Try VoIP Enabled Project for One Month Free

CommuniClique announces a 30 day free trial for customers who sign up at The trial gives users the opportunity to explore the on-demand capabilities of the VoIP enabled solution including project collaboration, tracking and development.

CommuniClique is a web-based application that offers businesses and other groups VoIP enabled project collaboration. Once registered, customers are able to create an unlimited number of projects utilizing team document sharing and progress tracking. They may also invite an unlimited number of new or existing CommuniClique users to participate in each project through online meetings, connected phone calls, IM, e-mail and document sharing. In addition, the solution is equipped with a metrics dashboard complete with a suite of reporting tools capable of producing useful information about specific team members, the project as a whole, or all current and past projects. Finally, developers can use the CommuniCode API to easily integrate custom and third party applications.
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Truphone Extends Free Mobile Calls

truphone_logo.jpgOwners of Wi-Fi-equipped Nokia smartphones will be able to make free international calls from the USA to landlines in 40 countries throughout April, May and June. The announcement extends and enlarges Truphone’s current price promotion ending on March 31st, during which customers have been able to make free mobile VoIP calls across the USA and Canada.

“We’re delighted to be making it so attractive for people to try internet telephony on their mobile handset, instead of being tied to their computer,” said James Tagg, Truphone’s CEO. “The convenience of a normal, mass market cellular handset and free international calls is an unbeatable combination for the consumer.”

Countries to which any on-net Truphone user worldwide may now make free calls to landlines include China (landlines and mobiles), Mexico (Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey), Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg) and most European Union countries.

Tariffs to some paid-for numbers may have changed from the previous promotional period. Truphone’s full tariff document is available at

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Lingo VoIP Service Slashes India Calling Rate

LingoLingo has set a new industry low calling rate by slashing the costs to call India to a mere 7.7 cents a minute, including calls placed to mobile phones.

Potential Lingo customers can take advantage of the new low rate of 7.7 cents per minute to India, no matter which calling plan they purchase. Unlike competitors’ offerings, Lingo customers don’t have to wait a full year or apply for service credits to enjoy the reduced calling rate of 7.7 cents per minute to India. Existing Lingo customers have already had their India calling rates reduced to 7.7 cents per minute.

“We are delighted to provide Lingo customers with a lower rate of 7.7 cents per minute to India, which represents a savings of over 50% compared to some of our competition,” said Srinath Narayan, Vice President of Lingo, Inc.

India represents a popular calling destination for Lingo’s broadband phone customers. By reducing the India rate to 7.7 cents per minute, Lingo provides U.S. residents the ability to connect conveniently and inexpensively with their families, friends and colleagues in India.

Lingo broadband phone service is offered by Primus Telecommunications, Inc., which has served the Indian and South Asian community in the U.S. for more than a decade by offering value-priced, high-quality long distance services. Customers can learn more about the service and sign up online at , or by calling 1-866-546-4603.

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VoIP Provider Tpad Slashes Mother's Day Call Rates

tpad_logo1.jpgTpad has just made it easier to make mum's day on Mothering Sunday by slashing 50% off all call charges for the day.

The popular VoIP provider is cutting the cost of calls to any country in the world which means that families that live apart can stay in touch for less.

To take advantage of the cheap calls customers need to sign up for a free Tpad account, download the free softphone and get a minimum of $1 Tpad call credit. The discounted calls start from the moment the account first receives credit and there is no minimum call amounts to exceed before the savings begin.

Each user will receive 120 minutes at this discounted rate, plenty of talk-time even for those with plenty to catch up on. The 50% discount for Mother's Day is the latest innovative offer from Tpad as part of its campaign to cut the cost of VoIP calling.

Tpad also offers every customer a free VoIP number and has recently launched 13 new Break In numbers to allow people to call Tpad users through a normal phone while still enjoying Tpad's low call charges.

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MediaRing Adds Unlimited Free Calls to Three Hot Spots

logo_mediaring.jpegMediaRing Talk is offering an Unlimited Free calling promotion that has added three new destinations – Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. With these three new countries, MediaRing now extends its unlimited free calls to a total of eight key destinations globally.

