NextiraOne Drives New Communications Solution for Austrian Engine Manufacturer

NextiraOne_logo.gifELIN Motoren has chosen NextiraOne to implement an upgraded communications network throughout the company's Austrian sites, as part of the company's project to construct its new headquarters in Preding/ Weiz.

At the heart of the new communications infrastructure is an IP-based converged network based on Alcatel-Lucent technology. The Gigabit Ethernet network for voice and data communications provides Power over Ethernet delivering high performance and reliability to the desktop.

A wireless LAN provides mobile voice and data communications in the company's warehouse, which houses some 3,500 pallets in 12 metre high racking, and in parts of the office complex in the company's new headquarters. This network, using Alcatel-Lucent's latest wireless LAN technology, has proved to be very successful. In spite of the potential for breaks in transmission due to the steel construction of the building and the racking, the transmission of verification data via hand and barcode scanners using the 65 wireless access points throughout the building has proved to be entirely reliable.

As part of the upgrade of the telephony system, the staff of ELIN Motoren GmbH have been equipped with IP telephones. Over 120 IP telephones and 100 DECT phones now provide reliable communications throughout the entire network in the headquarters Preding/ Weiz and at the company's Vienna and Salzburg sites. GSM integration also enables mobile telephony off-site as well as in the offices.

The central management system handles the administration of the network and all devices. New software is installed and updates and new configurations are carried out remotely without disrupting ongoing operations.

NextiraOne has also implemented a comprehensive security solution with Unified Threat Management. The Juniper Enterprise Firewall protects the whole network from malicious attack. Tools such as anti-virus, intrusion prevention, web filtering and spam filtering ensure the security of the applications and protection of devices and terminals. The Vienna and Salzburg sites and remote users are all connected to the headquarters Preding/ Weiz via a virtual private network.

Dominik Brunner, Managing Director of ELIN Motoren GmbH, said: "The substantial requirements we had set for the communications system and the short timeframe for the implementation of the project created a major challenge. We are therefore all the more pleased with the professional approach of the NextiraOne team and the benefits of the new solution, which covers our entire communications infrastructure and has simplified it significantly.

Long-term cost optimisation and the ease of use of the system were also deciding factors according to ELIN Motoren GmbH's Managing Director Gustav Hauschka.

Dr. Margarete Schramböck, Vice President of NextiraOne Germany and Austria said: "Our long-standing experience and comprehensive know-how in the integration of voice, data, security and mobility have helped make this project such a success. In particular the implementation of the wireless LAN is another milestone in the provision mobile network technology."

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