Speakeasy Campaign to Show Customers How to Save by Switching to VoIP

speakeasy_logo.jpgSpeakeasy launched a campaign designed to show customers just how much they can save by switching to VoIP. With a tagline, "Cut your phone bill - not your morning coffee," Speakeasy is offering a Starbucks gift card to business customers who fax in their phone bill to determine how much they can save by switching to voice over IP services.
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Truphone Delivers New Monthly Flat Rate Calling Plan TruUnlimited

truphone_logo.jpgLow-cost calling just got lower with TruUnlimited, a robust, flat-rate, worry-free, calling plan announced by Truphone. People around the world can now call more places, both landlines and mobiles, more often - all for one, low, fixed price.

Using TruUnlimited, customers enjoy the freedom to make calls around the world, at any time of the day and on any day of the week, without worrying about mounting call charges. The customer is also always in control: TruUnlimited plans do not require customers to enter into long-term contracts and may be cancelled at any time
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Raketu VoIP Calls Up to 65% Savings Over Skype

raketu-logo.gifRaketu announces Raketu calling at rates at up to 65% lower than Skype, perfect for consumers and businesses alike. Raketu provides the most flexibility of calling with computer to computer, computer to phone, and phone to phone calls. Raketu users can even make calls directly from any browser, without a download, or from any SIP device connected to Raketu. And it's all available using Raketu's calling plans or at Raketu's ultra-low rates all from any device, anywhere in the world, mobile or desktop/laptop.
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Broadvox Launches ''SIP Trunking as You Are'' IP Man Adventure!

Broadvox launched a new IP Man adventure at www.IPManAdventures.com. This is #5 in the series of IP Man Adventure stories about the Broadvox superhero; this one features AudioCodes.

In this episode, a SMB somewhere in North America is feeling the crunch of the recession and wants to transition to SIP Trunking saving them up to 70% of their telecom costs. Their technician is unable to find a solution to the high cost of telecom because their equipment is not IP-enabled and there is no budget to purchase a new PBX. The company is doomed and locked into high cost TDM service and equipment!
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VoIP Provider Vyke Offers a Unique Promotion to Their Users

Vyke-logo.jpgVyke VOIP service provider, announces a unique life-time offer for all their users. This Diwali you can make calls free of cost to your near and dear ones back home using Vyke and get lucky to win a dinner and a photo shoot with the cricket legend Sourav Ganguly.

There are other fabulous prizes to be won, a signed cricket memorabilia and a $50 worth credit (10 hours of free talk time, PC to phone or mobile VoIP on Vyke) for 20 lucky winners. The process is quite simple and can be done in 3 easy steps.
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PhoneFusion Gives Olympic Travelers Relief from Roaming Charges

PhoneFusion_logo.jpgPhoneFusion is giving its customers traveling to China for the Summer Olympics one less thing to worry about. Using PhoneFusion One's cost-saving "Make-a-Call" feature, people can avoid paying their wireless carrier sky-high roaming charges that can be up to $2-3 per minute. Making calls from China to the U.S. using the PhoneFusion One service is significantly cheaper and easier than wireless services or pre-paid calling cards.

PhoneFusion One is an innovative service that provides people with an easy way to manage all of their daily communications. It fuses together phone, fax and data functionality on any device or carrier the user chooses. And when it comes to international calls, PhoneFusion One translates into significant cost savings. Using one of the major wireless carriers to place a five-minute call from Beijing to the U.S. could cost from $10-$12. With PhoneFusion One, this five-minute call would be less than 20 cents.
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BroadSoft Xtended Voice Mashup Contest

broadsoft_logo.jpgBroadSoft announces the BroadSoft Xtended Voice Mashup Contest to create telephony mashups that provide new, valuable services for businesses and consumers. Running through Sept. 2, the Xtended Voice Mashup Contest challenges Web 2.0 and telecom developers to combine the multitude of BroadWorks VoIP features with other applications, including customer relationship management, business collaboration and social networking. Telephony applications such as SMS, voicemail, fax and mobile clients also qualify for submission. Developers will have access to the Xtended Services Interface RESTful API during the contest.
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Pingo Reduces Rates on International Calling

PingoPingo announces rate reductions on fixed-line and mobile phone international calling to 70 countries by as much as 59 percent. The sweeping discounts are made possible by the scale efficiencies of iBasis, one of the top three carriers of international phone calls in the world. This enables Pingo to provide substantial savings on consumer and small business phone service to the more than 100 countries reached by iBasis.

Unlike traditional calling plans, prepaid calling cards, international calling cards and other VoIP services, Pingo allows consumers to purchase minutes on an as-needed basis and make calls from any fixed or mobile phone. Mobile phone users in particular can save as much as 90 percent through Pingo.
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Rebtel Maintains Free Calling Service Between 47 Countries

rebtel_logo.gifRebtel is staying true to itself, its roots, and its customers. Free mobile calling between 47 countries is alive and well at Rebtel. No strings attached. No restrictions. And, no compromise on quality. Rebtel was created to give consumers worldwide an alternative to mobile operators' outrageous charges for making international calls.

