Alteva Announces Local Anywhere

Alteva announces the addition of Local Anywhere to its extensive line of hosted services. Local Anywhere assigns multiple DIDs to one VoIP desk phone. Setting up this solution through a hosted phone service provider, such as Alteva, allows the company to have an inbound notification that alerts employees as to which DID -- or phone number -- the call is coming in through, allowing the user to personalize their response. Outbound caller IDs are associated with the appropriate phone number to reflect that person or company name, making it less likely for call recipients to ignore calls. This unique solution will appeal to several types of companies, to which the nature of their businesses requires this type of solution, not typically available in a hosted VoIP solution.

Additional benefits of Local Anywhere include:
  • Ability to setup local lines that are rerouted to a main site.
  • HD phones with exceptional call quality on the leading VoIP platform in the industry; virtually eliminates dropped calls, static or missed calls.
  • Reduce desk and office clutter; no need for individual modems, internet cables and power chords; direct connection from your phone to computer.
  • Monthly savings over dated phone systems; ROI within first 12 months.
Alteva's Local Anywhere can also benefit smaller companies wanting to provide the illusion that they have offices in multiple locations. Simply by setting up multiple DIDs with area codes for those different cities, callers would dial a local number and be seamlessly transferred to the main location.

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