Telanetix Expands VoIP Presence

Telanetix has signed an agreement with the nation's largest sales lead capture provider. The new customer provides an innovative service that allows their clients to capture vital intelligence about prospects and customers. Telanetix is to provide their VoIP business solution for the organization's contact center. The agreement has a two-year term, with an estimated value of approximately $4,000,000.

The Sales Lead Information Management Industry is growing rapidly as businesses focus on optimizing the performance of all their advertising investments and generating increased sales. This industry's business solutions identify every lead their clients generate and track the online or traditional advertisement that produced it. They are designed to help their customers know exactly which marketing investments are generating responses, including tracking the online keyword buys that are generating offline phone responses
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JAJAH and MobileTribe Connect 300 Million People

JAJAH announces its integration with MobileTribe, a service-based application that gives people access to their online social networks at any time from their mobile phone. In addition to aggregating multiple social communities such as Yahoo!, MySpace and Facebook on mobile devices, MobileTribe revolutionizes the user experience by providing rich content and value added services such as messaging, alerts, Yahoo! email -- and now JAJAH phone calls -- all from your cell phone.

Integrating JAJAH's voice service into the MobileTribe application enriches real-time communications between friends in social communities and makes them reachable anywhere in the world, without having to pay additional roaming charges. Users simply select their friends' picture to make the JAJAH call.
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EdgeMarc VoIP VPN Solution Now Rated ''Avaya Compliant''

Edgewater Networks announce that its EdgeMarc VoIP VPN Network Services Gateways are compliant with key Internet protocol telephony solutions from Avaya. The EdgeMarc VoIP VPN Network Services Gateway successfully completed compliance testing with Avaya Communication Manager release 4.0 and Avaya IP Office release 4.1.9.

The EdgeMarc VoIP VPN solution helps businesses simplify office connectivity, enable secure, high-quality voice and reduce problem resolution times through remote monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. The VoIP VPN appliance includes an all-in-one access gateway with T1 CSU/DSU or Ethernet WAN, IPSec VPNs, stateful packet inspection firewall, VoIP prioritization, traffic shaping, passive call quality monitoring and managed Ethernet switch.
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Texas Instruments Newest VoIP Gateway Solutions

Texas Instruments announces the newest members of its VoIP gateway silicon and software solutions that will enable equipment manufacturers to achieve higher channel densities with improved voice quality. TI's newest gateway solutions are powered by its TMS320C64x+ digital signal processor that significantly increases performance for VoIP and video encode, decode and transcode applications. The flexible architecture of TI's new solutions allows equipment manufacturers to transition to a common hardware and software architecture that scales from eight to several hundreds of channels while supporting advanced voice and video features.
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JAJAH Opens Up Voice Platform and Unveils Growth Plan

jajah_logo2.jpgJAJAH reaffirmed its commitment to its 10 million customers who use JAJAH to make an affordable, high-quality call from any device. Following demand from business industry leaders, the company enters its third year by opening up its next-generation voice platform and offering strategic managed service solutions.

In its next phase, JAJAH finds itself at the heart of the telecom revolution. This year marks a noticeable shift in the telecommunications industry; it is poised for tremendous global growth, call monetization opportunities and an eventual transition to an IP-based voice network. Providing the world's largest VoIP backbone, JAJAH is uniquely positioned to lead this change and unveils the signposts that will encourage healthy expansion tomorrow.
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SPIRIT’s VoIP Conferencing Solution Selected by Plustek

Plustek has licensed SPIRIT's TeamSpirit 3.0 Conferencing Engine as the core for its corporate conferencing system Plus@com PC2000. The Plus@com PC2000 combines instant interactive communication functions with live video. Plus@com delivers whole corporate coverage with the flexibility and reliability to support multifunction applications, such as instant messaging, real-time audio-and-video meetings, call transfer, chatting, data sharing and more.

SPIRIT Conferencing Engine is the best choice to build VoIP-based conferencing systems with high voice quality. The technology may be used to arrange conferencing sessions counting dozens to thousands of participants. The engine comprises a set of modules and interfaces meeting development requirements for both rapid integration and flexible control.
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Sigma Systems Surpasses 100 million Managed Quad-Play IP Services

Sigma Systems IP service fulfillment solution has surpassed managing over 100 million bundled IP services for communications service providers globally. The company's award-winning advanced IP service fulfillment solutions, which enable efficient delivery of new services such as VoIP, IPTV, mobile and broadband data services over any network technology to any device, continue to drive Sigma's success in well over 50 deployments worldwide.

Sigma's customers include some of the largest service providers in the world, with more than 50 successful installations in North America, EMEA, CALA and AsiaPac. In addition, Sigma boasts the most widely deployed residential VoIP service management solution, with over six million lines of voice telephony deployed worldwide
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toksee Beta Coming Late April

InteleCom announce that it will release toksee community beta on April 30, 2008. toksee is an integrated Web 2.0 communication provider and social network technology enhancer that allows users to better communicate with each other online.

