Telappliant Launches its VoIP Best Price Promise

Telappliant launched its VoIP ‘Best Price Promise’ to match any comparable quote and to also beat it by a further five per cent – without compromise to quality.

The Telappliant Best Price Promise applies to its core services which include Hosted telephony services, call plans, SIP trunking, VoIP phone numbers and VoIP number porting.

Tan Aksoy, Chief Executive Officer at Telappliant, commented, “Telappliant provides high quality and feature-rich VoIP services for small and medium sized businesses – and this new Best Price Promise signals our continued commitment to deliver value for money. We want to assure our customers that in the unlikely event that they find similar quality VoIP services at a lower price elsewhere; we will not just match but beat that price. We are extremely proud to be one of the largest VoIP networks in the UK, with over eighty thousand subscribers and I would like to encourage businesses to pilot our award winning telephony solutions.”
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Telefonica Germany Deploys Acme Packet for the Next-Generation Signaling Core

acme_packet_logo.jpgTelefónica Germany is deploying Acme Packet's solutions for the next-generation signaling core, including the Net-Net Session Router and Net-Net Diameter Director, to support its fixed-line VoIP, 3G mobile network, and future Long Term Evolution services.

News Highlights:
  • Acme Packet's Net-Net Session Router and Net-Net Diameter Director provide a solution for SIP and Diameter routing for Telefónica Germany's current fixed VoIP and mobile network, as well as its future LTE network.
  • Telefónica Germany chose the recently announced Net-Net 7000 platform, which delivers high-performance processing through a highly scalable solution.
  • The solution protects Telefónica Germany's core IP Multimedia Subsystem and Diameter servers from overloads, assuring service availability, while solving incompatibility challenges between vendors and networks with programmable interworking features.
  • This deployment also builds on Acme Packet's IMS service delivery and SIP interconnect solutions, which were previously chosen by Telefónica Germany.
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VoX Communications Adds Low Cost Fixed Price Calling Plans To UK Mobile Callers Using Its Android Mobile VoIP App

vox_communications_logo.jpgVoX Communications has now added fixed priced calling plans to the United Kingdom via its Android mobile voice app available in Google Play. The fixed priced plans include calling to mobile phones in the United Kingdom at prices that are significantly lower than prices charged by other competitive carriers.

A VoX user can subscribe entirely on the phone and choose a U.S. phone number without leaving the interface, which makes the sign up process more elegant than many competitors. The Mobile VoIP paid plans for the United Kingdom start at $6.95 for the 100-minute plan, which is a low cost of entry for a high quality and reliable VoIP service offering. VoX also offers 250 minutes for $14.95 and 500 minutes for $29.95. These plans INCLUDE calls to mobile phones which are typically a higher price than calls to land lines. New subscribers can download the app for a free 60-minute trial and make calls to any country on the unlimited calling list or sign up for a United Kingdom specific plan.
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Sonetel to Give All Customers iNum Numbers From Voxbone

voxbone_logo2.jpgVoxbone announces that Sonetel has begun giving all of its subscribers free iNum numbers from Voxbone. The agreement to provide iNums expands Sonetel's relationship with Voxbone, which has provided the certified reseller more than 17,000 geographical phone numbers since 2010.

iNums are global phone numbers that Voxbone launched in 2008 to support IP communications. Using the international number range of +883 5100 assigned to Voxbone, iNums enable a customer to establish a local presence in new locations with a single, portable number. By providing every customer an iNum, Sonetel will extend the subscriber's range of free calling to include communications with all other iNum users, anywhere in the world.
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Survey Predicts 7 out of 10 UK Businesses will be Using VoIP by Next Year

Telappliant released findings from a new survey which revealed that almost 7 out of 10 UK businesses will be using VoIP telephony services by 2013.

The study, which questioned 100 UK businesses from a variety of industries, showed that 41 per cent of UK companies are already actively using VoIP telephony to improve efficiencies within their business, while a further 25 per cent have plans to review and implement VoIP within the next 12 months. The data also indicated that businesses with a head count of 100 - 500 people are embracing the technology faster than smaller businesses.
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XConnect Announces Partnership with Germany's DE-CIX

XConnect_logo.jpgXConnect has entered an exclusive partnership agreement with DE-CIX to establish the first Next Generation Network/VoIP federation in Germany, enabling service providers to directly exchange IP voice and multimedia traffic.

The partnership will create a secure and scalable federation hub and central carrier ENUM-based routing and number-management platform that will enable hundreds of fixed, mobile, ASP and Web 2.0 operators to interconnect securely end to end on an all-IP basis.

Interconnection via the hub will benefit operators significantly. It will reduce the technical complexity and commercial and operational costs of NGN interconnection, allowing for migration from bilateral, legacy-network TDM interconnects to IP. In addition, operators will be able to securely and multilaterally interconnect to multiple networks via a single IP connection to the hub, supporting the interworking and interoperability of IP voice and multimedia services, such as HD voice, video and Unified Communications.
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VoIP Unlimited and Kerio Team Up

VoIP Unlimited has been approved as a SIP trunking partner by Kerio Technologies. This enables Kerio's UK channel partners to offer SIP trunking solutions, increasing call capacity and flexibility for end customers whilst reducing their recurring IP PBX costs.

