VoIP.com Rolls Out a New 200 Minute Calling Plan

VoIP.com announces a new 200 minute per month option. At only $9.95 per month, the 200-minute plan effectively increases voice over IP's affordability without sacrificing any calling features.

One of voip's strongest selling points has always been the incredible cost savings that users realize over service delivered by traditional phone companies. Economy, coupled with voip's powerful calling features, puts consumers in a win-win situation that just got better. In recognition that not every subscriber is going to comfortably fit into a cookie-cutter plan, voip.com created a feature-rich calling plan with a small monthly-minute footprint.

Whether they're taking most calls on a cell or just don't spend a lot of time on the phone, members who don't need an unlimited monthly calling plan can now enjoy voip.com's 200 minute per month solution, with 200 minutes of free calling to anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico. Additional minutes will be billed at 3.9 cents a minute.
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Unlimited Free Calls with MediaRing Talk

MediaRing announces that by popular demand, they will be extending their Unlimited Free Calls promotion till 31st January 2007. Promotion offers unlimited free calls to five key destinations – Singapore, USA, Canada, China and the United Kingdom. All you need is to sign-up for MediaRing’s soft-phone based VoIP service at www.mediaringtalk.com. Sign-up is absolutely free!

The festive promotion, which was first announced on 20th December 2006 for Christmas and New Year, has received very encouraging response globally.

With this extended promotion ending 31st January 2007, all new MediaRing Talk sign-ups and those who signed-up after 20th December 2006 will be able to place unlimited free calls to:
  • Fixed/land and mobile lines to USA, Canada, China and Singapore
  • Fixed/land lines to the United Kingdom
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Raketu Launches Affiliate Program

raketu-logo.gifRaketu launched its Raketu Affiliate program. Members of Raketu RakOut dial-out voice over IP (VoIP) services are automatically enrolled in the program, and can earn 8% on all downstream revenue generated from new customers referred. Rewards are paid each month directly into a RakOut member’s account and can be used towards RakOut dial out minutes or other services as they become available.

“Our new Affiliate Program offers RakOut members the ability to earn money each month credited to their own RakOut account,” said Greg Parker, CEO of Raketu. “Affiliate Program members who refer enough friends and family could conceivably never have to pay for telephony services for calling anywhere in the world whether they are using a computer or mobile phone.”
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DORETEL Introduces Referral Program

DORETEL Communications announces that they are now offering a referral program to allow businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to earn commission on DORETEL's wholesale voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services, solutions and products.

With so many VoIP companies coming and going these days, it can be difficult to find a reliable carrier. Often, companies rely solely on the recommendations of industry peers. While these recommendations are critical to the success of a VoIP carrier, they are rarely recognized nor adequately compensated for. DORETEL's program aims to remedy this by not just offering one-time commissions, but recurring commissions for every minute used by a referred customer.
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Half-Priced Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Calling

christmas-present.jpgSwitch-Mobile announces that all new and current subscribers to the company’s flagship product - Globe Dialer - will receive half-priced international holiday calling to all nations in its worldwide network in addition to the eighty percent savings already provided to customers.

Globe Dialer is a proprietary software application that is downloaded directly onto mobile phones running on virtually any network that allows the user to make convenient, low-cost, “one click” international calls. By routing international phone calls onto Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks, Switch-Mobile is able to reduce the cost of mobile, international calls by up to eighty percent, while only using the domestic minutes of each user’s plan. For the holiday season when travel and international calls to loved ones spike significantly, the company will provide its subscribers with a 50% worldwide calling discount on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day.
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VoIP Goes Hollywood

VariTalk and VoIP announce the launch of a personalized messaging campaign for the new hit show 30 Rock, which premiered Wednesday, Oct. 11 on NBC and features famous actor and Golden Globe nominee Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live cast members Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan. The messaging campaign allows fans to send personalized phone and e-mail messages from 30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin through the website: http://30rock.nbc.com.

VariTalk is best known for the highly successful personalized phone message marketing campaigns for "Snakes On a Plane" featuring the voice of Samuel L. Jackson and for “Americas Next Top Model” featuring personalized voice messages from Tyra Banks. VoIP, Inc. is VariTalk’s preferred VoIP (Voice over IP) service provider for these campaigns.
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Free Calls on MediaRing Talk for this Festive Season

MediaRing is gifting consumers with an incredible promotion this Christmas and New Year. MediaRing is offering free calls to five key destinations -- Singapore, USA, Canada, China and the United Kingdom -- when one signs-up for its soft-phone based VoIP service at www.mediaringtalk.com. Sign-up is absolutely free!

Over and above free PC-to-PC calls worldwide, this new promotion from MediaRing will allow new users to make unlimited free calls on fixed and mobile lines to USA, Canada, China and Singapore; and unlimited free calls on fixed lines to the United Kingdom from 20 December 2006 till 6 January 2006.
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Jajah Provides Free Calls for Christmas

Jajah has had a great year and they are looking to celebrate by giving free calls on Christmas Day. All registered Jajah users will be able to make free calls, free conference calls, free scheduled calls and even send free text messages.*

Simply register between now and Christmas to join the Jajah community and call your friends and family for free.

*Terms and Conditions:
  • Applies to all Zone 1, 2, and 3 countries
  • Numbers called do not have to be JAJAH registered
  • Callers must be registered
  • Registration is cost and obligation free
  • Zone 3: tTo and from landline only (except text messages)
  • The free JAJAH lines are open 24 hours on Dec. 25th
All the more reason to call home for free and talk to your loved ones. Don't be left out in the cold as a holiday Scrooge.

Jajah has a short demo on their site show just how quick and simple their service is, so check it out and save on Christmas.

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ViaTalk Delivers Christmas Present Early

ViaTalk is putting a little something extra under the Christmas Tree this year. As part of a special holiday promotion, new ViaTalk customers can get a free year of telephone service when they pay for the first year of service in advance.

“It seems too good to be true, but as a thank you to our new customers this holiday season we are giving away two years of our service for the price of one,” said Brendan Brader, CEO. “This is sure to be one of the best bargains this holiday season -- better phone service, unlimited long distance to make all your holiday calls, and at a fraction of the cost of what you are paying now.”
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Skype $29.95 for a Year has a Nice Ring to it

skype140.jpgSkype is set to announce Wednesday a $29.95-a-year service offering unlimited calls to wireless and traditional landline phones. Or up until December 31st, 2007 if you sign up now at the promotional rate of $14.95. By doing so Skype hopes to mainstream phone services and challenge other VoIP providers that can cost you anywhere from $300-$400 per year.

Currently, Skype users had to prepay for credits to make such calls.

"Consumers like to pay on a subscription basis," says Don Albert, Skype's general manager for North America. "Now, our consumers have the option to do either one."

The good news, he says: "Either way you go, it's cheap."

This new offer is limited to residents in the USA and Canada, and the calls have to originate and terminate in those two countries.

Users can still make PC-to-PC calls free of charge and have the option to pay per call for PC-to-Phones. The charge is about 2.1 cents a minute in the two countries and higher elsewhere.

With things just starting to heat up for VoIP some predict by 2011 26 million U.S. households will use some sort of VoIP, up from 6.5 million today.

To help sweeten its new plan Skype is offering people who sign up by Jan. 31 will get a 50% discount on the annual fee, to $14.95. They'll also get about 100 minutes of free international calls and $50 in coupons for Skype gear, such as a Motorola headset.

Users who are already registered with Skype can subscribe to this deal at www.skype.com. Others will have to download the required Skype software and then sign up.

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