Sign-up for free for MediaRing’s soft-phone based VoIP service at and you will be able to place unlimited free calls to:
  • Fixed lines to Australia, Taiwan and United Kingdom
  • Fixed / Mobile lines to Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and USA.
  • MediaRing Unlimited Free calls promotion to these eight destinations will end on April 30th 2007.
Similar to Skype, MediaRing Talk provides an intuitive soft-phone client. MediaRing Talk offers unlimited PC-to-PC calls worldwide along with instant text messaging, voice conferencing, text collaboration, and many more features. As with SkypeOut, MediaRing’s PC-to-Phone service offers highly competitive rates to call landline or mobile phones anywhere in the world.

For additional information, please refer to the Terms & Conditions of the promotion on their website –

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VoIPSupply and Vocalocity Team Up to Offer 500 Free Minutes

text-partnership.jpgVocalocity has announced a partnership with The partnership is designed to showcase Vocalocity's Hosted PBX product. This is the first partnership of its kind for both companies who hope to capitalize on the numerous small and medium size businesses converting toward VoIP.

Vocalocity is confident that if interested buyers have the opportunity to test the service, they will be hooked and ultimately convert into long-term Vocalocity customers. Through this unique offering with, interested buyers are offered 500 minutes of VocalocityPBX service with the purchase of one of the recommended IP phones.

David Politis, Vocalocity's Executive Vice President and GM, explains the goals of this partnership. "We hope to give the small business owner a chance to experience the benefits of a full featured Hosted PBX," says Politis. His confidence in the product echoes through his willingness to allow potential customers to test the service with no strings attached.
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New International Calling Rates by AT&T CallVantage

AT&T announced the ability to call internationally at even better values.

Subscribers of AT&T CallVantage Softphone service will receive exclusive new international rates — which are up to 75 percent less than the already low AT&T CallVantage service plan rates — to approximately 40 countries. For example, AT&T CallVantage Softphone customers can call the United Kingdom, Greece, Beijing and Germany each for 2 cents a minute; Mexico City, 3 cents a minute; and New Delhi, 11 cents a minute.

"We know how important it is for families to keep in touch, whether relatives live down the street or across the world," said Anthony Tuggle, vice president of AT&T Voice Services. "As AT&T continues to expand its consumer offerings to better compete in and outside our traditional local service area, consumers are rewarded with compelling value."
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International Wholesale Rates for Business from voip

VOIP - Internet Telephone announces the launch of their Enterprise grade International wholesale rate service. Aimed at saving businesses money and streamlining the billing process,'s new offering gives businesses a powerful new communication tool.

Companies that sign up for the service gain access to international long distance at wholesale rates; typically 30% - 70% less than traditional carriers charge. Flexible and non-restrictive,'s International wholesale rate service lets businesses take advantage of this cost saving solution without having to be locked into restrictive term or volume contracts. The service can be used from multiple locations by multiple users and provides robust, 24-7 customer support from a stateside call center in Valdosta, GA.
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Free Calling To China And Vietnam During Chinese New Year

Update: I received an email informing me that the Chinese New Year begins exactly at 9:00am U.S. PST on Feb. 18th for those in China and Vietnam. So now you can help celebrate the second it happens!

PingoPingo announces free calls to China and Vietnam from February 18 through March 4, 2007 to celebrate the Lunar New Year Festival season. Also known as Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival, the fifteen day period annually prompts the largest volume of travel and long-distance calling to those countries as Chinese and Vietnamese people worldwide honor the holiday’s traditional emphasis on family gatherings.

Pingo calls are carried over The iBasis Network -- the most extensive international Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network in existence – directly serving more than 100 countries and enabling customers to enjoy the cost-savings of Internet telephony while using regular fixed and mobile phones.

"Pingo can help families that are separated by many miles to stay close throughout the year by enabling them to call more often and talk longer," said Ofer Gneezy, president and CEO of iBasis. "Because of the efficiency of our network and our buying power as a leading wholesale carrier we’re able to offer this special incentive to encourage those with family in China or Vietnam to join them for the holidays, at least over the phone, and then continue saving with Pingo."
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Skype Rings in Chinese New Year with Free Calls

Update: The promotion link in this article is now live on the Skype site, sometimes news come faster than development it seems.

I just received an email about a new Skype promotion. "As the Chinese New Year is quickly approaching, Chinese ex-pats located in the U.S. and Canada will soon start calling China to wish their family and friends back home a Happy New Year."

