Telanetix Expands VoIP Presence

Telanetix has signed an agreement with the nation's largest sales lead capture provider. The new customer provides an innovative service that allows their clients to capture vital intelligence about prospects and customers. Telanetix is to provide their VoIP business solution for the organization's contact center. The agreement has a two-year term, with an estimated value of approximately $4,000,000.

The Sales Lead Information Management Industry is growing rapidly as businesses focus on optimizing the performance of all their advertising investments and generating increased sales. This industry's business solutions identify every lead their clients generate and track the online or traditional advertisement that produced it. They are designed to help their customers know exactly which marketing investments are generating responses, including tracking the online keyword buys that are generating offline phone responses.

Telanetix's AccessLine offers its VoIP Volume Service at a discount of 30 to 40 percent from that of traditional phone companies. The service is specifically designed for high volume applications and includes local, long distance, toll free and international calling.

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