WiMAX, Wi-Fi, VoIP and Security in One Box

This week at WiMAX World in Boston, ZyXEL Communications Inc., a leading provider of secure broadband networking, Internet connectivity and routing products, will announce the latest addition to their WiMAX product line with the MAX-200H and MAX-300 broadband gateway customer premise equipment (CPE). ZyXEL is the first to market with an all-in-one solution based on the IEEE802.16e-2005 standard that combines WiMAX, Wi-Fi, VoIP and security in a single box.
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Skype Patches VoIP Vulnerability for Mac OS X

Skype has patched a critical vulnerability in the Mac OS X edition of its flagship VoIP client that could be used by attackers to grab control of a user's computer.

The flaw, which Skype rated as "high" and Danish vulnerability tracker Secunia pegged as "highly critical," is in how the Internet telephony application processes Web addresses. According to the Skype security advisory, an attacker could create a malformed URL, then send that to a Skype user who, after clicking on the link, would either see Skype crash or have his Mac hijacked.
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Worm Strikes Yahoo! Messenger Users

Research experts at FaceTime Security Labs, the threat research division of IM and greynet security leader FaceTime Communications, have discovered a new threat targeting Yahoo! Messenger users, known as the w32.KMeth worm. The new threat sends users to a Web site serving a barrage of Google AdSense advertisements related to mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. Because of its relation to toxic tort litigation, the cost-per-click for the keyword "mesothelioma" is one of the highest in the online advertising pay-per-click market, making it a prime target for financially-motivated malware writers. Systems are set up by these cyber-rogues to funnel traffic through illicit means, generating clicks on high-paying keywords to produce higher returns on established advertising commissions.
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Recognized for Leadership in Voice and Security

TippingPoint, a division of 3Com and the leader in intrusion prevention, announced that its Director of Security Research David Endler has been granted the Shaping Information Security Award from Info Security Products Guide, one of the leading publications on security-related technologies. Endler is also recognized in this month’s issue of Internet Telephony magazine as one of the "Top 100 Voices of IP Communications."
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Secure VoIP SIP Client Software Development Kit

M5T, the leading provider of software solutions for secure real-time multimedia communications over IP, announced that M5T and Global IP Sound (GIPS) has teamed up to leverage their industry expertise to develop a comprehensive and portable Secure VoIP SIP Client Software Development Kit.
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VoIP Security Research Partnership

The Georgia Tech Information Security Center announced it is creating a partnership with BellSouth and Internet Security Systems to explore security surrounding the emerging Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. As communication services migrate to Internet-based platforms, it is important that the security and dependability users expect in the current public switched networks be maintained with these new converged technologies. At the GTISC VoIP Security Summit held in April 2005, GTISC initiated a dialogue with security and telecommunications industry leaders, including ISS and BellSouth, to proactively address security associated with this emerging technology.
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uControl Launches New Home Security Service

uControl launched its next-generation home security service that provides redundant connectivity and better security at a lower price for the more than 26 million U.S. homeowners who want more from their existing, installed alarm system. uControl demonstrated the product for the first time today at the DEMOfall '06 conference in San Diego.

The Austin-based company is the first to offer an enhanced home security service that connects to existing, installed alarm systems and communicates over three redundant connections - broadband, cellular and phone lines. In addition to delivering always-on connectivity and real-time security, uControl enables people to control and monitor their alarm system from the Web or from their cell phones - anywhere, anytime.
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TippingPoint Wins 2006 Global Product Excellence Award

TippingPoint, a division of 3Com and the leader in intrusion prevention, announced Info Security Products Guide, one of the leading publications on security-related technologies, has named the TippingPoint X505 the winner of the Global Excellence in Integrated Security Appliance Customer Trust 2006 Award. More than 18,000 end users and prospective customers worldwide were invited to vote for the awards.
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VoIP Security Expert to Preview ''Hacking Exposed: VoIP''

SecureLogix Corporation announced that its Chief Technology Officer, Mark Collier, will be speaking at Black Hat USA 2006, a leading computer network security conference. Mr. Collier's presentation will preview some of the research findings set for release later this year in an upcoming book entitled "Hacking Exposed: VoIP" from publisher McGraw-Hill. Mr. Collier is co-authoring the book and co-presenting at Black Hat with David Endler, director of security research at 3Com and chairman of the Voice over IP Security Alliance (VOIPSA). The presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, August 2, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the Palace Ballroom 2 in Caesars Palace.
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Black Hat USA 2006 Conference

TippingPoint, a division of 3Com, announced that its security experts will be speaking and delivering training at the Black Hat USA 2006 Conference. Known for providing new and exclusive research from the top technologists in the world, this conference continues to achieve the mission of mixing the best minds of the computer underground with the world's leading security professionals. The conference will take place at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Briefings will occur on August 2 and 3 whereas training sessions begin July 29 and end on August 1.
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Vishing Evolves In The Scam Ecosystem using VoIP

Consumers are being alerted to a new form of phishing known as vishing. Malicious attempts by cybercrooks to obtain other people's personal information have moved from bulk e-mail spam to voip internet phone calls. Although Secure Computing Corporation warned of this exploit over a year ago, the scam has only recently been implemented.
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AT&T Ensures Network Uptime for ISS

AT&T Inc. announced a three-year contract with Internet Security Systems, Inc. (ISS) to upgrade its network infrastructure.

ISS, a pre-emptive enterprise security firm, was an early adopter of AT&T's Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology in 2004. The new contract will extend AT&T MPLS services to ISS locations throughout the U.S., Europe and the Asia Pacific region. ISS will further leverage the network upgrade to add more company locations in the coming years.
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Protection for Two Asterisk Vulnerabilities

Internet Security Systems, Inc., the worldwide leader in preemptive, enterprise security, announced that its X-Force research and development team has discovered and provided protection for ISS customers from two vulnerabilities in the Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol version 2 (IAX2). The vulnerabilities, if exploited, could lead to complete denial of office telephone or Internet services in environments where Asterisk private branch exchange (PBX) is in use.
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New VoIP Based Phishing Scam

Secure Computing Corporation, the experts in securing connections between people, applications and networks, warn that familiar phishing attacks have now evolved into phone scams. Secure Computing engineers have been tracking news group sites and open disclosure discussion groups that have been buzzing with talk about a new technique called "vishing." This new method exploits the low cost of VoIP and combines it with the social engineering aspects of phishing to extract financial information from unsuspecting credit card and banking customers.
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SIP Peering from Cantata, NexTone & Pactolus

Cantata Technology, NexTone Communications and Pactolus Communications Software Corporation announced that LatiNode, a rapidly growing global facilities-based VoIP service provider, is successfully leveraging their integrated solutions to achieve unprecedented service turn-up in terms of speed, simplicity, security and economy via SIP peering.
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