This promotion might be so new that their link doesn't exist yet, so keep an eye out for it to be working soon hopefully. Anywho here's the lowdown on the promotion thanks Chaim for the heads up.

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, Skype announced that its users in the United States and Canada can make free calls to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, through March 8.

Launching today, the 8-8-8 promotion allows U.S. and Canada-based Skype users to redeem twenty-four minutes of SkypeOut credit to call landlines and mobile phones in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and wish friends and family abroad a Happy New Year. Such calls normally cost $.021 a minute plus a $.039 connection fee. Skype to Skype calls anywhere in the world remain free.
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Free Calls to Five Key Destinations from MediaRing

logo_mediaring.jpegContinuing its trend of giving customers fabulous offers, MediaRing Limited, the leading VoIP telephony service provider in Asia, is adding another spectacular promotion for the upcoming Lunar New Year. MediaRing is offering free calls to five key destinations -- Singapore, USA, Canada, China and the United Kingdom -- when you sign-up for its soft-phone based VoIP service at Sign-up is absolutely free!

During the months of February and March 2007, users of MediaRing Talk will enjoy free unlimited calls to:
  • Fixed/land and mobile lines to USA, Canada, China and Singapore
  • Fixed/land lines to the United Kingdom
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Efonica's Mobilink VoIP Service V-Day Promotion

efonica.jpgFusion announced it has reached an agreement with the Daily News in New York to promote its Efonica VoIP services via a Valentine's Day sweepstakes. One thousand winners will be selected to make a free Efonica call to a family member or loved one anywhere in the world using Efonica's recently launched Mobilink service.

The nine day promotion, which kicks off today, gives 1,000 Daily News readers selected at random from all sweepstakes entrants, the opportunity to call anywhere in the world for five minutes using Efonica from their home or mobile phones. The international demographics represented by the nearly 800,000 readers of the Daily News closely mirror Fusion's target market of consumers who communicate frequently with friends and family around the world.
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Blue Networks Offers Free VOIP Trials

Blue Networks announced general availability of its next-generation customer provisioning and control panel and began free VOIP trials.

"We're very excited about our latest addition to the stable of technologies here at Blue," said Stephen Misel, Director of Technology of Blue Networks, Inc. "Our next-generation customer control panel was designed from the ground-up to be powerful and easy to use," Misel added. Some of the features in the web-based system include balance notifications, phone number provisioning, SIP/IAX trunks, CDR and Channel support.

Free Trial
"We invite anyone with a need for SIP origination and termination services to sign up for our free VOIP trial and evaluate our technologies," said Jed Stafford, President of Blue Networks, Inc. Trial accounts are created immediately, and with no strings attached. "Potential customers are given ten minutes of US termination and access to Blue's customer tools, including the next-generation provisioning and control panel, to evaluate the services," Stafford said.

For information:

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VoIP Supply Lauches VoIP Hardware Affiliate Program

VoIP Supply announces the official launch of their VoIP Hardware affiliate program. The VoIP Supply affiliate program, which has been in a private beta stage since the beginning of November, is now open to any affiliate looking to capitalize on the growing VoIP hardware marketplace.

"VoIP Supply believes strongly that affiliate partners will be a key to the continued growth of our online sales," said Garrett Smith, Director of Business Development at VoIP Supply. "We have crafted the program, based on feedback from our beta affiliates, that offers generous commissions, dedicated account management, and promotions designed specifically for the affiliate channel. We are excited about the potential of the program and look forward to working closely with our current and future affiliate partners."
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Copilot Console with Free Long-Distance Calling Incentive

Verb Exchange has announced that it is offering a package of 100 free minutes of long distance calling to anywhere in the world with the Beta release of its CoPilot Console product. CoPilot has also been integrated with HüPad, a vertical search tool that returns a more relevant and efficient search result on the Web.

CoPilot Console is Verb’s proprietary desktop based application that allows users to place phone calls over the internet without the need for any specific hardware, effectively allowing users to make cheaper long distance calls without a VoIP device (phone or gateway). CoPilot eliminates the need to carry extra devices when traveling, allowing the user to capitalize on the cost effectiveness of VoIP while still utilizing their cell phone, or any land line, anywhere in the world. CoPilot also allows the user to send SMS (Short Message Service) text messages from their desktop.
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