New Features Added to VoIPAlarm 2

NextAlarm announces two major new security features for its VoIPAlarm 2 IP alarm signal transmission platform. VoIPAlarm 2 is centered around the VoIPAlarm ABN adapter, an IP communicator which connects to any Contact ID compatible alarm system. Signals from the alarm system are received by VoIPAlarm over broadband Internet, and retransmitted over PSTN phone lines or IP to the central station of the alarm installer's choice. VoIPAlarm 2 is intended as a low-cost, high-reliability alternative to cellular dialers, proprietary IP communicators, and other solutions to the growing number of end users who do not have the traditional phone service required by most alarm systems.
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NextAlarm Adds 10 Digit Contact ID Support to VoIPAlarm 2 announces that support for ten-digit Contact ID reporting has been added to its VoIPAlarm 2 IP alarm signal transmission platform. The addition greatly increases the viability of VoIPAlarm 2 as an alternative to existing IP-compatible alarm dialers, especially for alarm installers whose central stations require ten-digit account numbers.

VoIPAlarm requires the addition of a competitively priced VoIPAlarm adapter, which is connected to the alarm main control panel using its existing phone wiring. VoIPAlarm charges a flat monthly fee for unlimited retransmission of alarm signals to the central station of the alarm installer's choice.
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VoIP Communication's Protected by Secure Computing's Sidewinder

TeleCents Communications has deployed Secure Computing Sidewinder to provide security for their traditional telecom as well as VoIP services. TeleCents required one device to protect their entire enterprise gateway, and Sidewinder's powerful, scaleable solution included all the components necessary for the secure exchange of both traditional data and VoIP calls across open networks.

TeleCents Communications recently chose to implement the SIP application to strengthen their VoIP offering. But with that implementation, potential security vulnerabilities increased dramatically, making an increased level of gateway security essential. VoIP risks are perhaps the best-kept secret on the Internet. Blinded by the promise of reduced costs and flashy features, VoIP deployments forge ahead despite millions in losses due to VoIP fraud and the growing trend of hackers using VoIP as a back door into enterprise networks. It is for these reasons that VoIP security is essential.
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NextAlarm Announces New IP-based VoIPAlarm 2 announces VoIPAlarm 2 the latest revision of its Internet-based alarm signal transmission service. Using patented Alarm Broadband Network technology and sold through NextAlarm's brand, VoIPAlarm 2 allows standard telephone-based Contact ID alarm systems to send signals via broadband Internet, even if no telephone line is present. The alarm signals are received at the VoIPAlarm central servers, then retransmitted to the central station of the dealer's choice.
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Report Finds VOIP Services Susceptible to Major Attacks Through SIP

paper.gifThe flexibility and openness of SIP have made it a key building block for VOIP services, but SIP also makes carrier and enterprise VOIP networks vulnerable to crippling attacks that could bring services down for days, according to the latest report published by Light Reading's VOIP Services Insider, a subscription research service from CMP's Light Reading.

SIP & VOIP: The Coming Security Crisis explores the vulnerabilities of VOIP networks to outside attacks and surveys available SIP security solutions, examining likely geographic expansion and providing an in-depth evaluation of the technology relative to its competition. It examines factors that vendors should address to promote growth, including technological and marketing issues. Additionally, it offers a detailed case study and provides a comparative analysis of some of the top companies in the SIP security arena
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VoIP Supply Launches IP Camera Supply

voipsupply_logo.gifVoIP Supply launches, an Internet Retailer of IP/CCTV surveillance and recording hardware including, IP Cameras, Digital Video Recorders, Network Video Recorders and CCTV systems. is VoIP Supply’s first entrance into the IP/CCTV surveillance and recording marketplace and the third Internet Retailer they have launched over the past three years. This announcement comes on the heels of VoIP Supply’s recent nomination to the Inc 500 list of fastest growing privately held companies in America.
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Sipera VIPER Lab Reveals Vonage VoIP Security Vulnerabilities

Sipera VIPER Lab disclosed multiple threat advisories for users of VoIP services and equipment from Vonage, Globe7 and Grandstream. Among other threats, unwitting VoIP users face eavesdropping, spam, spoofing and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. Full details on these vulnerabilities are posted as an educational security service to Sipera's customers and the general public at
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Global Crossing Selects Empirix for VoIP Service Monitoring

GC_logo_home.jpgEmpirix announces that Global Crossing has selected its Hammer XMS to monitor and test call quality on Global Crossing's global IP-based network. Global Crossing offers its enterprise and carrier customers a highly reliable worldwide network, designed for the convergence of voice, video and data. The company sought a partner that could help it ensure the highest levels of VoIP quality. Based on Global Crossing's commitment to customer satisfaction, it had the following VoIP monitoring and quality assurance requirements:
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Sipera Secures $10 Million to Further Advance VoIP/UC Security

