Pervasip Releases Prepaid "Pay And Go" Subscription-free Calling Plan

vox_communications_logo.jpgPervasip introduced a new international calling plan, which can be downloaded via its Android mobile voice app available in Google Play. The subscription-free plan called "Pay And Go" can be topped up with amounts as little as one dollar and enables calling anywhere in the world without paying a monthly subscription fee.

"This development allows us to market our mobile VoIP services to prepaid calling card users, mobile wallet users, international carriers and international consumers that want to have the convenience and savings of having a second phone line on their mobile device," said Chief Marketing Officer, Barry MacCheyne.

"Consumers no longer have to pay a fixed monthly fee to make low-cost mobile phone calls," continued MacCheyne. "With our VoX mobile Pay And Go app, they can decide how much money to add to their account, and they can call any country in the world. Unlike other mobile phone companies, which make you buy monthly minutes that you may not use, our Pay And Go app delivers low rates without locking consumers into minimum monthly plans."

The VoX Android app has been given many significant upgrades including low balance warning, account balance and audio notification to the subscriber of the amount of calling left under the plan. It also has a "Top Up Now" button for quick and easy replenishment of an account.

A VoX user can subscribe entirely on the phone and choose a U.S. phone number without leaving the interface, which makes the sign up process more elegant than many competitors. The mobile VoIP paid plans are a low cost of entry for a high quality and reliable mobile VoIP service offering. New subscribers can download the app for a free 60-minute trial and make calls to any country on the unlimited calling list or sign up for the "Pay And Go" plan for as little as a dollar, literally a "pay as you go" plan with no monthly subscription fees.

The VoX Mobile VoIP Android App can be viewed or downloaded here:

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