace; allowing the company to further solidify itself as a market leader "with everything you need for VoIP."
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Tpad to Offers Residential, Mobile and Business VoIP Phone Services Worldwide

tpad_logo1.jpgTpad has developed a new IP PBX Business Solution catering to the lucrative small to medium sized enterprises marketplace. This move is intended to vigorously compete with business VoIP telephony companies such as Packet8, Vonage and Skype. The Tpad solution has been specifically targeted at businesses that require a simple yet powerful, robust phone solution using the latest VoIP technology.

Tpad offers a wide range of next generation telecommunication solutions including a hosted and managed IP PBX package. The hosted IP PBX, hosted IP PBX, called Tpad Lite, will allow any company in the world to have their own private phone system hosted on Tpads global VoIP network.
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Junction Networks' VoIP Service to Come Preconfigured for Microsoft Response Point

Microsoft has selected Junction Networks as a preferred SIP trunking and gateway service provider for its Microsoft Response Point small business phone system. The Response Point SP 1 will feature services from Junction Networks pre-configured for simple account activation and maintenance.

Microsoft chose Junction Networks for the provider’s strict adherence to SIP standards, its commitment to customer satisfaction and for its established phone service for small to medium-sized businesses. Response Point customers will enjoy the convenience of Junction Networks’ simple account set-up process: The SIP-based voice service from Junction Networks is pre-configured in the Response Point Administrator software. A small business needs only a working Internet connection to acquire service and lines in minutes.
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Talkster Expands with Integration of GTalk2VoIP

talkster_logo2.jpgTalkster officially launches its integration with GTalk2VoIP, offering callers worldwide free international, long distance and group conference calls. Talkster’s partnership with GTalk2VoIP extends the company’s ad-supported free calling service from 34 countries to cover the entire globe.

The partnership between Talkster and GTalk2VoIP allows callers from any country in the world to leverage Google Talk to make free calls to or from anywhere else in the world. Now, if the country you are calling to or from is not included in Talkster’s network of more than 30 countries worldwide, you can simply use Google Talk to call the Talkster number provided to make your portion of the call completely free.
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JAJAH Platform Selected by Gizmo5

jajah_logo2.jpgJAJAH announces its platform has been selected by Gizmo5, a widely used free mobile and computer-based VoIP service. The partnership adds millions of users to the JAJAH platform, with JAJAH handling all call termination for Gizmo5 as well as additional tailored services including customer care and billing.

Softphones, or software-based-phones, enable people to make IP-telephone calls directly from Internet-connected computers or mobile devices, and are increasingly being seen as an alternative to traditional landline phones for telecommuters and mobile users. The softphone market is poised for significant growth as competition heats up and global unified communications take hold. A recent Frost & Sullivan report finds that the percentage of the total IP-telephone market that softphones represent will increase from 5 percent to 20 percent by 2014. Softphone sales rose to 416,000 units, worth $18.9 million in 2007, a 30 percent increase in dollar terms over the previous year.
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Phone System Combines VoIP and Wireless Phones to Create a Wireless Office

snom_m3.jpgSotaComm said it has begun providing completely wireless communications and networking solutions to small and midsize businesses that are a radical improvement over anything previously available to these firms. SotaComm has released a completely wireless IP PBX and SIP business phone system and has added DECT wireless functionality to it's current PBX lineup so it organizations can have both wireless and wired SIP phones.

The Solution:
SotaComm's objective was to create a digital wireless solution that would integrate with our complete line of IP-PBXs. We explored WiFi compatable SIP phones first, using traditional WiFi frequencies. Next we explored DECT technology which can be deployed as a multi-cell solution for handover between access points. It differs from Wi-Fi in that DECT technology can be deployed as a multi-cell solution for handover between access points. DECT is also designed specifically for voice, where Wi-Fi is designed primarily for data. Voice over Wi-Fi requires software applications for inter-cell handover and offers minimal power management which can result in lower talk and standby times. DECT, however, has native support for inter-cell handover and power management; offers a longer range than a typical Wi-Fi access point; and uses the 1.9 GHz frequency, cutting down on the interference experienced with voice over Wi-Fi, which uses the crowded 2.4 GHz frequency.
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3CX Develops 10 Key New Features for Its IP PBX

3CX announces the release of version 6.0 of 3CX Phone System for Windows. The most recent version of the award-winning and software-based PBX ships with 10 key new enterprise-level features such as call conferencing, paging and Windows 2008 support. These 10 new features were developed by the international software development company in only 20 weeks.

10 Key New Features of 3CX Phone System for Windows v6.0
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VoIP Logic Partners With XConnect

voip_logic_logo.gifXConnect announces that VoIP Logic has joined its XConnect Ready Partner Program. VoIP Logic has deployed XConnect's Local Directory Server at its facilities, enabling its hosted customers to have a local query to the XConnect Registry and route calls based on ENUM to a database of over 800 Million telephone numbers.

From VoIP Managed Services to its award-winning Cortex middleware system, VoIP Logic delivers a comprehensive set of on-demand solutions for service providers looking to use VoIP technology. The company empowers telecommunications service providers worldwide to build and manage customized, flexible and scalable IP telephony rollouts.

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Strategic VoIP Partnership Between Sylantro and HT Mostar

text-partnership.jpgSylantro Systems will provide hosted VoIP solutions to HT Mostar, one of Bosnia-Herzegovina's incumbent telecom operators partially owned by Croatian Telecom, part of a Deutsche Telekom group. Beginning in Q3 2008, HT Mostar will launch VoIP services based on Sylantro’s renowned Synergy Multiplay Application Feature Server. HT Mostar will also utilize Sylantro’s ComMarketing program, under which Sylantro will work with HT’s sales and marketing departments to develop processes for strategy, provisioning, market launch and service delivery, highlighting Sylantro’s end-to-end solutions-oriented approach to customer engagements.
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iSkoot Receives Award for Best Mobile Technology

iskoot_logo2.gifiSkoot has been selected as winner in the category of Mobile Technology for the 2008 MITX Technology Awards. The MITX Technology Awards, presented by the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange, recognize innovative technologies developed in the New England area, as well as the individuals and organizations responsible for driving these advancements. Honorees for this year's awards were announced last night in a ceremony at The Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge.

iSkoot is the first and only carrier- and consumer-friendly mobile VoIP solution. iSkoot offers a mobile download for Skype and also powers the Skypephone. Unlike the many operator-unfriendly mobile VoIP solutions in the market, iSkoot's mobile Skype solution leverages the circuit-switched voice networks of mobile operators, rather than the data channel, making it a viable choice for operators worldwide, while also optimizing call quality and connection, making it a consumer-friendly and functioning solution with an amazing quality of service.
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VIVOphone Deploys Paradial RealTunnel to Solve NAT Traversal Challenges for VoIP Services

Paradial and VIVOphone announce that VIVOphone has enhanced their VoIP service with Paradial's RealTunnel firewall and NAT traversal solution. RealTunnel, which supports ICE, STUN, TURN and SSL tunnelling techniques, enables VIVOphone to deliver VoIP services that otherwise is prevented from working due to firewalls, NATs and web proxies.

"VIVOphone's decision to partner with Paradial demonstrates how high quality service providers can improve service quality and reliability without end users or IT managers having to jeopardize security by modifying firewalls that otherwise interfere with VoIP traffic.", said Ingvar Aaberg, Paradial CEO. "This agreement also extends our presence in North, Central and South America".
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