JAJAH Cuts the Cords With "NO HEADSET" Campaign

jajah_logo.bmpJAJAH announces its "No Headset" campaign and Web site, using the slogan "If You Liked Skype, You'll Love JAJAH." The "Skype alternative" campaign is designed to make the public aware that there is no better way to make free and low-cost global and long-distance calls than with JAJAH.

JAJAH is rewarding users who try the service and switch with official über-cool, "No Headset" wear if they creatively dispose of their existing computer headset. Headset-weary visitors can go to www.noheadset.com to watch the videos and get program details.

"JAJAH is revolutionary because it lets you make free and low-cost global calls using your everyday mobile or landline phone," said Roman Scharf, JAJAH co-founder. "Services like Skype require headsets, software downloads and sometimes other technical equipment, making them way too hard for the everyday consumer to use."

Recently infused with strong investments from Intel and Deutsche Telecom, JAJAH is positioned to revolutionize how people make calls. Companies like Skype were able to offer free and low-cost calling to users, but required downloads, headsets, broadband or a Wi-fi connection -- while JAJAH doesn't require any of that. With JAJAH you can initiate a call from your desktop and just walk away, or you can even make free global calls right from your mobile.

"Don't get us wrong, we love Skype for what they've done to advance the world of communication," said Scharf. "We share a common vision of making the world a better place by bringing friends and family together at a price they can afford. We are simply taking what Skype has done to the next level and bringing it to a new group of non-technical users. If you can do a Google search, you can now make a JAJAH VoIP call, it's that easy."

Callers can try JAJAH today by visiting www.jajah.com. Users simply enter their cell or landline phone number along with the number they wish to call and JAJAH does the rest, connecting both parties. JAJAH calls are generally free between registered JAJAH users for up to 30 minutes a day to the most called places on Earth. And when they are not free, they are ultra low-cost.

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