Sipera Systems announces it has secured Series C funding of $10 million. The round was led by Duchossois Technology Partners, and includes a full participation by existing investors Austin Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and STAR Ventures. The funding brings Sipera's total amount raised to $29.5 million, and will help the company expand sales and support into other geographies; deliver more advanced real- time VoIP/UC security capabilities for the Sipera IPCS product line; and increase the VoIP vulnerability consulting services from Sipera VIPER Lab.
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Webinar on VoIP Monitoring and Performance

More than any other type of application, VoIP quality of experience demands optimal network performance. NetQoS will address this topic during a live Q&A Webinar titled Getting a Grip on VoIP, to be held on Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2007, at noon EDT. During the free event, a panel of VoIP experts will discuss the most pressing VoIP monitoring and performance issues across the network, including:
  • How is VoIP different from other applications on the network?
  • How can IT professionals measure users' VoIP quality of experience?
  • Why is it as important to measure call setup as it is to measure call quality?
  • Does adding bandwidth solve all VoIP performance issues?
  • What other network metrics impact VoIP call quality?
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VoIPAlarm Receiver Allows Monitoring and Two-Way Voice over Broadband announces the release of the VoIPAlarm Receiver. The VoIPAlarm Receiver allows any alarm central station or response center to utilize NextAlarm's patent-pending Alarm Broadband Network technology for transmission and delivery of alarm signals via the Internet.

"With the vast and still growing number of homes and businesses that have switched to Voice-Over-IP phone service or digital phone lines, central stations are finding that they can no longer receive alarms reliably," said NextAlarm CEO Alex Elliot. "The new receiver uses our proven technology to solve the VoIP problem. The price, for both the central station and the end user, is very economical, right in line with why people are switching to VoIP in the first place."
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Keep Your VoIP Phone Number with Phone Number Bank

RNK has expedited expansion of its recently launched Phone Number Bank service into 80 additional markets nationwide. Phone Number Bank is a solution that enables consumers to keep or “bank” their phone numbers for as long as they want. In response to questions about how consumers can maintain more ownership of their phone numbers, which prior to PNB were never really “their” numbers, Richard Koch, President and CEO of RNK Communications, states, “Until now, your phone number never really belonged to you. It was part of the phone network and was just a routing mechanism to make your land line or cell phone ring when someone called what they believed to be “your” number.
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Sipera to Debut VoIP-to-Data Exploit at Black Hat USA 2007

Sipera VIPER Lab will demonstrate a VoIP exploit that allows hackers to take control and delete or steal data from a laptop running an enterprise VoIP softphone, at the Black Hat USA 2007 conference. The demonstration will also show that fully deployed, traditional data security is not adequate to protect data from a real-time, VoIP communications attack.

Sipera VIPER Lab will also review various WiFi/dual-mode phone threats as part of its "Vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi/Dual-Mode VoIP Phones" presentation, which will take place within the Voice Services Security track on August 1st at 4:45 p.m. Black Hat briefings bring together the best minds from government agencies and global corporations with the most respected independent researchers and hackers. The Black Hat invitation to present reflects both peer recognition of Sipera's leadership in VoIP and Unified Communications security, and increasing awareness of VoIP/UC vulnerabilities and exploits.
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Peter Cox on VoIP Security Threats

Voice over IP (VoIP) promises many benefits, but moving the phone service to an IP network can expose that service to a number of serious threats. This 10 minute podcast looks at just some of these threats.
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VoIP Security to be Addressed on TechForum LIVE!

Lancope and Foundry Networks announce they will participate in the TechForum LIVE! weekly radio show for IT professionals on Friday, June 8, from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. E.T. Lancope’s Chief Technology Officer, Adam Powers, joins Foundry Networks’ Director of Product Marketing, Gary Hemminger, to provide insight on the show topic, “Making the Call: Is Your Network Secure Enough for VoIP?” Todd Terbeek, Vice President of Lockdown Networks, the leading provider of Network Access Control solutions that ensure all users and devices on the network comply with security policies, will also participate in the discussion.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology places significant demands on network infrastructure and network security. Lancope's StealthWatch System benefits both network and security administrators with an integrated platform that leverages network intelligence for both parties. A comprehensive offering, StealthWatch unifies and optimizes behavior-based anomaly detection and network operations to protect critical information assets and ensure network performance for VoIP by preventing costly downtime, repair and loss of reputation resulting from malicious Internet behavior. Foundry Networks unlocks the value in a converged network by offering a set of VoIP-ready networking solutions that deliver uninterrupted service quality, reliability, security and compatibility for a variety of IP-based phones, video and converged desktop applications. Lockdown Networks integrates knowledge of user, location, external events and device “health” to automate access policy decisions on VoIP networks.
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