Sigma Systems Launches Residential Triple-Play Service Fulfillment Platform for Telcos

sigma_systems_logo.jpgSigma Systems introduced its new Telco Services Accelerator, a residential service fulfillment solution that enables telcos to capitalize on the growth of triple-play services over fiber. This next-generation OSS platform enables telcos to create service bundles and seamlessly provision, activate and manage residential Internet, SIP-based VoIP and IPTV services over a fiber-to-the-home network.
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Tru Unveils New International Business Plans

truphone_logo3.jpgTru announces its Tru for Business Elite voice and data plans for U.S.-based business travelers. The new intercontinental bundles of minutes, data and texts can be used across all Tru countries, saving businesses over 80 percent on their international roaming bills.

The innovative Tru for Business Elite plans include:
  • Data, minutes and texts bundles which can be used across all Tru Countries providing over 80 percent savings compared to other carrier’s published business roaming rates 
  • European minutes which can be used across 30 countries offering savings of between 30 percent and 60 percent on calls between Europe and Tru Countries
  • Local numbers for any or all Tru Countries, making it easy for contacts to stay in touch without footing international call charges
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TELTUB Launches gHome Home Phone Service Based on Google Voice for $5 a Month

gHome from TELTUB is revolutionizing VoIP phone service by offering features no other service does. Forget needing a third party home phone line, gHome users essentially make Google their home phone company for just $5 a month. For a limited time, TELTUB is letting users try their gHome service for free for one month.
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Flint Telecom Sees Additional VoIP Revenues of $20 Million in 2011 with Pending and Planned Acquisitions

Flint Telecom announces that advanced discussions are under way to acquire a number of turnkey VoIP providers which are currently delivering telecom and data services to small and medium enterprises in the United States. Completion of each acquisition will bring immediate profitable revenues to the group. The projected revenues, when all planned acquisitions are completed throughout the year, are expected to reach over $20 million in 2011.

The market for VoIP services in the U.S. continues to grow rapidly, particularly on mobile devices, with the Telecoms Industry Association seeing the VoIP share of total U.S. residential and business phones lines reaching 37% and 10% respectively by 2015. Ovum, the market leading research company, forecasts fixed VoIP revenues in United States reaching nearly $9 billion annually by 2014.
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Hughes Announces Business-Grade VoIP Over Affordable Broadband for the Government Market

Hughes Network Systems announces its managed VoIP solution for the government market. Using the new Hughes ActiveQoS technology, Hughes can provide superior voice quality over affordable broadband, eliminating the need for agencies to invest in expensive, leased line Multiprotocol Label Switching networks.
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FeatureTel Expands Private, Cloud-based Telephone System Services to Atlanta

featuretel_logo.gifFeatureTel has expanded to the Atlanta market, making its private, cloud-based telecom services available to businesses in the city and the surrounding region. Triangle-based FeatureTel has been providing hosted VoIP business phone services to customers across North Carolina since 2003. Providing phone systems as a service over a private voice network, FeatureTel eliminates the need for clients to purchase a premise-based phone system while clients also benefit from the cloud technology.
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Axvoice VoIP Provider is Offering Unlimited Calling for Remarkably Low Call Rates

Axvoice VoIP phone service is offering unlimited calls to any local, long distance or international destination at remarkably low call rates. It has time and again, conquered millions of people worldwide with its outstanding reliable and unfailing service and is growing beyond the customers’ expectations. Axvoice VoIP service is user-friendly and economical for anyone to enjoy a smooth VoIP experience; even the non-technical types can use it without whining.

VoIP service is becoming a major household and business communication tool all over the world. Owing to the affordability and flexibility factor, the service is replacing the traditional methods of telephony, the PSTN. Where traditional methods of telephony restricted one to a particular location, VoIP phone service offers a handy convenience of anywhere, anytime usability.
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VoicePulse Expands Broadband Phone Service within Iowa

VoicePulse_logo2.jpgVoicePulse announces the immediate availability of phone numbers in Iowa's 319, 515, 563, 641 and 712 area codes. Thousands of phone numbers have been added to the availability pool in over 20 calling areas.

