Send Free SMS to 2.5 Billion Asians with Vopium

vopium_logo.jpgFor the rest of the year, you can send free SMS text messages to Asia if you have the Vopium application installed on your mobile phone. The application is easy to install, and in addition to the free SMS service, Vopium also offers low-cost international calls of a quality far exceeding what you may know from Skype.

With Vopium on your mobile phone, you can send free SMS text messages for the remainder of the year to your friends, family and other people in most Asian countries, such as India, Japan and Thailand, enabling you to send text messages to more than 2.5 billion people in Asia.
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MegaPath's Free Cisco Phone Promotion Removes Financial Barriers to VoIP Adoption

megapath_logo.gifThe result of the MegaPath-Speakeasy-Covad merger and one of the nation’s largest end-to-end communications networks, announced its limited-time free Cisco SPA 303-3 IP phone promotion. New business customers who purchase unlimited or global Hosted Voice calling plans and have a minimum of five lines will receive IP phones featuring a high-resolution graphic display for each employee. This program is part of the second phase of MegaPath’s post-merger integration, offering common products, pricing and promotions across all three company websites.

Forecasts from ABI Research1 show that the VoIP market is set to double in size in the next five years, exceeding $20 billion by the year 2015. By offering free phones, MegaPath is removing the last barrier to VoIP adoption – upfront costs. Speakeasy successfully implemented a similar promotional program earlier this year, which resulted in an increase in new customer inquiries by more than 40 percent.
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Hosted PBX Provider UniVoIP is Extending Free Phone Offer to All Businesses in Southern California

univoip_logo.jpgFor a limited time UniVoIP is giving away free phones to all organizations that sign up for a calling plan through their hosted PBX system. UniVoIP calling plans offer unlimited free inbound and intra-office calls and outbound domestic calls are only $0.02 per minute with unlimited calling plans available.

An enterprise class phone system with no hardware to buy - A hosted PBX system connects all employees to each other and to clients, no matter where they are. Main office, home offices, satellite offices, mobile workers and even international offices can all be accessible through a single phone number. With UniVoIP hosted PBX all that is needed is one phone per employee and a dedicated point-to-point connection or an Internet connection – with no equipment to purchase or manage except the phones.
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Vocalocity Announces Grand Winner in First Ever Phone System Makeover Contest

vocalocity_logo.gifVocalocity announced this morning that it has chosen the winner for its “Phone System Makeover Contest.” The video contest which was held from June 1-August 16 asked entrants to create a short video explaining why their business needed a new phone system. Creativity was a contest requirement, and several of the videos included business owners’ family members in humorous skits. The contest was designed to provide a way for businesses struggling with a down economy to showcase the reasons they need to cut costs with Small business VoIP.
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Tpad to Donate 50% of Sales in the Middle East to ''Pakistan Floods Appeal''

tpad_logo1.jpgTpad announces it will donate 50% of all credit purchases until the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramzan. This will apply to all Tpad VoIP credit purchases from the Middle East.

Dr. Tariq, Head of Group Marketing at the global communications provider, said that Tpad calling rates are already the lowest in the world and the company felt that rather than doing a Ramzan discount offer like some other companies, it would be more appropriate to help the victims of this disaster. The 50% level of contribution is unprecedented and much higher than offered in similar donations by anyone in the past. He hoped that customers will get behind this offer and help themselves to cheap calls and also aid others in the process.
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Speakeasy's Free Phone Promotion Boosts Sales, Increasing New Customers by More Than 40 Percent

speakeasy_logo.jpgSpeakeasy has extended its free phone offer through the end of August, due to a record increase in leads and new customers. The free phone promotion, which was introduced to eliminate one of the last barriers to VoIP adoption, has spurred a more than 40 percent year-over-year increase in new customers.

One new customer, the Rofo Group, was able to deploy a customized business phone solution with no startup costs, thanks to Speakeasy's free phone promotion. The Rofo Group, which operates a specialized search engine geared toward helping companies find office space, was in the process of trying out another VoIP provider when they found themselves disappointed by the poor call quality. Speakeasy's free phone promotion, along with their guaranteed quality of service inspired The Rofo Group to make the switch. In order to switch to Speakeasy before their trial period with their current VoIP provider was up, Speakeasy needed to move quickly. Speakeasy coordinated an accelerated voice installation in just two weeks.
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Vopium Offer 15 Minutes of Free International Calls

vopium_logo.jpgSo far, keeping in touch with friends and family has been a costly affair when being away on holiday. However, with a Vopium software application downloaded directly to your mobile phone, cheap calls can be made to e.g. Thailand, Spain or Turkey. Moreover, you get the first 15 minutes free of charge.

Receiving a high mobile phone bill is always an unpleasant experience, and especially sky-high prices on international mobile calls can make a quick ending to a conversation. A call from a mobile phone in the UK to e.g. a hotel in Turkey costs about £1 per minute. But a new software application for mobile phones called Vopium makes it easy to make cheap international calls. A phone call from the UK to a fixed line or mobile phone in Thailand only costs 2 pence plus the local UK mobile rate – that is roughly the same price as calling from London to Birmingham.
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Speakeasy Continues to Extend Their Free Phone Promotion

speakeasy_logo.jpgSpeakeasy has once again extended their free phone offer, which has successfully eliminated one of the last barriers to VoIP adoption. Companies interested in switching to VoIP will find that now may be the perfect time to switch, thanks to the extension of Speakeasy's free phone promotion and the mobility-enhancing, time-saving features associated with VoIP, which are validated during busy summer schedules.

