IS Support and ShoreTel Partner to Deliver VoIP Services to Houston Market

ShoreTel_logo.jpgIS Support announced that it will begin selling and delivering ShoreTel Unified Communication solutions as a new Certified Partner. ShoreTel has designed the Partner Program to strengthen the relationship between ShoreTel and its partners, advancing and growing both companies’ market share in the unified communications industry, while ensuring every customer continues to be delighted with their ShoreTel experience.

IS Support has been implementing unified communications (VoIP) systems since early 2004, demonstrating that they are no newcomer to the VoIP platform. This new partnership will allow for IS Support to continue to provide full-featured phone systems diversifying with ShoreTel into organizations that require cost effective call centers solutions. ShoreTel’s call center is powerful in its basic form, but with upgrades, the solution can handle up to 1000 or more users in a call center with very powerful reporting, Wallboards and skill based routing.
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Windstream Expands Unified Communications Services to Nearly 100 Additional Markets

windstream_logo.pngWindstream announces the expansion of its unified communications services to nearly 100 new cities within Windstream’s service area. Windstream's IP solutions combine voice, data and Internet services over the same connection. This allows businesses to save money when compared to separate network connections for phone and Internet services.

Windstream is expanding its VoIP and Data services to additional cities in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Nebraska, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Georgia and Kentucky.
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VoicePulse Expands Relationship with 360networks for Wholesale VoIP Services

voicepulse_logo.gif360networks announces that VoicePulse has steadily expanded its relationship with the company since becoming a customer in 2008, recently adding Toll Free Origination. With this addition, VoicePulse currently utilizes all of 360networks' Wholesale VoIP services to include IP Origination and IP Termination.

VoicePulse delivers SIP trunking, worldwide termination, origination, and high-quality phone service to residential and business customers. The company offers flexible and innovative VoIP features along with a reputation for quality, reliability and excellent customer support. VoicePulse customers enjoy enterprise-like functions at no additional charge.
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Virtual Office for Small announces that fully automated voicemail message transcriptions are now available. In addition to listening to their voicemails, every customer can now also view the transcribed text of their voicemail messages on their phone and in their email inboxes.

Messages are transcribed immediately upon receipt and are forwarded to the customer’s email as well as to their phones as an SMS text message. Unlike other services that provide human-assisted transcriptions,’s transcriptions are 100% automated. Based on software developed by Yap, Inc., the company’s automated Text Voicemail provides the highest level of speech recognition technology, enabling faster and more accurate transcriptions.
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Versature to Acquire Octopus IP Phone Service Business

Versature has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the phone service business of Octopus IP Communications Ltd. Versature's subscriber base will immediately increase by 20% with the addition of these customers.

Adding the Octopus IP client base will enable Versature to accelerate it's already impressive growth, just recently announcing 100% year-over-year subscriber growth for it's Hosted PBX Business services. Former Octopus IP customers will now have access to some exciting new features such as call queues, automated call distribution, smartphone (iPhone, Android) integration and agent login/logout, which were not available to them in the past. Versature's customer base consists of over 300 businesses from across the country.
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O-bit Launches New Purple Networx VoIP Offering

O-bit has recently launched a new VoIP offering called Purple Networx Hosted Secure. This recently launched product allows VoIP traffic to run over the secure environment of IP VPN rather than the internet. It connects directly into O-bit’s NGN which has a dedicated voice network. The additional feature and indeed USP of Hosted Secure is that it has full integration of SpliceCom handsets and therefore offers end users the full feature rich services available on the platform. O-bit is the only company able to offer full integration and feature extension over a WAN for SpliceCom handsets. This exclusive USP is not matched or offered by any other reseller.
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iCall Signs on for 360networks' Wholesale IP Termination

360networks_logo.gif360networks announces that iCall will leverage 360networks' wholesale VoIP services to lower its operating costs and improve performance for its free calling application and network.

iCall is a computer program available as a free download for Microsoft Windows or broadband device such as the Apple iPhone, providing free or low cost VoIP service through any broadband enabled mobile telephone. iCall's free calling network includes over 5 million unique downloads.

