Vonage Cash Back Offer Puts More Money and More Minutes in Your Pocket

vonage_logo.gifVonage has utilized VoIP technology to drastically reduce the amount of overhead small companies and regular consumers are required to pay for basic communication. Now is the time to get in at the ground level, when prices are low and companies like Vonage-Promotions.com are offering attractive cash-back incentives.

A Truly Global Solution
Vonage communications recently unveiled the Vonage World Plan, which offers free, unlimited long-distance calling to more than 60 countries world-wide. More information on the plan that is blowing away the competition can be found at Vonage-Promotions.com. Vonage-Promotions.com offers all Vonage services plans, including the wildly popular Vonage World Plan, which includes features like:
  • Unlimited calling internationally to countries like Canada, Mexico, India, China and many more.
  • Free activation and shipping for a limited time
  • Free phone adapter (equipment required for Vonage service)
  • Phone number portability, so you can retain your old phone number
Vonage-Promotions.com also includes a helpful savings analysis tool which can quickly help you identify exactly how much cash the Vonage service will save you. Those who will quickly recognize the incredible flexibility and savings Vonage offers are groups like: international businesses trying to operate across borders and open up new investment arenas, immigrants and refugees who struggle to remain connected across international borders, academics and college students who spend time abroad, and overseas deployed military personnel and their families.

Using Innovative Technology to Save Consumers Cash
Vonage-Promotions.com is quick to point out that using VoIP technology, or Voice Over Internet Protocol from providers like Vonage only gains you advantages and convenience. You don’t have to give up any of your favorite features like call-waiting, voice-mail, or caller ID. In addition, Vonage service can be utilized to enhance features you already enjoy, and give you access to features that a standard telephone company cannot provide. For example, your call forwarding with Vonage will send the call to up to five different numbers. With Vonage service, voice-mails can be forwarded as emails or text messages. And, perhaps most attractive to international businesses, Virtual Numbers can be set up, which allow a customer to dial a US number to reach an international branch or help desk.

Because VoIP technology uses a broadband internet connection to communicate, its overhead is remarkably low, allowing providers like Vonage to offer services at unbeatable prices. For example, the Vonage World Plan is currently being offered at Vonage-Promotions.com for $14.99 a month for the first 6 months, and then a mere $25.99 for continuing service, with a required one year commitment.

Cash-Back Promotion for a Limited Time
Vonage-Promotions.com is also offering a limited time $30 cash-back offer for customers who take advantage of the Vonage services, (including the Vonage World Plan) from their website. An official at Vonage-Promotions.com said earlier today, “Everyone knows that trying new things can be a little risky. What we’re hoping to achieve with this cash-back offer is a way of interesting customers in a telephone plan that is literally almost too good to be true. With this cash back offer, we’re offering to effectively pay your phone bill for two months…that’s how confident we are you will love Vonage Phone Service." The $30 Vonage cash back offer ends May 10, 2010. In a market where money talks - literally- consumers now have a lot more say.

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