WatchGuard Teams with Mitel

WatchGuard Technologies will provide next-generation firewall appliances for businesses using Mitel unified communications solutions. By doing so, businesses gain superior VoIP protection for their award-winning Mitel UC solutions, as well as their corporate networks, applications and data.

All WatchGuard XTM security appliances provide unparalleled VoIP protection, which is critical in securing business UC environments. Specifically by having SIP and H.323 proxy protection, WatchGuard XTM appliances protect against a multitude of VoIP threats, including denial of service attacks, spam over Internet telephony (SPIT), voice service theft, registration hijacking, eavesdropping, directory harvesting, voice phishing (vishing) and more.
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NextAlarm Announces Streamlined Interface for VoIPAlarm Broadband Alarm Conversion

NextAlarm announces a complete overhaul of its VoIPAlarm platform. VoIPAlarm, in operation for several years, is a product that upgrades most alarm systems to send signals over broadband Internet, even if they were built to use only standard telephone lines. The enhancements to the platform are designed to enhance usability and streamline operation, and will speed up installations for alarm dealers using the product.

VoIPAlarm was designed as a solution for alarm dealers and monitoring services losing customers due to the advent of Voice-over-Internet Protocol, or VoIP, telephone services. The majority of alarm systems installed in homes and businesses today are unable to communicate over VoIP, as they were designed with the specific tolerances and DTMF ranges of standard PSTN phone lines. VoIPAlarm allows these alarm systems to communicate over broadband with the addition of a single, inexpensive adapter, called the alarm broadband adapter. The adapter also works to re-enable alarm signaling in locations that have disconnected their phone lines entirely, such as homes whose residents have switched to using cell phones.
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Sipera Systems and Future Com Partner to Secure Enterprise Unified Communications

sipera_logo.jpgSipera Systems announces a partnership to better secure enterprise UC. Future Com has joined Sipera's Reseller Program as a Gold Tier Reseller, and is working with a major aviation industry customer, updating its security infrastructure to include UC, using best practice recommendations from Sipera and Future Com.

Sipera's UC-Sec appliances proactively address security risks associated with UC applications such as VoIP, instant messaging, IP video and collaboration tools, enabling government agencies and enterprise customers to adopt UC applications and apply comprehensive security. Sipera's groundbreaking "Borderless UC" architecture enables all communications to be encrypted and compliant on any UC device, at any internal and external location.
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Sipera Systems' Solutions Streamline, Simplify VoIP Security for Payment Card Privacy Compliance

sipera_logo.jpgSipera Systems announced its innovative VoIP security solutions enable rapid and simple compliance with new guidance issued by the industry council for payment card privacy.

Earlier this month, the PCI Security Standards Council issued new guidance to protect credit card and payment card information in telephone-based transactions, including VoIP. The guidance advises businesses that handle credit cards to ensure the privacy and encryption of VoIP communications carrying cardholder data, and to control archiving and monitoring of these communications in compliance with PCI Data Security Standard rules.

Sipera's award-winning security appliance solution provides comprehensive application-layer security for VoIP, enabling an enterprise to implement these important security controls simply and easily.
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Sipera Systems Highlights Simplified Enterprise Smartphone Security at Enterprise Connect 2011 in Orlando

sipera_logo.jpgSipera Systems will be conducting live demonstrations of its SLiC smartphone security system at the Enterprise Connect 2011 conference in Orlando, February 28 - March 2, 2011.

The company also announced SLiC's integration with CounterPath's Bria iPhone Edition application, a SIP-based phone for Apple iPhone and iPod touch that uses Wi-Fi or 3G connections to make and receive calls.

Sipera will be conducting the demonstrations in its Gaylord Palms Convention Center booth, #628, Cisco booth #1009, and Presidio Networked Solutions booth #1037.
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Filed in:  |  |  | Announces the Successful Beta Test Completion of Its Antivirus Program for the Google Android Smartphones announces the successful completion of Beta Testing of its new antivirus program for Google Android smartphones. With VoIP-Pal's antivirus program, smartphone users can be protected against spyware and viruses such as Trojans and worms, and tools will be made available to reduce the risk of lost and stolen handheld smartphones. VoIP-Pal's antivirus program will be supported on Google Android 1.6, 2.1 and 2.2.
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CyberData Releases the VoIP Indoor Keypad Intercom with Night Ringer

CyberData Corporation announces the release of the highly anticipated VoIP Indoor Keypad Intercom with Night Ringer, available in flush or wall mount versions.

