NextAlarm Adds 10 Digit Contact ID Support to VoIPAlarm 2 announces that support for ten-digit Contact ID reporting has been added to its VoIPAlarm 2 IP alarm signal transmission platform. The addition greatly increases the viability of VoIPAlarm 2 as an alternative to existing IP-compatible alarm dialers, especially for alarm installers whose central stations require ten-digit account numbers.

VoIPAlarm requires the addition of a competitively priced VoIPAlarm adapter, which is connected to the alarm main control panel using its existing phone wiring. VoIPAlarm charges a flat monthly fee for unlimited retransmission of alarm signals to the central station of the alarm installer's choice.

“Central Stations use ten-digit Contact ID communications format for several reasons,” said NextAlarm CEO Alexander Elliot. “The alarm systems that use ten-digit CID are provided to dealers as part of an equipment program but only a few stations are able to accept their alarm signals. When the end users switch to VoIP, these dealers have had no option but to install expensive cell dialers or proprietary IP communicators. With this new addition to VoIPAlarm 2, we become by far the most economical option for IP communications in ten-digit CID panels, without sacrificing any reliability or speed.”

Ten-digit Contact ID support has completed final testing and is now available to all current and future VoIPAlarm users. Dealers currently using ten-digit Contact ID are encouraged to contact VoIPAlarm or visit for more information. VoIPAlarm adapters are available from ADI locations nationwide.

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