ViBE IP Telephony Removes Obstacles to Widespread VoIP Adoption

Powernet has launched ViBE, a ‘game-changing’ IP telephony solution, which removes critical Quality of Service obstacles that prevent widespread VoIP adoption. ViBE uses innovative bandwidth optimisation technology that enables at least 60 concurrent business quality calls over an average UK ADSL connection, with minimal impact on data traffic. Powernet is actively looking for resellers for the product.

This breakthrough technology removes the QoS problems associated with VoIP implementations and slashes connectivity costs to offer businesses a scalable and affordable IP solution. It also brings within reach the possibility of a wholly VoIP-powered call centre on a single ADSL connection for the first time.

Traditionally, competition between voice and data traffic has made it difficult to guarantee business-quality calls over an ADSL broadband connection. ViBE overcomes this problem by giving priority to voice packets over any kind of connection (ADSL, Ethernet, Satellite or even 3G) whilst maintaining optimum voice quality and supporting multiple concurrent calls without any compromise to data transfer rates.

This innovative technology offers three key benefits to business users:
  • Quality of Service – With traditional VoIP, it’s not uncommon to see jitter and latency approaching 100ms, causing delays and interruptions even with only one call. By contrast, ViBE sees the number reduced to around the 5ms mark, becoming effectively zero in good conditions.
  • Redundancy - ViBE can bond multiple lines together. The redundancy guarantees that if one line fails then the call may still continue uninterrupted using the other connection, almost entirely eliminates the possibility of dropped calls.
  • Analytics - ViBE monitors your connection without any interference or impact on traffic, giving you up-to-date information regarding performance and uptime.
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