Competitive Carrier Selects VocalTec for VoIP

vocaltec.jpgRussian Company selected VocalTec's technology to further develop its VoIP network. Through this collaboration, Russian Company can now seamlessly connect their legacy telephony network with VocalTec's new packet based network. The deployment was achieved in partnership with Sintera, a leading Russian systems integrator.
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Codima Establishes Operations in the French Market

Codima_Logo.jpgCodima announces the launch of operations in the French market. A fully operational organization with local staff will offer sales, marketing and support to new and existing resellers throughout France from the company's offices in Paris. With the expansion, Codima strengthens its position in the French market and continues its successful adaptation to new markets implementing local organizations.
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VMB Selects VocalTec for VoIP Roll Out

vocaltec.jpgVMB has selected VocalTec’s solutions for its VoIP network roll out. Performed in partnership with SATEL, a leading system integrator in Russia, the deployment is focused around the migration of VMB’s infrastructure into an advanced packet-based Class 4 and Class 5 network.
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ICC Worldwide Expands European VoIP Call Handling Capabilities

ICC Worldwide has implemented a major upgrade to its VoIP call traffic handling capabilities. The firm now has three European VoIP Point Of Presence sites located in Milan, Amsterdam, and London. At the Milan site, ICC has recently installed its own DIGITALK Intelligent Switch and Data Server. This action dramatically expands the firm's call handling capacity and overall network reliability. The centrally managed system also enables highly effective network utilization, ensuring the preferential use of capacity to route traffic in a way that is most cost effective for international calling destinations. This allows ICC to efficiently pass savings on to customers, thus ensuring the firm is able to provide the best possible value to its VoIP services subscribers.
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VoIP User Interconnects British Telecom for Free Calls to VoIP Devices

VoipUser announces the interconnection of British Telecom 0870 range numbers to the VoIP peering iNUM network. British Telecom will make 0870 numbers free to call to subscribers on their Anytime call plan starting on January 16th, 2009.

John Peter, managing Director of BT's Consumer Business, said in a Press Release on Thursday "All of our 14 million Anytime customers have free calls included in their package and now all 14 million have free calls to 0870 at times that fit with their calling plan, which is something not offered by any of our competitors."
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UK VoIP Distributor ICON Adds TalkSwitch IP-PBX Phone Systems

talkswitch_logo.gifTalkSwitch has appointed ICON as its distributor for the United Kingdom. At recommended retail prices starting from GBP499, TalkSwitch comes complete with an extensive feature set that includes built-in voicemail, auto-attendant greetings, call forwarding to mobiles, remote management, and support for both analogue and IP handsets for up to 16 extensions, with modular growth to 64.
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Codima Strengthens Its Position In The European Market

Codima_Logo.jpgCodima is expanding in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets launching local operations. The organization will operate with local staff throughout the region, offering sales, marketing and support services to new and existing reselling partners. Codima continues its strategy to operate locally in all markets with local staff contributing to the company’s successful market adaptation.
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Patton Opens Sales Office in Milan to Support Rising Demand

patton_logo.gifPatton has inaugurated a regional sales office in Milan, Italy. As Patton's center of operations and business development for Southern Europe, the Milan office supplies Patton's full catalog of over 1,000 data, voice, VoIP, and triple-play networking products to carriers, enterprises, VARs, and integrators throughout the region.

The announcement follows recent carrier Ethernet rollouts from KPN, Tiscali, and AT&T.
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Belgacom Selects CounterPath for Videotelephony

CounterPathLogo.gifCounterPath's VoIP and Video over IP telephony technology has been integrated into the product offering of European service provider Belgacom and is now available to Belgacom subscribers as Videotalk.

Belgacom is the leading telecommunications provider in Belgium. Launched November 1st, its Videotalk solution allows users to make voice and video calls directly from their computer using a webcam, a Belgacom Internet line and the company's I-Talk service. The solution was built using CounterPath's softphone technology, which enables VoIP voice and video calling, IM and presence management in an easy to use and versatile desktop communications application.
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Comstar Implements VoIP Solution from Nortel to Accommodate Russia

Nortel_logo.jpgComstar has implemented a VoIP network solution from Nortel to help accommodate the need for reliable, affordable long-distance VoIP across the entire Russian Federation. Comstar obtained its long-distance access area codes for Russia in July 2008 and has begun commercial operations of long-distance voice services.