The Keypad Intercom, next in the line of SIP intercom devices which includes the Outdoor, Emergency and Indoor Intercoms, combines the functions of the current line of intercoms with a 12-key keypad that has programmable speed dial and provides local and remote secure door lock control.
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Kryptos Launches Military Grade Voice Encryption App for iPhone Available on iTunes

Kryptos has launched a new iPhone application named Kryptos available for immediate download on iTunes for only $4.99. Kryptos utilizes 256 bit AES military grade encryption to encrypt voice communications between users while using 1024 bit RSA encryption during the symmetric key exchange.

Kryptos is a Secure Voice Over IP application. The product provides VoIP connectivity for secure calls over several networks including 3G, 4G and WiFi. As the access to cellular phones and mobile devices has evolved so has the propensity for security threats in regards to interception of calls made and received. Most people are not aware of how simple it is for hackers to use readily available tools, devices, etc., to intercept standard cellular calls.
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On-Demand Webinars: E911 Solutions for VoIP and UC Deployments

911enable_logo.jpgThe webinars from 911 Enable's recently concluded E911 Solutions for VoIP and UC Deployments webinar series are now available for download "on-demand." They cover how IP telephony impacts E911, and provide in-depth information about how 911 Enable's products and services integrate with today's leading IP-PBX vendors. To learn more, download the webinar PowerPoint presentations or recordings here.
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Redscan Publishes a Free Guide on Combating VOIP Security Threats

VOIP technology is becoming increasingly popular as businesses seek to provide employees with latest telephony services, connect remote workers and keep costs under control, but the associated security threats must be recognised and guarded against, according to a new guide from managed security company, Redscan.

The guide, Securing Voice Over IP systems/a> sets out the major security risks that businesses which use VOIP systems and software can encounter.
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Ingate Bundles Free SIP IDS/IPS Security Module with Firewall, SIParator Enterprise SBCs

ingate_logo.gifIngate announces that Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System solutions for SIP are now bundled as a free software module on Ingate Firewall and Ingate SIParator products. Firewalls and SIParators already in use can be upgraded for free.

With IP attacks to steal VoIP service a genuine threat, weak passwords still providing an opportunity for malicious activity and the potential for overloading VoIP systems a possibility, IDS/IPS has become a crucial security measure for enterprise deployments of SIP. Ingate is giving its SIP IDS/IPS module to all users of Ingate Firewalls and SIParators to protect against attacks targeting SIP devices, such as IP-PBXs. IDS/IPS works in tandem with Ingate's existing security technologies, further strengthening security for VoIP, SIP trunking, Unified Communications and other SIP applications.
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Cellcrypt Launches Secure Mobile Phone Conference Calling

cellcrypt_logo.jpgCellcrypt has launched a secure conference service that provides both device authentication and voice call encryption to participants using popular mobile phones like BlackBerry and Nokia smartphones.

Organisations depend on conference calls to run their daily operations and often discuss confidential and highly sensitive information on calls such as sales, supplier and executive management meetings, intellectual property discussions, high value business deal talks, crisis management calls or even discussions concerning disaster scenarios and national security.
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Report: VoIP Cyber-Security Risks Predicted to Raise Insurance Rates

paper.gifSpurred by the lure of low cost, the unregulated and unprotected Internet–based telephone services are expected to produce major insurance losses according to a report issued by NJ-based telephone technology development and licensing company, Emerson Development.

The report, “VoIP Security Review: Insurance”, states that the discount VoIP telephone service, which is rapidly being adopted in the U.S. and throughout the world, is causing a shift from the reliable, secure traditional telephone network now in use, to an Internet environment of extreme risk.
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Verizon Global Wholesale Boosts Functionality and Security for Selected VoIP Services

Verizon FreedomVerizon Global Wholesale is now offering additional functionality for three of its product platforms, providing voice-over-Internet-protocol customers with a secure connection for transmitting information over the Internet and other public networks.

This new functionality enables the product platforms -- SIP Gateway Service, Advanced Toll Free IP Termination and Carrier IP Termination Transport -- to share a single, secure virtual private network connection called an IP Security tunnel. Currently, Verizon is the only major provider offering this connection, which provides additional security during call setup. Because IPSec is an industry standard and supported by most major equipment vendors, there is no need to create vendor-specific security protocols.
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Cellcrypt Launches Secure Mobile-to-Office Voice Calling

cellcrypt_logo.jpgCellcrypt launches Cellcrypt Enterprise Gateway which enables business executives to securely call office desk phones from their cell phone. The solution is aimed at senior executives travelling to hostile countries where phone interception is widespread.

In addition, mobile executives can securely access standard office telephony features – such as voicemail, conference calls and calling out to the public telephone network – allowing them to seamlessly continue their normal business routine when abroad assured that confidential corporate and personal information is kept private.
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