The toksee communicator allows users to talk to and see their friends and family on line and brings together audio, video, instant message, online chat and other communication technologies into a simple and easy to use light-weight widget package. toksee can quickly and easily be placed on business or personal web pages such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, MySpace and numerous other social networking sites.
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Nominum Provides Penn State with Resilient VoIP Network Connectivity

Nominum announces that The Pennsylvania State University achieved 100 percent DHCP network service uptime for the fourth year in a row. DHCP plays a critical role in the delivery of converged IP services, and Nominum Dynamic Configuration Server provides resilient, always-on IP addressing and connectivity for Penn State's growing IP network that delivers VoIP, wireless and data services to more than 120,000 students at 23 campuses across the state. Nominum's solution was chosen because it is a built-from-scratch, commercial and carrier-proven alternative to freeware solutions, which fail to meet the uptime and performance demands of emerging converged networks.
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JAJAH to Develop Native VoIP Application for the Apple iPhone

jajah_web_app_iphone_ipod_touch.jpgJAJAH is building on its current Apple iPhone call-back offering by participating in the iPhone Developer Program to create possibly the first native global VoIP application. The new global VoIP application is expected to be available this summer, close to the iPhone 2.0 software release.

Since the iPhone launch in June 2007, JAJAH provided its web-activated telephony solution on a custom-tailored Website for this groundbreaking device. Already widely adopted by callers seeking international calling abilities without the need for global plan, JAJAH is accessible via the integrated Safari web browser at
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EQO Traveler Feature Launched at CTIA Wireless 2008

eqo_logo.jpgEQO introduced EQO Traveler at CTIA Wireless 2008. This feature lets mobile subscribers significantly reduce sky-high roaming charges by up to 80% when traveling outside of their home countries.

Unlike other alternatives that require travelers to change handsets, subscribe to special international services or involve a Wi-Fi connection to complete calls, EQO users can call home at a fraction of the cost by simply making a few clicks on their existing mobile handsets. EQO will be demonstrating this new feature this week at CTIA in the Symbian booth.
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Jangl Partnership Brings Texting and Voice to Social Networks and Mobile Devices

jangl_greenlogo.jpgJangl announces the debut of its services in one of the world's fastest-growing social networks,, an eight million-member community designed to be the "perfect spot" for people to share, create, discover, and socialize. Jangl's free service will let PerfSpot members connect with each other via text messages, phone calls and voicemail all without sharing their real numbers.

In allying with PerfSpot, Jangl widens its lead as the company bridging consumers' online lives with their mobile devices. Jangl's texting, calling and voicemail services are now available in almost 90 million online profiles, with applications in top social web communities that include Facebook, Bebo,, Friendster,, AdultFriendFinder, Tagged and Fubar.
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VoSKY Showcases Skype-Enabled Business Applications

Skype - call the world at rock bottom pricesVoSKY is launching valued-added business applications for its award-winning VoSKY Exchange VoIP application gateway at VoiceCon Orlando. VoSKY Exchange integrates a company's phone system with Skype, enabling businesses to benefit from Skype's cost savings and enhanced communication features.

Among the new applications for VoiceCon, VoSKY's Web Click-to-Call and PBX Remote Access give companies new opportunities to further reduce their telecom bill and benefit from useful call handling capabilities with Skype. VoSKY's PBX Remote Access Application seamlessly connects remote employees and call agents to a corporate PBX through Skype's VoIP network. VoSKY Web Click-to-Call optimizes online sales and marketing efforts, by incorporating both direct web click-to-call for Skype users and call back for non-Skype users.
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TalkShoe Allows Users to Host Community Calls Anytime on Facebook

TalkShoe revealed a new Facebook application that offers instant community calling capabilities within anyone's Facebook profile. The TalkShoe Facebook application brings voice into Facebook, providing users with an easy way to talk to their social network.

Visit to download the application now.

There is no need to sign-up with TalkShoe; Facebook users simply download the application to integrate it into their profile and can immediately start inviting friends, inside and outside Facebook, to join them on a Community Call.

For TalkShoe hosts, integrating the application with their Facebook profiles provides a new place to host their planned community call episodes and provide updates on future episodes, while reaching a broader audience.
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Tokiva Provides IM-To-Call Service

Tokiva launched its open mobile communications platform. Tokiva IM-To-Call service is available immediately on leading instant messaging systems, including MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Messenger, and GTalk. Since beta launching the IM-To-Call service in January 2008, Tokiva is becoming the most popular IM buddy in the world, with tens of thousands users taking advantage of IM Tokiva on a daily basis.

Without downloading any software, registered users receive an invitation to add Tokiva to their IM buddy lists, and simply IM Tokiva to call. Tokiva calls back to the user's land line or mobile phone, and immediately connects the user to the desired number. Using Tokiva can save up to 90% of normal call costs, because the calls are carried by Tokiva's global VoIP network that has a footprint in over 185 countries.
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