On Instant Helps Businesses Communicate with Free VoIP

On Instant has developed a unique integrated desktop solution that helps business advertise, communicate and trade with each other. Using sophisticated preference engines business owners pre-select the areas of industry and that they are interested in and automatically receive or generate business opportunities.

Working like a B2B equivalent of Match.com, On Instant is designed to improve Internet search. Internet Search engines rely on information from web sites which they have indexed. Websites typically act as a online brochures and often don't contain detailed product information. On Instant however allows a business to explain exactly what they are looking for, and for the reader, in this case another business, to interpret and respond to that information accurately and rapidly. The On Instant process saves considerable time and money.
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Increasing Adoption of VoIP Solutions in Asia

CounterPath Solutions and Hana Micron announced that the companies have entered into co-marketing and reseller agreements.

Under the terms of the agreements, Hana Micron will be a representative of CounterPath's softphone products in the Korean market and CounterPath will be a representative of Hana Micron's VoIP products in the United States, Canada and all European markets.

The relationship not only creates new sales opportunities for both companies in their partner's primary markets, but includes a technical collaboration which will see the integration of superior and field-proven VoIP solutions by CounterPath with Hana Micron's VoIP products. Both parties have agreed to cooperate in entering the IP-TV market by co-developing VoIP solutions for TPS (Triple Play Services: High-speed Internet, Broadcasting, and Telephony).
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Atreus Solution for Business VoIP Launch

Atreus Systems, announced that Cincinnati Bell, has successfully deployed Atreus' IP Service Provisioning Solution to automate the provisioning and management of its business trunking service.

Currently in production, Atreus' IP Provisioning Solution is empowering Cincinnati Bell to deliver business voice services to enterprises at varying stages of IP deployment, ranging from those customers looking to leverage their existing PBX equipment to those requiring a fully-featured hosted VoIP service. By streamlining and simplifying the provisioning process, Cincinnati Bell will sign up new customers quickly and cost effectively while generating significant follow-on revenue by automating the delivery of a wide variety of value-added IP services from a single system. The Atreus solution enables Cincinnati Bell to provision a comprehensive range of VoIP applications, including hosted PBX and business trunking, while supporting their growing requirements for converged voice, video, and data services. The Atreus solution automates the provisioning and activation of advanced applications with the reliability, scalability and standards-based capabilities required to deliver a carrier-class service.
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Outsourced Platform Solution for VoIP Phone Service

UBIFone, has selected deltathree's Outsourced Platform Solution to provide a hosted, back-end solution for its private label VoIP service and its current worldwide customer base. The deltathree platform supports UBIFone's VoIP services and will also provide thousands of UBIFone's existing customers with Direct Inward Dialing (DID), allowing them to request specific phone numbers to designated regions worldwide. The partnership will provide UBIFone's global community, in over 150 countries, with deltathree's innovative VoIP applications and services.
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Aastra and BroadSoft Partner to Streamline VoIP Deployments

Aastra Telecom, announced that it has entered into an agreement with BroadSoft, Inc., to provide pre-integrated access solutions for hosted VoIP applications. Aastra will join BroadSoft and a consortium of other customer premises equipment (CPE) and access equipment vendors to build solutions that integrate equipment with hosted applications to simplify the integration challenges service providers face when deploying new services.
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Internet Telco Launches Virtual Phone Numbers

An internet Telco based in Christchurch, New Zealand has become the first New Zealand telecommunications provider to offer an extensive VoIP global network that includes the availability of "virtual" telephone numbers in over 50 countries -- allowing free international calls.

Combined Technology's virtual number service means the company's international network subscribers can secure a local telephone number in most major cities world wide that connects directly to their home or business internet phone ("netphone") with no long distance toll charges.
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Ease-into-VoIP with inContact

UCN, Inc., announced the availability of inContact/VoIP Service. This enables UCN to connect both traditional TDM and VoIP stations into the hosted inContact advanced contact handling applications. Additionally, inContact/VoIP Service provides PBX functionality to general business users.

With inContact/VoIP Service, organizations now have the option to "Ease-into-VoIP". Businesses can implement IP technology within a smaller group before committing to a corporate-wide deployment. Organizations can present a unified set of contact management functions and features to any agent station, no matter what voice transport technology is being used and no matter where the station is located -- in the home, at the branch or at the main office.
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Voip.com Launches Easy-Access Voicemail Program

Voip internet phone service provider, voip.com, introduces its new, easy-access Voicemail program, featuring locally available numbers, automatic conversion of voicemail messages to email attachments, text message notification for any incoming messages, and message storage for up to two weeks.

