ASC Implements Communications Recording Solution at Harborough Lifeline Center in UK

ASC announces the successful implementation of its VoIP communications recording solution, EVOip, supplemented with WEBplay and POWERplay, to ensure the safety of older and disabled citizens residing in the District of Harborough in the United Kingdom.

The solution was installed at the Harborough Lifeline Center, a contact center providing 24/7, 365-day service, integrated with community emergency organizations including police, ambulances and firemen. It allows immediate replay of the most recent call to assist operators in complex situations as well as remote access from any web browser to let managers working from home listen to a critical call and determine the best course of action.

The communications recording system is integrated with the contact center’s existing infrastructure, a Mitel 3300 v. 6.1 telephone system and Mitel 5220 IP handsets. The communications recorder handles both digital and analog lines and uses station-side passive recording of VoIP, tapping the LAN connection at each IP phone.

Harborough Lifeline Center offers its customers alarm equipment and a pendant with a button they can push in case of an emergency. A speech unit can pick up their voice from anywhere in the house even if doors are closed. Calls are answered in less than one minute, and nearby responders, known as “key holders,” are designated in advance and can provide support until help arrives.

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