BT Revamps Wholesale VoIP Offering

bt_logo.jpgBT announced the re-launch of its wholesale VoIP offering, to meet growing customer demand and match the latest internet standards in the market. The wholesale VoIP platform underwent a significant upgrade - including the renewal of its SIP core and gateways - assuring scalability and reliability. BT also added new features for its reseller community. The new features include the option to connect via direct access lines - using BT’s Ethernet service. Furthermore, a new automated system enables partners to perform number porting directly via the secure, web-based, European Reseller System portal.

Ethernet supports more access options and dynamic bandwidth management, further increasing the scalability of the wholesale VoIP solution. Thanks to the European Reseller System, service providers using wholesale VoIP can now efficiently migrate even larger numbers of VoIP users to the platform with the self-service system enabling them to manage their customers and the assigned phone numbers in a convenient way.

BT Wholesale VoIP can be seen as the ‘interface’ between the upcoming VoIP world and traditional telephony. The solution provides resellers with a cost-effective platform on which they can build their own enhanced service offerings for the SME and consumer market.

The upgraded offering is available as of today in The Netherlands and Germany. BT currently also has wholesale VoIP services in place in Spain, Hungary and the Czech Republic – and soon an offering will become available in Italy.

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