ViaTalk Provides Free Local & Long Distance Phone Calls

ViaTalk is pleased to announce the launch of ViaTalk Free Connect, an easy to use, innovative phone system that allows anyone with access to a traditional phone to make a free 10 minute phone call anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

"It's no longer accurate to say nothing in life is free. These calls, including long distance, are literally free," said ViaTalk CEO Brendan Brader. "In fact, we are inviting people to make as many phone calls as they would like, on us."

There is no sign-up required, users simply go to and enter their phone number, then the phone number they wish to call. Once they have done that, they wait just a few seconds for a call to their phone line. As they answer that call, the service then dials the number they are trying to reach. Since the call is through ViaTalk Free Connect, no charges apply to the user's phone line.
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Challenger Mobile Allows for Global Calls at Local Rates

Challenger mobile launches its free global telephony service into the pre-pay realm. All owners of the Eseries, N80ie or N95 handsets can now pay a low monthly fee of $9.90 and get access to the company's NEW features: "Challenger out", "Challenger in" and "Challenger forwarding" - all offering true mobile savings and benefits.

Through the new Challenger out feature, Challenger mobile account holders can easily call both landlines and mobiles all over the world at local rates.
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voip_com_logo.gif launches its most aggressive promotional offers for the residential phone market to date. Starting earlier in June, hit the market with a Lowest Price Guarantee offer for local, long distance and international calls. While the market was still realizing what the offer meant for both consumers and competitors, the internet telephone company released its second shocking wave of summer campaigns by offering $50.00 cash back for residential sign ups.

The Lowest Price Guarantee offer is also a direct aim at low-cost phone carriers that are trying to focus on cheap calling plans. Martin Toha, President of simply describes the strategy by noting: "We took price out of the equation without sacrificing quality. Now there are truly no more excuses not to use's services."'s Cash Back promotion is a joint effort with recently launched, a VoIP Consumer Guide, to help consumers find the most reliable and most affordable phone services. The rebate offer only comes with's Unlimited Yearly offer that is already tied to a 'no fees' promotion. On top of the double deal the company added a limited time 'No Catch' disclaimer to the rebate campaign.
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Raketu Extends Discounted VoIP Rates Promotion

raketu-logo.gifRaketu has extended its discounted VoIP dial out calling rates promotion. Through July 31, 2007, consumers making travel plans to visit friends and family can still take advantage of Raketu’s discounted rates (66% off Raketu standard rate pricing), currently the lowest dial out calling rates to any location globally. Raketu also announces a cut in sending US SMS-Text message rates to 5 cents per message.
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MOBIVOX to Offer Free International Calls for U.S. this July 4th

MOBIVOX will offer to anyone who is registered to the service $10 worth of free international VoIP calls from anywhere in the United States this July 4th. MOBIVOX's Independence Day promotion is a way to connect friends and family separated by oceans, continents or simply national frontiers who can't make it to Fourth of July picnics or barbecues, and to thank its growing user base for choosing the MOBIVOX service. Users will be able to make their free calls to anywhere in the world on mobile or fixed lines anytime from midnight EDT to 11:59:59 pm EDT July 4. MOBIVOX is now available in 29 countries at
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PCCall Introduces ''Lucky 7'' VoIP Plan

In its continuing endeavor to provide its subscribers with more calling capabilities for their money, PCCall is pleased to announce the availability of the Lucky 7 Calling Plan. This VoIP talk plan allows people from almost anywhere in the world to use their computers to call any seven numbers in seven countries. The fixed price for this all-inclusive package is just $7 per month. Customers who enroll in the Lucky 7 plan are also able to place unlimited calls to other PCCall members' Lucky 7 numbers at no additional charge. Lucky 7 numbers can be located virtually anywhere in the United States, Canada, China, the United Kingdom (landline), Spain (landline), Sweden (landline) and Singapore.

According to VoIP Review, "consumers are paying an average of $24.96 per month for VoIP service." A recent "New York Times" article further revealed that even traditional landline subscribers have seen their residential bills grow by over 64 percent in the last decade. Compare those figures to the Lucky 7 Calling Plan's fixed monthly fee of $7, and the savings are obvious.
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JAJAH Cuts the Cords With "NO HEADSET" Campaign

jajah_logo.bmpJAJAH announces its "No Headset" campaign and Web site, using the slogan "If You Liked Skype, You'll Love JAJAH." The "Skype alternative" campaign is designed to make the public aware that there is no better way to make free and low-cost global and long-distance calls than with JAJAH.

JAJAH is rewarding users who try the service and switch with official über-cool, "No Headset" wear if they creatively dispose of their existing computer headset. Headset-weary visitors can go to to watch the videos and get program details.
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Allworx Extends Warranty Programs for VoIP Phones and Systems

allworxlogo.jpgAllworx announces two new programs designed to enhance the customer experience and streamline the sales and support efforts for resellers and distributors of Allworx’s award-winning products.

A new five year extended warranty program for Allworx VoIP phones and VoIP systems represents the most comprehensive warranty available anywhere in the SMB marketplace. Allworx also announced today that it has revamped its Return Materials Authorization process to simplify return requests, and ensure a swift turnaround on equipment replacements. These two new programs are designed to ease the adoption of VoIP technology for small and medium businesses, and enable them to focus on their core business activities, without worrying about their communication systems.
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uControl Can Help Protect Your Family

uControl announces an open to the public promotion offering a risk-free, 30-day trial of their home security service. As families are gearing up for summer vacations, now is the time to upgrade your home security to a service that offers additional protection for the entire family.

uControl can also monitor everyday events that typical security systems can not be configured to detect. This enables homeowners to track important events like knowing that family members come home when expected or that a neighbor is taking care of the home while the family is on vacation. uControl is accessible from any Internet-connected computer, cell phone or PDA, providing 24/7 access to information about the safety and everyday activities of the family. uControl's technology is compatible with broadband, cell-phone only and VoIP households.