Following an extensive testing phase, VoIP Unlimited gained interoperability approval with the Kerio Operator 1.1 IP PBX system. The company has already been a provider of SIP sales support for Kerio resellers by educating them about the benefits of SIP trunks compared to ISDN2 and PSTN lines.
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NextiraOne Drives New Communications Solution for Austrian Engine Manufacturer

NextiraOne_logo.gifELIN Motoren has chosen NextiraOne to implement an upgraded communications network throughout the company's Austrian sites, as part of the company's project to construct its new headquarters in Preding/ Weiz.

At the heart of the new communications infrastructure is an IP-based converged network based on Alcatel-Lucent technology. The Gigabit Ethernet network for voice and data communications provides Power over Ethernet delivering high performance and reliability to the desktop.
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European MVNO Expands Capacity and Services with DIGITALK

Digitalk_logo.jpgRunning on the DIGITALK Prepaid Mobile platform, Moreminutes' LlamaYA Móvil is one of the fastest growing MVNO services in Europe, with an impressive 15-20% average growth in traffic per month, and an overall 200% increase predicted in 2011. As a result, Moreminutes has significantly expanded capacity on the DIGITALK solution and is now extending its service scope to include mobile internet and multimedia messaging services.

In April 2009, Moreminutes became an MVNO in Spain to offer prepaid international mobile calling. DIGITALK's Prepaid Mobile solution was selected to create flexible prepaid products and price plans, to support Moreminutes' specific marketing promotions, and for the full deployment and integration services from DIGITALK, as well as the scalability of the solution.
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ASC Implements Communications Recording Solution at Harborough Lifeline Center in UK

ASC announces the successful implementation of its VoIP communications recording solution, EVOip, supplemented with WEBplay and POWERplay, to ensure the safety of older and disabled citizens residing in the District of Harborough in the United Kingdom.

The solution was installed at the Harborough Lifeline Center, a contact center providing 24/7, 365-day service, integrated with community emergency organizations including police, ambulances and firemen. It allows immediate replay of the most recent call to assist operators in complex situations as well as remote access from any web browser to let managers working from home listen to a critical call and determine the best course of action.
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BT Revamps Wholesale VoIP Offering

bt_logo.jpgBT announced the re-launch of its wholesale VoIP offering, to meet growing customer demand and match the latest internet standards in the market. The wholesale VoIP platform underwent a significant upgrade - including the renewal of its SIP core and gateways - assuring scalability and reliability. BT also added new features for its reseller community. The new features include the option to connect via direct access lines - using BT’s Ethernet service. Furthermore, a new automated system enables partners to perform number porting directly via the secure, web-based, European Reseller System portal.
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Interoute and GENBAND to Deliver European IPv6 VoIP Network

Genband_Logo.jpgInteroute and GENBAND announce an agreement to deliver an official IPv6 VoIP network in Europe. Supporting IPv6 through the S3 Session Border Controller, GENBAND will enable Interoute to extend its existing Carrier IP Interconnect and SIP Business Trunking solution reliably into its Next Generation IPv4 and IPv6 native network.

By interworking between IPv4 and IPv6 while maintaining security and enhanced routing capabilities, GENBAND’s S3 enables Interoute to interconnect operators and enterprises using IPv4 with operators and enterprises that are using IPv6 networks. Interoute’s IPv6 network will offer secure Carrier IP Interconnect and SIP Business trunking (IP-PBX trunking and Microsoft UC SIP trunking) with enhanced dynamic routing and policy control while extending SIP and H.323 interworking capabilities to IPv6.
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ViBE IP Telephony Removes Obstacles to Widespread VoIP Adoption

Powernet has launched ViBE, a ‘game-changing’ IP telephony solution, which removes critical Quality of Service obstacles that prevent widespread VoIP adoption. ViBE uses innovative bandwidth optimisation technology that enables at least 60 concurrent business quality calls over an average UK ADSL connection, with minimal impact on data traffic. Powernet is actively looking for resellers for the product.

This breakthrough technology removes the QoS problems associated with VoIP implementations and slashes connectivity costs to offer businesses a scalable and affordable IP solution. It also brings within reach the possibility of a wholly VoIP-powered call centre on a single ADSL connection for the first time.
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Report: VoIP Market in Poland 2010 - Development Forecasts for 2011-2015

research_and_markets.gifResearch and Markets has announced the addition of the "VoIP Market in Poland 2010: Development Forecasts for 2011-2015" report to their offering.

VoIP Market in Poland 2010 is the first published report of its kind and provides a comprehensive study of recent trends and developments in the VoIP market in Poland including forecasts for 2011-2015. The first part of the report analyses the VoIP market as a whole, outlining the structure of the market in terms of users, value and market share players. The business segment of the market is considered separately together with pricing and popularity of IP telephony.
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Report: VoIP in Western Europe - Opportunities & Forecasts, 2010-2015

research_and_markets.gifResearch and Markets has announced the addition of the "VoIP In Western Europe: Opportunities & Forecasts, 2010-2015" report to their offering.

VoIP in Western Europe - Mobile Flies the Flag for VoIP

Technologically astute consumers of telecommunications services around the world are becoming increasingly aware that it is possible to make significant savings on traditional voice calls by bypassing traditional wireline and mobile phone operators and availing themselves of a growing range of cheap services offered by low-cost service providers. Not only does the internet serve as the perfect medium for bringing these services to the attention of consumers but also, increasingly, it is becoming the very medium by which these services are provided.
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