VoicePulse broadband phone service plans include over 20 features including:
  • Telemarketer Blocking, Virtual Numbers, Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Transfer and Call Hunt
  • Youmail, the premiere voicemail service with voicemail transcriptions
  • Local Number Portability
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VoX Communications Launches Ojo Vision Digital Video Phone and Service

logo_VOXlogo_400.jpgVoX Communications has launched the Ojo Vision Digital Video Phone and service as one of its core product offerings. VoX is one of the first companies to offer this unique voice and video solution as a home phone replacement to consumers and as a business-class commercial solution to small and medium size business customers.

In addition to the true-to-life video calling experience, each plan includes a full suite of traditional calling features like caller ID, call waiting and 3-way calling. Innovative features like 3-way video conferencing, connecting to a large screen LCD or TV and unlimited video calling are also included.
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VocalTec to Launch magicTalk VoIP Service on Christmas

vocaltec.jpgVocalTec will introduce a free version of its popular telephone service on December 25th to users worldwide. To make your first free call within seconds, go to magicTalk enables everybody (including companies) anywhere in the world to call numbers in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, as well as all other magicTalk and magicJack numbers in the world, for free. magicTalk users may also receive a free phone number. magicTalk can be used anywhere in the world, is very simple for anybody to install within 60 seconds, and offers the best voice quality we have ever heard.
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Terrapin Solutions Teams with Pac-West to Expand Telastic White-Label Hosted VoIP Program

Terrapin Solutions will partner with Pac-West Telecomm to make the Telastic white-label hosted IP/PBX service available to Terrapin’s more than 1,400 nationwide agents. Terrapin Solutions will leverage Telastic’s optimized communications cloud environment to provide Telastic’s scalable and comprehensive packaged VoIP and PBX feature set for white-label hosted IP/PBX and residential VoIP offerings.
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U.S. SMBs Increase Migration to VoIP and IP PBX

AMI-Partners forecasts growth in the VoIP market among small and medium businesses. Over 30% of small businesses (SBs, 1 – 99 employees) and 50% of medium businesses (MBs, 100-999 employees) say that VoIP will become critical to their business operations.

SMB decision-makers see benefit from VoIP in improved staff productivity, streamlined dispersed communications, and lower costs. “The last several years of recession caused many SMBs to put new technology purchases on hold,” according to Karen Nielsen, Senior Consultant with AMI. “Moving into 2011, cost savings, as well as the advanced features available with IP, will impel more and more SMBs to IP architecture implementation.”
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VoicePulse Increases Coverage to Kentucky’s 502 and 270 Area Codes

VoicePulse_logo2.jpgVoicePulse announces the immediate availability of phone numbers in Kentucky’s 502 and 270 area codes. VoicePulse’s residential and business plans give Kentucky’s citizens a new option in local and long distance phone service. VoicePulse is a voice over IP provider which allows for phone service to be unrestricted by location. Any phone user with broadband service can request to transfer their current phone number to VoicePulse broadband phone services as well.
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Twongo Selects FeatureTel as Telecom Solution for Growing Business

featuretel_logo.gifTwongo selectes VoIP provider FeatureTel for its business phone service at its U.S. headquarters in Cary, N.C. FeatureTel offers hosted VoIP business telephone service over private networks for business of all sizes across the Carolinas.

Twongo is a free, social savings platform based on the Chinese concept of “tuangou,” or group buying. The service features one new deal every day, called the Big Deal, for savings in the dining, shopping and entertainment arenas in a market. The more people who purchase the deal, the greater the discount becomes for everyone buying that deal.
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UniVoIP Extends Business Communication Services to All Contiguous U.S. States

univoip_logo.jpgUniVoIP OfficeConnect is now available, and local phone numbers can be provided or ported, in all contiguous US states including: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.
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