360networks' IP Termination supports local and long distance traffic throughout the U.S. and Canada, leveraging 360networks' wholly owned and operated network with 24x7x365 network monitoring.
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XO Communications Launches Service in Western New York

xo_communications_logo.gifXO Communications announces that it is offering advanced IP-based communications, managed network and hosted IT services to businesses across the Rochester and Buffalo metropolitan areas. By expanding the reach of the 19,000-mile nationwide XO® network, and establishing points of presence across western New York, XO Communications is now able to offer businesses a local and nationwide alternative for their communications and network needs.
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XO Communications Surpasses One Million Business VoIP End Users

xo_communications_logo.gifXO Communications has surpassed one million VoIP customer employee end users, reaching a major milestone in the business VoIP services market.

Through its award-winning business VoIP services portfolio and industry-leading VoIP services bundle, XO IP Flex, XO Communications has solidified its position as the leading provider of VoIP services for businesses.
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TalkSwitch Signs Canadian Distributor Gentek

talkswitch_logo.gifTalkSwitch has appointed Gentek as an official distributor for Canada. Gentek is a leading North American distributor of Broadband, Network Security and VoIP products and solutions. Gentek has added TalkSwitch IP PBX phone systems to their impressive line of vendors, offering VARs and resellers the best choices for their Canadian SMB customers.

TalkSwitch IP PBX phone systems come loaded with the features small businesses need to sound professional, save money and stay connected anywhere. The features include built-in voicemail, voicemail to e-mail, auto attendants, music on hold, mobile phone integration, remote management and support for analog and IP handsets. Capacity is up to 64 users per location, and TalkSwitch hybrid IP PBX phone systems work with the traditional telephone network and VoIP. Systems start at CDN$745.
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AGC of America Selects PingTone’s Enterprise VoIP Service Platform

AGC of America has chosen PingTone’s Enterprise VoIP service platform to deliver service to their headquarters and satellite office locations. AGC of America had opted to leverage outsourced VoIP service in 2005, and had recently performed a market evaluation of various hosted VoIP service providers. AGC decided to select the PingTone solution as they were able to fulfill AGC’s requirements while also demonstrating the ability to provide reliable VoIP service required for AGC’s critical business operations.

After a thorough analysis of the hosted VoIP providers, and based upon PingTone’s exceptional reputation and customer service excellence, AGC of America selected PingTone. “PingTone was able to quickly and efficiently implement the PingTone service in our offices, but more importantly deliver to AGC a reliable and quality business grade VoIP service,” said Fara Francis, CIO of The AGC of America.
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VoIP Provider FeatureTel Introduces New ''Voicemail to Text'' Feature

FeatureTel announces the launch of its new Voicemail to Text message feature. The new “visual voicemail” service automatically transcribes voice messages to text and delivers them via e-mail.

The new Voicemail to Text feature from VoIP provider FeatureTel is free to customers and delivers a limited number of Voicemail to Text messages each month. FeatureTel also offers plan options for unlimited of Voicemail to Text messages, as well as human-assisted transcriptions.
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Eastex Selects GENBAND to Expand VoIP Network Across Texas

GENBAND and Eastex Telephone Coop. announce the deployment of GENBAND’s industry-leading C15 Compact Softswitch to deliver communication services to Eastex’ residential and business subscribers across rural East Texas. GENBAND’s C15 equips Eastex to seamlessly migrate its legacy network and also helps to significantly reduce power and floor space requirements by up to 50 percent due to its innovative and compact design. In the future, the C15 will also help position Eastex to offer new VoIP and data services to subscribers.

To support Eastex’ large network expansion and modernization project, GENBAND is migrating over twenty Central Offices that include varying technologies, including legacy GENBAND DMS-10 and DMS-100, CopperCom and other third party equipment. GENBAND is also providing installation, commissioning and on-going Professional Services and GENBANDCare technical support capabilities.
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VoIP Innovations Launches Origination in Puerto Rico, Hawaii

voipinnovations_logo.jpgVoIP Innovations will be introducing origination in Puerto Rico and Hawaii this week, giving customers the ability to receive calls, purchase DIDs, and port telephone numbers in two new areas.

VoIP Innovations now offers an origination footprint covering virtually all of the United States and Canada, cementing their position as the top domestic VoIP wholesaler in North America.
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VoIP Operator in North America Purchases RADCOM's Service Assurance Solution

RADCOM announces a major VoIP operator in North America has purchased RADCOM's NGN Service Assurance solution. This VoIP operator supplies high-quality voice and messaging services over broadband networks. With a few million subscribers, providing Quality of Service, real time customer experience and troubleshooting subscriber experience are of essential importance to such an operator, in order to satisfy and retain its customers.
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