uControl Can Help Protect Your Family

uControl announces an open to the public promotion offering a risk-free, 30-day trial of their home security service. As families are gearing up for summer vacations, now is the time to upgrade your home security to a service that offers additional protection for the entire family.

uControl can also monitor everyday events that typical security systems can not be configured to detect. This enables homeowners to track important events like knowing that family members come home when expected or that a neighbor is taking care of the home while the family is on vacation. uControl is accessible from any Internet-connected computer, cell phone or PDA, providing 24/7 access to information about the safety and everyday activities of the family. uControl's technology is compatible with broadband, cell-phone only and VoIP households.

In addition to the traditional home security offerings, uControl sends notifications to designated contacts using virtually any communication format, including e-mail, SMS/text messaging, and conventional phone calls from uControl's Monitoring Center. uControl provides remote access and control -- giving consumers more control over their security system via a Web portal they access from any computer or Web-enabled cell phone/PDA.
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Sipera VIPER Lab Identifies VoIP Phone Vulnerabilities

stop_sign_trans.gifSipera VIPER Lab disclosed six threat advisories, and potential solutions, for SIP-based VoIP phones from Aastra, Polycom and Snom. These threat advisories are in addition to the WiFi/dual-mode phone and general SIP vulnerabilities published earlier this spring by Sipera VIPER Lab.

The major threat advisories that affect these SIP phones include:
  • An improper error handling vulnerability in Aastra 9112i SIP phones, which may allow remote attackers to cause denial of service.
  • A format string vulnerability in Aastra 9112i SIP phones, which may allow remote attackers to cause denial of service.
  • A buffer overflow vulnerability in Polycom SoundPoint IP 601 SIP phones, which may allow remote attackers to cause denial of service.
  • A vulnerability in HTTP service of Polycom SoundPoint IP 601 SIP phones, which may allow attackers to remotely reboot the phone.
  • An information leak vulnerability in Snom-320 SIP phones, which may allow remote access to users' private call records.
  • A weak authentication vulnerability in Snom-320 SIP phones, which may allow a remote attacker to misuse the phone, causing multiple enterprise phones to ring simultaneously, or initiating costly toll calls on behalf of unsuspecting users.
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NextAlarm Announces Support for Two-Way Voice Monitoring

NextAlarm announced at The Cable Show support for two-way voice monitoring. NextAlarm’s two-way voice service, unlike that of other alarm companies, is compatible with VoIP and digital phone service. NextAlarm offers this feature for a minimal surcharge.

Using NextAlarm’s patented Alarm Broadband Network – the industry’s first low-cost broadband solution for security system monitoring – two-way voice gives subscribers many advantages. For example, when an alarm system sends a signal, two-way voice makes it possible to patch in a dispatcher who can listen in on the home through microphones in the keypads and/or speak through the keypads and pass information on to authorities. In addition, anyone at the site can easily speak with the dispatcher without having to reach for a telephone. This is especially helpful in the event of a medical emergency.

ABN allows customers to enjoy the benefits and cost savings of VoIP service, while still allowing their alarm systems to accurately communicate with monitoring centers. ABN operates over a standard cable adapter or DSL connection and works with any alarm system capable of sending signals using the contact ID format. In addition, ABN requires no changes to a subscriber’s existing alarm system. All a subscriber has to do is simply plug the ABN adapter into their home network and plug their alarm panel into the adapter rather than into a regular phone line.

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NextAlarm Adds NEXTVIEW to VoIP-Based Alarm Services

NextAlarm will add affordable video monitoring service to its value priced, high quality VoIP-based alarm monitoring services for homes and small businesses called NEXTVIEW.

NEXTVIEW works with existing alarm systems and is easy to set up, view and manage through the customer portal interface at NextAlarm.com. Each camera can be associated with one or more zones (i.e. "front door view," "back door view," etc.). Subscribers can also access images through their cell phone. The system captures still photos every few minutes, and switches to live video during an alarm event. Archived video and stills can be reviewed any time. NextAlarm’s dispatch centers also have access to view cameras when an alarm is triggered.
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uControl to Participate in 15th Annual CableNET Exhibit

uControl is pleased to announce its participation in the 15th annual CableNET exhibit, a highlight of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association's (NCTA) The Cable Show '07. The Cable Show '07 will be held May 7-9 at The Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.