In addition to the traditional home security offerings, uControl sends notifications to designated contacts using virtually any communication format, including e-mail, SMS/text messaging, and conventional phone calls from uControl's Monitoring Center. uControl provides remote access and control -- giving consumers more control over their security system via a Web portal they access from any computer or Web-enabled cell phone/PDA.
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Raketu Reduces VoIP Dial-Out Calling Rates

raketu-logo.gifRaketu is dramatically reducing its VoIP RakOut dial out calling rates by up to 66 percent. The promotional offer, which starts today and runs through June 30, 2007, makes Raketu the least expensive provider of dial out calling globally. Additionally, RakOut prepaid customers will now be able to call their friends and family free to locations in Japan and Hong Kong, along with the over 40 countries around the world already supported by Raketu’s free calling program.

Raketu runs over any Internet connection from broadband to dial-up service. Anyone with Internet access, a Windows PC, and a headset can start using Raketu immediately. Raketu uses a unique peer-to-peer (p2p) technology, which allows the highest quality VoIP calling and highest call-completion in the industry. Unlike similar p2p communications providers, Raketu does not use Supernodes, so does not have the security risk and performance problems associated with other services.
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Voxbone Launches Version 2.0 of Its API with $10,000 Contest

voxbone-logo.jpgVoxbone announced Version 2.0 of its API, called VoxAPI, along with a contest in which the winner will receive $10,000 for the best application built with it.

Using the latest version of VoxAPI, customers can view Voxbone’s coverage, order DID numbers, configure the routing and forwarding of DID numbers, and manage the capacity allocated to DID numbers --- all through a machine-machine interface in real time. As a result, customers are able to completely automate their transactions and lower their operational costs while maintaining high-quality service.

VoxAPI also allows Voxbone to automate its interactions with carrier customers to ensure accuracy, provide faster customer service and lower operational costs in order to remain highly competitive.
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Verizon Helps U.S. Troops in Iraq Call Mom and Dad

Verizon Freedom In an ongoing effort to help military families and loved ones stay connected around the world, Verizon Business is providing free phone calls during the weeks around Mother's Day, Father's Day and U.S. Independence Day for U.S. military personnel stationed in Iraq.

Verizon Business will provide the free calls from May 10-16 in honor of Mother's Day in the United States; June 14-20 for Father's Day in the United States; and July 1-7 for U.S. Independence Day.

Verizon Business has deployed to Iraq a state-of-the-art mobile communications facility, enabling military personnel to make calls 24-hours-a-day anywhere in the world.
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Rebtel Offers Free Calls to Mexico From May 3-19th

rebtel_logo.gifRebtel announces the introduction of free phone calls between the US and Mexico for the first two weeks of May 2007.

Beginning May 3 and running through May 19, customers in the United States and Mexico will have the ability to call loved ones without paying Rebtel anything for a total of 60 minutes (regular Rebtel rates are 2 cents, $.02, per minute) and without having to sign a contract, download any software, enter special PIN codes, or use different devices.

Customers can make as many calls as they like (10 minutes maximum per call) until they reach a one hour in total. To make more calls for free, they simply need to follow the instructions from the Rebtel operator at the start of each call, which are easy to follow in Spanish and English.
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Skype Teams Up with Intel for Free Mother's Day Calls

Skype - call the world at rock bottom pricesSkype and Intel Corporation announce a joint effort to advance a shared vision of establishing the personal computer as a central and reliable platform for voice and video calling over the Internet. By offering an Intel-sponsored day of free global calling over Skype on Mother’s Day to U.S. and Canadian consumers, the two companies are encouraging U.S. and Canadian users to take advantage of Internet communication via their PCs or laptops. This builds on the success of the Skype Unlimited Calling plan which has enabled thousands of consumers across the U.S. and Canada to save hundreds of dollars on domestic calling since it was introduced in December 2006.

According to a March 2007 In-Stat report entitled U.S. Residential Voice-Over IP Market Dynamics and Market Tracker, the number of VoIP households in the U.S. continued to grow briskly in the fourth quarter, with more than 10.6 million households now using VoIP. In-Stat found that while cable providers drove strong adoption of VoIP, Skype gained significant market share in the quarter, consolidating its leading market position at the expense of its client-based VoIP rivals. The report credits Skype’s innovative and disruptive pricing and product strategy for its success, citing the Skype Unlimited Calling plan for allowing registered users to make unlimited SkypeOut calls to any phone number in the U.S. and Canada for a flat, annual subscription fee of just $29.95, almost 90 percent less than traditional calling plans that can cost consumers $24.95 per month or more.
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Mobile VoIP Pioneer Rebtel Releases New Pricing Structure

Rebtel announces a new pricing program that will provide millions of mobile phone users with the ability to make free or low-priced international calls to more than 36 countries around the world, reaching over 1.3 Billion people. By using VoIP to connect pre-assigned local numbers, Rebtel allows its customers to make international calls on the go, regardless of the model of their phone, and, without the use of any special hardware or downloads. In addition, there is no fee to sign up to use the service.
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