Russia is the largest country in the world spanning more than an eighth of the Earth's land area. In a country of this size, affordable communications - especially long-distance communications - is important to stay connected with friends and family. With the new Carrier VoIP network from Nortel, Comstar can provide affordable, long-distance VoIP across all regions of the Russian Federation including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Rostov-na-Donu, Vladivostok and other regional centres.
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credativ UK Launches Open Source Telephony Consultancy and Support

credativ launched its new Open Source Telephony service, as part of its Open Source Support Centre, which offers 24/7 support. The new telephony service provides consultancy, specification and implementation of open source based PBX telephony systems using VoIP.

credativ supports a range of tried and tested open source software based platforms including Asterisk, SIP express router, and trixbox to provide all the features currently available from a hard wired PBX. Through open source based PBXs and switching platforms, credativ offers cost effective alternatives to existing telephony and traditional PBX systems.
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Report: UK Hosted IP Voice Forecast 2007-12

paper.gifResearch and Markets has announced the addition of the "UK Hosted IP Voice Forecast 2007-12" report to their offering. This report is designed to provide a quantitative analysis of the UK‘s Business VoIP market over the next 5 years. The report details the changes in subscriber numbers, the revenue generated and the factors that lead to these changes. The analysis focuses primarily on the changes to the subscriber base i.e. the numbers of non-consumer hosted VoIP telephony customers within the UK. These =subscribers‘ are acquired through two processes; the first is the replacement of traditional PSTN services/ acquisition of new Greenfield sites, and the second is the migration from traditional TDM based Centrex to IP Centrex.
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JAJAH Direct Launches in Four European Countries Delivering PC-Free VoIP Calls

jajah_logo2.jpgJAJAH Direct launches in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia allowing anyone to make incredibly low cost international calls from any phone. There is no download, no headset, no special mobile phone, and no broadband required. With JAJAH Direct, you get a local number for anyone you want to call, so you never have to dial long distance again.

JAJAH Direct has triggered a revolution in global calling, with 10 million people in America, England and other parts of Europe already using it to save on their phone calls.

The revolution stems from JAJAH's ability to combine the savings of an Internet call with the convenience of being able to use a normal phone. Previously, VoIP calls where the call goes over the Internet rather than a telephone line were only available with an Internet connection, but now all Poles can make low cost, high quality VoIP calls using JAJAH Direct.
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Citrus Selects DIGITALK for IP Virtual Office's and Service Numbers

Citrus Telecom has expanded its range of VoIP services for its residential and business markets. Citrus deployed DIGITALK Broadband Telephony and Web calling Card in 2005 and are now introducing IP Virtual Office and Service Numbers to the range of services on the DIGITALK Multiservice Platform.

The two new additions will enhance Citrus's offering to its business subscribers who will now be able to offer virtual office features and intelligent inbound routing to customers and resellers in over 60 countries.

Citrus is able to offer SMEs a simple, cost-effective and professional business communications service using DIGITALK IP Virtual Office, that includes multiple calling features and network and services management software, plus full billing, rating and web self-care functionality.
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Rebtel Partners with easyGroup to Offer Mobile VoIP Services

rebtel_logo.gifRebtel announces a brand licensing agreement with easyGroup that will allow Rebtel to increase its presence in the UK and reach new markets for its mobile VoIP services. Under the agreement, Rebtel-powered services for making low cost international phone calls from any mobile phone, over any UK network, will be sold and marketed on easyGroup's web site.

Rebtel's mobile VoIP services offered by easyMobile are compatible with any mobile phone without modification, quick to set-up, and work with consumers' existing contracts with their UK operators. Terms of the brand license agreement between easyGroup and Rebtel were not disclosed.
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