VoxOx In Business Supports Art San Diego Contemporary Art Fair with VoIP Phone Services Donation

voxox_logo2.pngVoxOx and VoxOx In Business announce that the company is donating hosted VoIP phone services and phone equipment to this year’s Art San Diego event – the largest art fair in San Diego, held annually around Labor Day weekend. The art fair donation is being provided through the company’s VoxOx In Business division, which offers a variety of VoIP business phone solutions for small and medium-sized companies.

“We are proud to support Art San Diego and its mission to foster the arts and culture in our community,” said Bryan Hertz, CEO of Telcentris. “We hope that by providing VoxOx In Business phone services for the duration of the fair, we will enable organizers and supporters to enhance their communication experience, as well as contribute to the event running smoothly.”

Hosted VoIP business phone systems are ideal for event-oriented organizations, such as Art San Diego, because they are designed for mobility. With its hosted VoIP offerings, VoxOx In Business is able to provide a state-of-the-art phone system quickly and without any equipment installation— all the equipment a business needs is configured IP phones, which can be moved to any location in the world and plugged in wherever there is an Internet connection.

“We’re excited to have VoxOx In Business as our telephony partner at this year’s fair,” said executive director, Ann Berchtold. “Last year we did not have a dedicated phone services provider, so we look forward to reaping the benefits of our enhanced communication capabilities at the event.”

Art San Diego’s Contemporary Art Fair (formerly Beyond the Border International Contemporary Art Fair) was inaugurated in 2009 and boasts more than 50 galleries showcasing 2,000+ artworks, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, videos, and cutting-edge multimedia. The Fair includes a guest speakers, city-wide cultural programs, and exclusive wine and food events. This year’s fair will be held at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel, September 1-4, 2011. Learn more about Art San Diego at artsandiego-fair.com.

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