Rebtel Opens Mobile VoIP Service in China

rebtel_logo.gifRebtel announces low cost and free international calling to and from China. Starting Friday, December 21, residents of Shanghai can use their mobile phones to call any phone, anywhere in the world for just pennies per minute, and make free calls to friends, family, and work colleagues in 39 countries.

More than 18 million people live in Shanghai. And that doesn't include the city's 6 million migrant workers, making Shanghai one of the most populous cities in the world.
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Rebtel to Give New Customers up to $20 Through the End of the Year

rebtel_logo.gifRebtel is offering new customers up to $20 through the end of the year. Customers can choose to give the money to a friend for making international calls with Rebtel, donate it to charity, or use it themselves to make low-cost calls to anywhere in the world.

The campaign begins December 17th, 2007 and runs until January 1st, 2008. Only first payments of up to $10.00 qualify for the program.
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MediaRing VoIP Provider Extends Free Calls Promotion

logo_mediaring.jpegMediaRing will extend its MediaRing Talk Unlimited Free Calls promotion through 31 January 2008. This special promotion offers unlimited free calls to key global destinations including Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, UK and USA. See website for promotion terms & conditions.

At the same time, MediaRing is also offering a special rate promotion to India at US$0.05 cents / minute on all fixed and mobile lines. This promotion also ends on 31st January 2008.
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Buzz to Promote Free VoIP, SMS and Mobile Services in China

12buzzlogo.jpgBuzz Technologies is pleased to announce a series of developments in the company’s mobile unit. One of them is a WAP based VoIP that allows mobile phone users to make low cost calls directly from their mobile phone. “This service is free to all members of Buzz’s Social Networking Sites, BuzZMe In and the Chinese Xirxi. Services such as VoIP, video, music, radio, news and instant messaging coupled with mobile devices such as a WiFi enabled iPod, and the ubiquity of broadband will result in 100 million consumer mobile VoIP users in 2011,” says Sutida Suwunnavid, Chairwoman of Buzz Technologies. “WiFi enabled mobile entertainment devices will make up 36% of all mobile VoIP devices sold in 2011.”

Buzz needs no special equipment or software, just a WAP enabled phone. Sutida also predicts that by 2011 Skype will have 25% of the world's VoIP users and $1.2 billion in voice service revenues. Buzz is aiming at Market penetration of 12.5% and $600m in revenue by 2011.
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Raketu Rolls Out SMS-Text Driven VoIP Service

raketu-logo.gifRaketu introduces its SMS-Text Driven VoIP Service, which enables mobile device users to make phone-to-phone VoIP Internet calls with no computer or Internet connection required. Now anyone with a mobile device capable of sending SMS-Text messages can make free or extremely low cost national and international calls from their mobile phone without an Internet connection. This new service is in addition to Raketu’s already available computer-to-phone, and web-based phone-to-phone calling.
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Vbuzzer Extends Free Internet Faxing Within the US and Canada

vbuzzer-logo.jpgVbuzzer is extending its offer of free faxing within US & Canada beyond December 31, 2007. Vbuzzer users can continue to enjoy the free faxing by a few easy mouse clicks on Vbuzzer Messenger. Sending faxes remains a useful mode of communicating for both business and consumer users. Many have found this inconvenient and a disconnected activity from their regular use of their computer for almost everything else they do in this digital world. Fax rates have been high while telephone costs are dropping dramatically especially because of VOIP services.
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VoIP Provider Tpad Reduces Call Charges by 30% for the Diwali Festival.

tpad_logo1.jpgTpad slashes 30% off all worldwide call charges for the day beginning November 07th 2007 in celebration of the Diwali festival. The popular VoIP provider is cutting the cost of calls to any country in the world which means that families that live countries apart can stay in touch for less.

To take advantage of the low cost calls customers need to sign up for a free Tpad account, download the free Tpad softphone or use a SIP / ATA / WiFi Device and just buy a minimum of $5 Tpad call credit.

The discounted calls start from the moment the account first receives credit and there is no minimum call amounts to exceed before the savings begin.

The 30% worldwide discount for Diwali is the latest innovative offer from Tpad as part of its campaign to cut the cost of VoIP calling, this means that calling anywhere in India will now only cost 5 cents per minute to any landline or mobile.