How Rebtel works
  • Rebtel gives people local phone numbers in their country that connect them directly with their friends, family or work colleagues who live abroad.
  • By making all calls local, people can call each other as often as they like and talk as long as they want, for little or nothing more than the cost of the local calls.
  • That means, for example, Rebtel gives someone living in San Francisco a local San Francisco phone number that connects them directly to their friend or family member in London, and Rebtel gives the person in London a local London phone number to reach their contact in San Francisco.
  • Smart Calls: Free between 47 countries
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101 Things You Can Do With Asterisk Contest

voipsupplylogo1.gifOver the last nine years Asterisk has emerged as world’s leading open source telephony engine and tool kit, however most people simply know it as an open source phone system.

In order to promote greater visibility as to the myriad of things that people can (and have) done with Asterisk, VoIP Supply has partnered with Digium to launch the “101 Things You Can Do With Asterisk Contest”.

Here are the pertinent details:

1. One contributor (at random) to the list of 101 things, will win a $1,500 VoIP Supply shopping spree sponsored by Digium and VoIP Supply.

2. To be eligible for the contest, one must simply post a use or application of Asterisk that they themselves (or someone they know has) actually done.

3. The contest is open until 101 unique uses or applications have been documented.

This not just an opportunity to pick-up some free some free hardware, but a great way to promote the open source community and find out all of the creative things people are doing with Asterisk.
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Raketu Extends VoIP Calling and Sms-texting Promotion

raketu-logo.gifRaketu will extend its free VoIP calling and sms-texting promotion. Consumers can take advantage of Raketu's free international calling and sms-texting promotion when they make a pre-payment. Users who pre-pay receive up to 1200 minutes (20 hours) international calling per month for 3 months to mobile and landline phones in locations in over 40 countries around the world -- this pre-payment is not a monthly fee, it is placed in the user's account to be used for pay-for services. In addition, pre-pay users will also receive 3 free sms-text messages per month for 3 months to send to anywhere in the world. Raketu currently has the lowest calling and sms-text rates to any location globally.
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AOL Free Phone Calls on Mother's Day Weekend; OH Wait 5 Dollars to Start

aim_online.jpgAs a special gift this Mother's Day weekend, AOL calls made using the AIM Call Out service on Saturday, May 10 and Sunday, May 11 will be free. Users must set up an AIM Call Out account and add at least $5 in non-refundable call credit to get started. Users can then make as many calls as they want to more than 200 countries and will still have $5 to spend at the end of the free calls weekend.

WHEN: Users can make free calls between 6 a.m. EDT on Saturday, May 10th and 4 a.m. EDT on Monday, May 12th.

HOW: Users must have a free AIM screenname and use version 6.5 or higher of the AIM service which can be downloaded for free at http://www.aim.com. Once users launch AIM they just click on the telephone icon at the base of the AIM Buddy List to get started.
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NobelCom Taking VoIP Consumer Products to Another Level

Nobel is striving to improve customer satisfaction with two new consumer programs. Nobel's new "Initial order discount" and "Corporate Account" programs add more innovative benefits for its customer base.

"Initial order discount" is aimed at new customers that sign up with Nobelcom, the phone card provider or EnjoyPrepaid, the calling card store. They will receive a gift in the form of a discount for the first order placed on either of the two websites.

"Corporate Accounts" program is the perfect solution for any business in need of long distance services. The "Corporate Accounts" program is available at EnjoyPrepaid.com and offers a 3% discount to not-for-profit organizations.

Nobel's various additions coupled with its advanced technologies and customer support have made it one of the fastest growing VoIP providers online. These achievements have been recognized by two of the most prestigious publications, Inc. 500 Magazine and Kiplinger's.

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Ifbyphone Unleashes 'Phone Mashups' with 1 Million Free Minutes of Phone Time

ifbyphone_logo.pngIfbyphone is offering up to 1 million minutes in free phone time per month and a new Facebook phone application to demonstrate to developers the power of phone mashups to connect the Web to voice applications.

“Phone mashups” are Web applications that combine data from more than one source into a single integrated tool accessed from any phone.

Speaking at the eComm2008 Conference being held at the Computer History Museum here this week, Shapiro said: “Phone mashups unleash the power of all phones, from your mobile phone to your landline to your VOIP phone, even old-fashioned rotary-dial phones. That means owners of small- and medium-sized businesses with no knowledge of computers can have their phones ring from the Web. Ifbyphone launches conversation starters that lead to sales.”
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Free Lifetime Monthly Service for Packet8 MobileTalk Charter Subscribers

8x8, Inc.Packet8 is offering a limited quantity of free, lifetime monthly service plans for early subscribers of the Packet8 MobileTalk mobile international calling service. Effective immediately, this special first come, first served offer entitles any residential or business customer who signs up for a MobileTalk account to free activation and monthly service, a savings of $9.99 plus $9.99 per month for new Packet8 subscribers and $4.99 per month for existing subscribers, for the life of their MobileTalk subscription. These customers can simply download the MobileTalk application onto their cell phone at no charge and pay no recurring monthly service fees other than low per-minute rates associated with the overseas destination of their calls.
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