Axvoice VoIP Provider is Offering Unlimited Calling for Remarkably Low Call Rates

Axvoice VoIP phone service is offering unlimited calls to any local, long distance or international destination at remarkably low call rates. It has time and again, conquered millions of people worldwide with its outstanding reliable and unfailing service and is growing beyond the customers’ expectations. Axvoice VoIP service is user-friendly and economical for anyone to enjoy a smooth VoIP experience; even the non-technical types can use it without whining.

VoIP service is becoming a major household and business communication tool all over the world. Owing to the affordability and flexibility factor, the service is replacing the traditional methods of telephony, the PSTN. Where traditional methods of telephony restricted one to a particular location, VoIP phone service offers a handy convenience of anywhere, anytime usability.

Axvoice routes phone calls over the Internet using this advanced VoIP technology, instead of the traditional method of call transferring via telephone lines. This service works in the same way as the regular PSTN, however with a difference that calls are charged for three times less than the traditional phone.

Axvoice aims to deliver high quality Internet Phone Service based upon the latest VoIP technology for residential as well as business communication. With a feature-rich service and amazingly low-costing calling plans, Axvoice rules the VoIP industry for being a compliant service. The service plans range from per minute charges to unlimited local and international dialing, keeping at par with the inevitable demands of their potential customers and make resolute efforts to deliver what they advertise.

Customers are facilitated with calls as low as 1.5 c to 40 destinations around the world, including China, India, Germany, New Zealand, and Mexico among others.

Calling Plans
Axvoice offers seven different calling plans for residential and business calling needs. Residential calling plans range from as low as $0 to $8.25 for Residential US/Canada, where you can make unlimited calls anywhere in the US and Canada. US/Canada 200 Calling plan costs only $5.99 a month and gives you 200 free minutes of talk time. Pay As You Go is a convenient plan that charges $4.99. Outgoing Only is again a $0 calling service that facilitates customers to pay only for their outgoing calls and pay for the call charges (1.5 c per minute).

Axvoice offers two International calling plans – Residential International that offers calls to 40+ destinations and Residential International Plus allows calls to 50+ destinations.

Small business owners can save on their calling costs by signing up for Small Business Calling Plan and Home Office plan for the entrepreneurs.

Every package plan is inclusive of value-added services and features including call waiting, caller ID, black listing, call forwarding, voice mail and also, free online account service. Among these you are also offered with 25 additional features comprising of call filter, Do Not Disturb, Conference calling, distinctive ring, Find me Follow me, call logs, softphone support etc. If you want to purchase a number from another area code, you can avail the Virtual Number facility (only $3.99 per month) that lets you acquire number belonging to your desired destination and enjoy the ease of making and receiving local calls, whether or not you are in that city.

Axvoice also offers Toll Free Number Option for those who desire to have a universal number within US and Canada. This is a feasible option for business people who want to keep a number where they can be easily reached at any time.

Among other valuable services, Axvoice offers 24/7 technical support and live chat facility, number portability, E-911 facility to make emergency calls and BYOD Support. BYOD or Bring Your Own Device feature lets you use Axvoice internet phone service on any VoIP phone. Axvoice gives you a handy option to use their VoIP service with any VoIP phone they have.

Hosted PBX Service by Axvoice
Axvoice also offers hosted VoIP PBX service – a convenient service that any business today strives on. Axvoice ends the hassle of leasing and maintaining heavy-duty phone equipment at your location and also helps you save almost 50-70% on your cost, spent otherwise on traditional systems.

Instead of investing in equipment, spending huge sum of money over maintenance of your PBX system, operational costs and all the associated tasks, simply sign up with Axvoice and avail the cost-saving opportunity to get your hands on a full-fledge VOIP PBX service without maintenance and operational nuisance. Everything is maintained at Axvoice servers; all you need is a ‘yes’ and a ‘subscription’ to avail this expedient service.

To use a service that gives away a supreme quality of service without call intrusions, or disturbances and above all, Axvoice offers a safe mode of making calls is all customers seek for.

Nowadays, when security issues are at higher stake than ever before, making calls without fearing of being tapped is a valuable feature. Axvoice VoIP Service Providers allow their customers to make and receive VOIP phone calls without any security concerns and stay on the phone for hours without facing call interruptions or service failure.

Axvoice offers advanced business phone system for ceaseless and streamlined communication with their business partners, employees, customers and clients, regardless of their location.

With a 24/7 technical support and live chat support, Axvoice offers its customers a service with a smile whenever needed.

Owing to its premium voice services, Axvoice has tens of thousands of subscribers from all over the world and continues to grow every passing minute.

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