Tpad recently launched a revolutionary new local number service in nearly 40 countries that allows users to make international calls anytime, anywhere on any phone or VoIP Device at local rate prices.
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Reignmaker VoIP to Offer Unprecedented Call Quality Guarantee

Reignmaker Communications says customers will have clear calling when using its newly launched SIP Trunking services. And they are backing up their claim with a 60-day no-risk guarantee -- the industry's strongest satisfaction guarantee. Reignmaker Communications has partnered with Edgewater Networks, utilizing the company's EdgeView VoIP Support System and EdgeMarc network appliances as mandatory components to Reignmaker Communications SIP Trunking.
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Raketu Offers Ten Free Calling Minutes Anywhere in the World

raketu-logo.gifRaketu kicks off their Catch The Rocket contest. Consumers who watch ipTV streamed television from Raketu will be given the opportunity to Catch The Rocket that appears flying across their computer screen. A click of the mouse on the flying rocket earns anyone who participates ten minutes of Free Talk Time to locations in over 40 countries around the world.
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Raketu Eliminates the Cost of International Calling via its RakWeb VoIP

raketu-logo.gifRaketu announces it has extended its free calling promotion allowing consumers to make free phone-to-phone calls globally via its RakWeb VoIP telephony service. RakWeb is entirely web-based and does not require consumers to download any software. Consumers can access RakWeb from any Web browser, enter their own phone number, then enter the destination number, and Raketu connects the lines. Raketu is currently offering 600 minutes of free calling each month for three months to locations globally within the company’s free calling zones.
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Cybersurf Offers Free VoIP Service to Canadians

Cybersurf announces their free Home Phone service promotion providing Canadian consumers the opportunity to experience the Company's state-of-the-art VoIP-based phone service for free.

Cybersurf has always endeavoured to offer Canadians with the best value and selection when it comes to telecommunications services providing Canadians with a true alternative to regional monopolies and telecommunications giants. "By offering CIA Home Phone Basic for free, we hope to encourage consumers to switch away from their incumbent service provider and realize that there are alternatives," said Paul Mercia, Cybersurf's President and CEO. "We also hope to educate consumers to the fact that new technologies have dramatically reduced the costs of providing home phone service and it's entirely unnecessary to be forced to pay traditionally high prices."
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snom Calls on VoIP Community for XML-Minibrowser Contest

snom_logo.jpgsnom announces the launch of its XML contest, “eXtreMeLy snomlified!” Beginning today, and continuing through Oct. 22, this contest calls on the VoIP programmer community and snom partners to develop innovative XML-Minibrowser applications for the snom 3xx series of phones.

Currently, the snom 3xx series of phones, which consists of the snom 300, 320, 360 and 370, has a permanent XML-Minibrowser. The XML contest not only serves to provide working data screens that will work ideally on several snom 3xx series phones, but it will also give momentum to unknown programmers in the community.
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Raketu to Offer 3 Months Of Free Calling

raketu-logo.gifRaketu announces its 3 Months Of Free Calling promotion. Starting Monday, August 20, 2007, customers who purchase credits for Raketu's prepaid VoIP dial out calling service will receive up to 1200 minutes of free calling per month for three months to locations in 40 countries. To be eligible for the promotion, Raketu customers must purchase credits of either $9.95 or $24.95 to use towards Raketu's ultra-low global calling rates.
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Net2Phone Extends VoIP Service Offer to 3 Months Free

Net2Phone.comNet2Phone is offering customers of other VoIP providers an attractive solution to ensure continuity of service. After recent events in the VoIP industry, customers of other VoIP services may be questioning the long term viability of their providers. Net2Phone, a VoIP provider since 1996, will migrate qualifying customers from a competing VoIP service to Net2Phone's VoiceLine service and provide three months of free calling. Service after the promotional period will be just $19.95/month. Net2Phone is a subsidiary of IDT Corporation.

Customers will have the option to migrate their current number and will be provided with a free telephone adapter upon request.

Net2Phone VoiceLine service provides unlimited local and long distance calling to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. In addition, the VoiceLine service offers:
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JAJAH Reduces Phone Rates to and from India

jajah_logo.bmpJAJAH will dramatically reduce rates for calls to and from India. From now until India Independence Day (August 15), calls to and from India and North America and the U.K. will cost 7.7 cents/minute (3.1 INR), at a cost far below standard telco rates. In addition, consumers can earn free minutes by referring others to the JAJAH network.The New Telephony for the Rapidly Growing Indian Community

The new service to and from India is the first of several "global community" phone services that the company will introduce this year to support people separated from friends, family and business partners. More than 2 million people from 55 companies use JAJAH to stay connected. And unlike other low-cost global phone services, consumers can use JAJAH to make calls over any phone -- landline or mobile --and the service does not require phone cards, binding contracts, telephone headsets or other complicated equipment.
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