CableNET is a technology showcase co-sponsored by CableLabs and NCTA, which offers hands-on experience with some of the most exciting new services and applications for the cable industry. For more information, please visit http://www.cablenet.org/ or stop by uControl within the CableNET exhibit, booth #221.
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CounterPath to Increase VoIP Softphone Security

CounterPathLogo.gifCounterPath announces an agreement that would see Zfone integrated as an option into CounterPath's softphone solutions including eyeBeam 1.5 and X-Lite 3.0. This agreement adds a new level of security to CounterPath's VoIP softphone solutions and increases their importance for the enterprise market.

Zfone media encryption for VoIP communications uses a new protocol called ZRTP to achieve risk-free security without reliance on a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), key certification, trust models, certificate authorities or key management complexity. Zfone performs its key agreements and key management in a pure peer-to-peer manner over the RTP packet stream and interoperates with any standard SIP phone. CounterPath's SIP softphones and softphone SDKs (Software Development Kits), including the eyeBeam 1.5 softphone, provide VoIP, Video over IP, IM and Presence functionalities, and offer flexible VoIP solutions for some of the world's largest service providers and equipment manufacturers including Cisco, Lucent, AT&T, British Telecom and Deutsche Telekom.

The integration of Zfone media encryption into CounterPath's softphones will significantly increase VoIP security levels for CounterPath's customers and end users. Enterprises, service providers and infrastructure manufacturers deploying these softphones will benefit from protection from security threats such as Spam, Denial-of-Service attacks, eavesdropping, spying and wiretapping, while enjoying the same level of security and convenience that they have come to expect from email.

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uControl Expands Home Security Service in Texas

uControl expands its next-generation home and small business security service to the Dallas and San Antonio areas. The Austin-based company is the first to offer an enhanced service that connects to existing, installed alarm systems that communicates over three redundant connections - broadband, cellular and phone lines. In addition to delivering always-on connectivity and real-time security, uControl enables users to control and monitor their alarm system from the Web or from their cell phones - anywhere, anytime.
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VoIP Networks and Users Threatened by SIP Vulnerabilities

stop_sign_trans.gifSipera VIPER Lab discloses nine threat advisories for WiFi/dual mode telephones from vendors including RIM, HTC, Samsung, Dell and D-Link. These threat advisories are in addition to the new SIP vulnerabilities published by Sipera VIPER Lab.

Sipera proactively identifies VoIP threats through its Sipera VIPER Lab, which is comprised of experienced VoIP application developers, architects, and engineers, operating 24/7/365 from Richardson, Texas, and Hyderabad, India. Every day, the dedicated VIPER Lab researchers identify new vulnerabilities and potential exploits in VoIP protocols, VoIP equipment and phones. They also scan web sites, blogs, discussion groups, and media outlets for evidence of known, suspected and new VoIP vulnerabilities and attacks.

These vulnerabilities are posted at http://www.sipera.com/viper as a service to Sipera's customers and the general public. Sipera VIPER Lab follows a disclosure policy which notifies equipment vendors, in advance, of the potential vulnerabilities and works with each of these vendors to publish a response/fix or identify other solutions to these security issues.
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Partnership to Offer Secure SIP Trunking for SMB

text-partnership.jpgAGN and Sipera partner to offer secure SIP trunking for AGN's IP telephony deployments. The AGN Sipera partnership represents a powerful new dynamic in VoIP services and will enable AGN to integrate the Sipera IPCS product into its OnDemand SIP offering. The innovative secure SIP trunking solution utilizes next generation Secure Real-Time Protocol and Transport Layer Security, combining SIP trunking and real-time, end-to-end secure communications from service providers to end customers.

The partnership demonstrates Sipera's leadership in VoIP security and further recognizes AGN's reputation as a pioneer in the Internet telephony industry as one of the first VoIP services providers to support and deploy a secure SIP trunking platform.

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VoIP Security Agreement To Offer Secure Solutions

text-partnership.jpgSipera Systems and INSI announced an agreement for the Sipera IPCS products for comprehensive, enterprise VoIP security to become part of INSI's solution portfolio. By partnering with Sipera, INSI is able to provide its customers with comprehensive VoIP security solutions for pervasive, real-time, unified communications.