Hosted Voice features make it easy for employees to essentially bring the office with them, without being tethered to a desk or giving out personal numbers. Users can make and receive calls from their office phone number, whether they're in the office or they're actually using their home, mobile or even hotel phones.
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Rebtel Announces Free Calling to the U.S. on the 4th of July

Save up to 90% with Rebtel for International CallsCelebrate Independence Day and call home all day, free of charge on the 4th of July. Rebtel is offering unlimited free calling to the U.S. from 48 countries in celebration of the American Independence Day. Free calling is offered from Eastern Standard Time (UTC - 5) to PST = Pacific Standard Time (UTC - 8) (State of Alaska and Hawaii excluded).

"We know it's important to stay in touch with your friends or loved ones without paying too much and that is why Rebtel was founded. Since Independence Day is a big celebration for our users we want to help them re-connect by making the calling free on that day. We also want to show people calling the United States that you can just call as normal with local numbers from Rebtel and save up to 95%," said Andreas Bernström, Rebtel's CEO. "We are growing rapidly and have over four million users who stay in touch with their friends or loved ones using our services from over 190 countries."
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Rebtel Brings Free Calling To Canada During Canada Day On The 1st Of July

Save up to 90% with Rebtel for International CallsCelebrate Canada Day, call home all day on the 1st of July free of charge. Rebtel is offering unlimited free calling to Canada from 48 countries in celebration of Canada Day from Newfoundland Daylight Saving time (UTC – 2.5) to Pacific Daylight Saving Time (UTC - 7).

“Rebtel was founded to be the best way to stay connected to your loved ones without paying too much and since Canada day is a big celebration for our users we want to help them re-connect by making the calling free on that day. We also want to show people calling Canada that you can just call as normal with local numbers from Rebtel and save up to 95%,” said Andreas Bernström, Rebtel’s CEO. “We have over four million users who stay in touch with their loved ones using our services from over 190 countries.”
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UniVoIP is Donating Free VoIP Phones to Non-profit Organizations in California

For a limited time UniVoIP offers free business phones and unlimited training and support to all non profit organizations that sign up for a calling plan through their hosted PBX platform that features free inbound, free in-network and local, long distance and even international calls as low as $0.02 per minute with unlimited plans available.
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Axvoice Offers Three Months Internet Phone Service Absolutely ‘Free’

Axvoice is a premium VoIP service provider in the U.S. Axvoice aims for nothing but excellence in terms of providing the best internet phone service to its customers by offering affordable calling plans in premium quality. With high quality services and a dedicated staff, Axvoice has made its reputation in the international market. That is why; it is standing tall among its competitors.

Axvoice proudly offers its valuable customers with a ‘CATCH’ -- three months free services offer with the residential international plan. If you sign up with the Axvoice internet phone service before 4th of July 2010, you will be able to enjoy making free calls with your residential international plan for an entire three months time! With a huge and ever-increasing customer base, the company is aiming to guarantee its customers satisfaction with the introduction of a three months free residential international plan. Axvoice Residential International plan allows you to enjoy making high quality calls to more than 40 destinations worldwide including free calls to US and Canada. Axvoice, with its remarkable history of the best calling plans makes sure that its users are free of all worries when making international calls. All the calling plans provided to the users by Axvoice are really amazing and cost you very little. The residential international plan allows you to make free in network calls.
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Vocalocity Launches Social Media Contest With $10,000 in Prizes

vocalocity_logo.gifVocalocity has launched a video contest for small businesses across the nation. The 'Phone System Makeover Contest' was launched to promote helping small businesses become more efficient and cost effective. The winning submission will receive free service and a new phone system, which has an estimated value of up to $10,000. All of those who enter will receive 25% off their Vocalocity Service.

Running between June 14th and August 1st, the contest invites small businesses to send in a short thirty second to two minute video of how Vocalocity's technology can help to improve their business. Vocalocity recommends being creative and having fun with your submission. To encourage this, the submission guidelines have been kept short, with the exception of the time limit constraints.
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Speakeasy Extends Free Phone Offer as More Small Businesses Switch to VoIP

speakeasy_logo.jpgSpeakeasy and Best Buy announce the extension of their free phone offer, which has successfully eliminated one of the last barriers to VoIP adoption. In March, Speakeasy began offering free Polycom SoundPoint IP 321 VoIP-enabled phones to new business customers who purchase unlimited or global Hosted Voice calling plans and have a minimum of five lines. The promotion was so successful that Speakeasy has made the decision to extend the promotion through the end of June.
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Vonage Cash Back Offer Puts More Money and More Minutes in Your Pocket

vonage_logo.gifVonage has utilized VoIP technology to drastically reduce the amount of overhead small companies and regular consumers are required to pay for basic communication. Now is the time to get in at the ground level, when prices are low and companies like are offering attractive cash-back incentives.
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