Perfect for those who are constantly on the go or interested in keeping their private numbers protected. Voip.com's inbound-only Voicemail is a standalone service giving users the convenience of a local number that friends, family and clients can call when they need to get in touch. Voicemail accounts keep subscribers reachable, with the flexibility of 24/7 voicemail forwarding and a message system that's easy to check.
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Yackie Mobile and Yackie Merge

Yackie Telecom introduced a merger between its two corporate divisions, Yackie Mobile and Yackie. Yackie Telecom is one of the first companies to introduce this revolutionary global solution to the market. Now customers can stay in touch with the world, save money and manage their calls when calling around the world.

Yackie Telecom is now offering its customers a Yackie Mobile GSM SIM card and a Yackie VoIP account together in one package. Both accounts will have the same incoming number (you can have up to 8 phone numbers linked to one SIM card), which can be selected from 40 different countries.

This SIM card roams in over 162 countries and it works with the most powerful network.
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Mutually-Anonymous Phone Communication by Jangl

Jangl, announced that its first service -- which enables mutually-anonymous communication on the phone -- is now available to all U.S. consumers.

Separately, Jangl and Match.com announced an agreement under which Jangl enables that site's new matchTalk offering, a new Match.com service that provides its members even more control by allowing them to use their mobile or landline phones to talk with other members without compromising their privacy.
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Helping Businesses Switch to VoIP

VendorGuru.com provides comprehensive resources for business to business executives who are considering advancing to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. Using in-depth interviews with 240 companies, Infonetics studies estimate that 36 percent of large, 23 percent of medium, and 14 percent of small North American organizations interviewed were using VoIP products and services in 2005. Infonetics forecasts significant increases in the use of VoIP phone systems across all segments with small business use expected to triple by 2010. The growing interest and prevalence of VoIP shows this phone system is coming of age and a growing necessity for all companies that want to keep their competitive edge.
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VoiceEngine Extends Software to Developer Community

Global IP Sound (GIPS) announced the availability of the GIPS VoiceEngine Mobile Lite platform to the GIPS Developer Community. The software platform includes technology from the award-winning GIPS VoiceEngine solution for mobile devices and sample integration code for the simple and quick creation of mobile VoIP applications.

Responding to the increasing demand for mobile VoIP solutions, Global IP Sound is providing mobile application developers free and limited access to its easy-to-use VoiceEngine Mobile Lite platform. This solution enables companies or individuals to test and explore the mobile VoIP application business with the best available embedded voice processing solution in the market.
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Social Network Marketing Platform Integrated with VoIP

YFonGlobal, Internet media company and social network services provider, announced the first implementation of WindStor (www.yfonglobal/windstorm.com), a Social Network Marketing platform with integrated VoIP. Announced and demonstrated at Ad:Tech NY (YFonGlobal, Booth 2114), WindStorm is available as a private-label solution for marketers, allowing them to rapidly deploy, manage, grow, and monitor experiential, viral, and grassroots communities centered on a company's brand in as few as 10 working days.

YFonGlobal's WindStorm fosters virtual peer-to-peer interactions within a community of brand consumers, along with a brand's marketing team of "cyber reps". The result is a virtual group of highly engaged customers who freely share their thoughts and experiences in real-time via a rich array of community features.
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Skype Certified nXZEN VoIP Bluetooth Headset

Gennum Corporation, a leading provider of technology for personal audio products, announced the release of the nXZEN VoIP headset, its newest Bluetooth product offering. The nXZEN VoIP headset system is a Skype certified combination of Gennum's nXZEN 5000 extreme noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset with the new nXZEN USB audio dongle. Together, this nXZEN pair creates a powerful, plug-and-play VoIP solution that brings both the simplicity of Bluetooth and Gennum's extreme noise cancellation technology to IP telephony users.
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Claim to a Dual-Mode First by Cicero

With the market for dual mode (Cellular and Wi-Fi) smartphones taking off. Nokia is currently the market leader to date and have shipped more than 70 million devices using the S60 platform. The 'S' stands for Symbian, which is the open operating system installed on these devices.

Making cheap VoIP calls in fixed locations using your cell phone is convenient, but the industry has increased its goal to integrate seamless roaming between networks is what users really want.

Nokia's smartphones are targeted at the business professional and Cicero Networks, based in Dublin, Ireland. They have launched what they believe is the first VCC (Voice Call Continuity) solution for the Eseries and nSeries devices. Cicero Networks also have a server-based solution, enablin seamless roaming for users between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.
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