"We believe secure, corporate communications is crucial to ongoing business operations," said Lloyd Rochon, CEO, INSI. "Sipera IPCS products extend beyond existing security products to combine VoIP VPN, firewall/SBC, intrusion prevention, anti-spam and compliance functionality in a single device. This comprehensive approach is ideal for our customers, and demonstrates that Sipera understands their security needs."
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VoIP a High-Tech Way to Protect Your Home

After a fun-filled vacation at the beach, on the slopes or visiting relatives, the last thing families want to do is come home to a ransacked, burglarized house. According to the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, each year nearly 5 million families become victims of household burglary, often when they’ve been on vacation.

“There are simple, lo-tech things that homeowners should do to protect their home while on vacation – from stopping their newspaper delivery to keeping lights on,” says Jim Johnson, CEO of uControl, an advanced home security service. “But for homeowners who want greater assurances and protection, there are some hi-tech, yet very affordable, products that provide better security and more control for homeowners.”

Johnson says homeowners should consider installing an advanced home security system that provides redundant, back-up connections for always-on monitoring of their home security system. New security systems don’t rely on a phone line for connectivity, but instead use broadband and cellular connections. New alarm services not only monitor your home, but they also monitor the connection from your home to the alarm monitoring center, alerting homeowners when a telephone line is cut or the broadband connection goes down.
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Securing VoIP-Enabled Applications

SunRocket, Inc.BorderWare and LignUp, respective leaders in IP security and converged communications solutions, announce the integration of BorderWare's SIPassure VoIP Security Gateway into the LignUp Communications Application Server. Powered by BorderWare, LignUp's server provides enterprises and service providers with a single source for cost effectively building and deploying secure VoIP-enabled applications across any network. The integrated product is available today from LignUp. It can be implemented by enterprises and service providers as an on-premise or hosted solution.

Under the agreement, LignUp is embedding BorderWare's application-layer security into its Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based software. The LignUp Communications Applications Server and LignUp Communications Web services provide all the functionality developers need to voice-enable Web applications, portals and processes. The combination of LignUp software and BorderWare's SIPassure enables secure deployment by protecting against SPIT (Spam over Internet Telephony), Denial of Service (DoS), unauthorized registration and other types of VoIP attacks that would easily penetrate packet-layer security devices. Because BorderWare is network-agnostic, companies can extend the benefits of secure, VoIP-enabled business processes to remote workers, supply chain partners and other authorized users, regardless of how they connect into an intranet or secure website.
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Sipera Strengthens Enterprise VoIP Security

Sipera Systems debutes the Sipera IPCS 410 and the IPCS 510 for the enterprise. These platforms support new VoIP VPN capabilities for encrypted signaling, encrypted media and strong two-factor authentication. Both the IPCS 410 and 510 also offer VoIP Firewall/Border Control functionality to enable enterprises to solve firewall/NAT issues and apply granular signaling, media and security policies to every VoIP, IM and multimedia session based on network, user, device and time of day.

Sipera Unified Communications Policies characterize each call flow and create actions to allow, deny, or apply routing and security functionality to each session. With this capability, enterprises can deploy soft phones, VoIP remote users, WiFi/dual-mode phones, SIP Trunks and Click-to-Talk applications without compromising established security policies. The inherent flexibility and power of this framework also lowers TCO by minimizing expensive network changes; provides redundancy and cost-savings with flexible call routing; and transfers control back to enterprise IT managers for all real-time unified communications.
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Partners Combine VoIP and Internet Security

text-partnership.jpgNatural Convergence announced a partnership with BorderWare Technologies. The partners are working together to provide simple, scalable security solutions tailored for service providers to target the Small Business Market.

According to Eastern Management Group, in the United States there are 32 million key systems, with the average age of key systems being 12 years. This means that key systems are ripe for replacement and a replacement wave is quickly gaining momentum in the SBM.

As there are different types of service providers who are beginning to address the huge and largely underserved SBM, a one-size-fits-all approach neither works for small businesses nor for service providers. Regardless of the size of service provider, solutions must be reliable and secure and, more importantly, must fit each of their deployment models.
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Eyeball Releases AnyFirewall Engine for VoIP

eyeballlogoweb.gifEyeball releases AnyFirewall Engine, a firewall and NAT traversal SDK that incorporates the most comprehensive implementation of STUN, TURN and ICE. Together with AnyFirewall Server, AnyFirewall Engine ensures 100% seamless call completion for VoIP phones, services and applications.

The growth of the Internet has created a global shortage of IP addresses. ISPs, enterprises and home routers bypass this problem by using Network Address Translation (NAT) to hide many private addresses behind one single public address, which interferes with VoIP calls.

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