Sipera Strengthens Enterprise VoIP Security

Sipera Systems debutes the Sipera IPCS 410 and the IPCS 510 for the enterprise. These platforms support new VoIP VPN capabilities for encrypted signaling, encrypted media and strong two-factor authentication. Both the IPCS 410 and 510 also offer VoIP Firewall/Border Control functionality to enable enterprises to solve firewall/NAT issues and apply granular signaling, media and security policies to every VoIP, IM and multimedia session based on network, user, device and time of day.

Sipera Unified Communications Policies characterize each call flow and create actions to allow, deny, or apply routing and security functionality to each session. With this capability, enterprises can deploy soft phones, VoIP remote users, WiFi/dual-mode phones, SIP Trunks and Click-to-Talk applications without compromising established security policies. The inherent flexibility and power of this framework also lowers TCO by minimizing expensive network changes; provides redundancy and cost-savings with flexible call routing; and transfers control back to enterprise IT managers for all real-time unified communications.

"VoIP network security is a complex challenge, given the growing enterprise VoIP user base, increasing adoption of instant messaging and multimedia applications in the workplace, and the common lack of a comprehensive approach to securing these applications," said Krishna Kurapati, Sipera founder and CTO. "The comprehensive, real-time Sipera IPCS 410 and 510 platform not only identifies and protects against potential threats, but also provides functionality that enables enterprises to securely deploy remote VoIP users, SIP Trunks, WiFi/Dual mode phones and Click-to-Talk applications. This functionality is critical for maintaining enterprise security controls while realizing the many benefits of unified communications."

In addition to the functionality referenced above, the IPCS 410 and 510 offer comprehensive VoIP Intrusion Prevention and VoIP Anti-Spam capabilities, based on the award-winning Sipera IPCS 310 technology. All Sipera IPCS products intelligently analyze every VoIP call, IM session, and other unified communications sessions, in order to proactively monitor and detect anomalies. This ensures network and user protection from attacks, misuse and service abuse including DoS/DDoS floods, fuzzing, stealth and VoIP spam, in real-time.

The Sipera IPCS 410 supports 10,000 users and up to 1 Gbps of throughput, while the Sipera IPCS 510 supports 100,000 users and up to 2 Gbps of throughput.

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