Voxbone Announces iNum, Internet’s First Global ‘Country Code’

voxbone-logo.jpg Voxbone announces iNum—one global telephone number that enables anyone to establish a local presence anywhere in the world. Voxbone is making use of the +883 “country code,” newly created by the International Telecommunication Union, to create a global country code and associated banks of DID numbers.
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Voxitas Expands Business VoIP Service in the Southeast US

Voxitas has completed the expansion of its business VoIP network into the southeast United States. This network expansion allows Voxitas to serve virtually the entire southeast including Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi with our business class Quality of Service based services.
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Geeks On Call Joins with Tech Solutions to Deliver VoIP Services to SMB's

Geeks On Call has partnered with Tech Solutions to deliver the company's VoIP services to Allstate insurance agents in the D.C. Metro area. Tech Solutions is an information technology service company providing computer-related systems design, engineering, integration, installation, and support work to small and medium-sized businesses in and around Washington, D.C. Tech Solutions has developed a business relationship with national insurance firm Allstate, and Geeks On Call plans to join with Tech Solutions to offer their local agents IT and VoIP support.
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ooma Launches New Product Features and Services

ooma has enhanced the ooma phone system with new features and services, delivering an unparalleled home telephone experience at a significant cost savings to consumers. Using ooma, households can save $400-$600 per month by eliminating costly phone services with only a fraction of ooma’s features. Find out what the latest ooma phone service includes after the jump.
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IPtimize Expands VoIP Across the Southern U.S. and Parts of Northern Mexico

IPtimize has added three more network operators to its growing stable of IP phone and broadband system operator customers. The three new operators extend IPtimize’s reach across the Southern U.S. and into parts of Northern Mexico, providing more advanced, competitively packaged Digital Phone Services and hosted data management options across wireless and broadband networks. The IPtimize platform is specifically designed to improve the economics and performance of smaller voice or data providers entering the IP services arena.
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New Global Telecom Deploys Acme Packet to Expand Wholesale VoIP Services

acme_packet_logo.jpgNew Global Telecom has deployed Acme Packet’s Net-Net session border controllers in order to expand its VoIP services. NGT’s VoIP services are targeted for small to medium businesses, including its certified SIP trunking offering for Microsoft Response Point. Acme Packet’s SBCs were selected in conjunction with its NextSBC Reassurance Program, designed to ease both the technical and business obstacles of migrating users of other SBCs to Acme Packet’s industry-leading solutions.
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New Covad Integrated Phone and Internet Service Available

covad_logo.gifCovad announces its new Covad Integrated Access service, an affordable, all-in-one phone and Internet service for businesses with up to 35 employees per location.

Covad Integrated Access service is delivered over a powerful voice-optimized T1 line and works with customers’ existing phone systems so businesses can leverage their equipment investment while saving money and simplifying operations.

Covad Integrated Access now also utilizes SIP trunking and supports a wide range of IP, digital and analog PBXs.
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Speakeasy's New Bundled Telecom Services

speakeasy_logo.jpgSpeakeasy will offer voice, broadband and managed services in bundled packages designed to save businesses money while enabling them to upgrade data and telecommunications capabilities. SpeakeasyONE business bundles offer significant savings over traditional telecom services and up to 20 percent savings over Speakeasy's ala carte options. The bundles include activation, installation and network equipment at no charge, while providing the technology benefits of VoIP and business-class broadband, all from a single provider.
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Virtual Receptionist Feature in PhoneFusion One Helps Cut Costs

PhoneFusion_logo.jpgPhoneFusion offers businesses a cost-effective alternative to a high-priced receptionist with a key feature of its PhoneFusion One solution -- the Virtual Receptionist. The Virtual Receptionist is a virtual PBX system that can answer calls and play a recorded message with different options to help respond to callers' varying needs, just like a regular office PBX system. For example, callers will dial a company's number and hear "Thank you for calling ABC Company. Dial 1 for sales, 2 for support or 0 for the operator." Unlike a standard PBX system, there is no hardware or software to purchase and maintain, so costs start low and stay low.
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Latin American Enterprises Take to IP Telephony Solutions

IP telephony has finally arrived in Latin America, where 69 percent of lines shipments belong to IP-ready (converged or pure) equipment. For the past couple of years, Latin America has been experiencing an increasing migration from traditional enterprise telephony to IP telephony. This is because high demand for business efficiency have made end users conscious of the benefits of IP telephony. With reductions in the prices of IP pure lines and IP phones, small and medium businesses have also begun to invest in converged solutions, expanding IP adoption throughout the region.
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PAETEC Expands Wholesale VoIP Origination

PAETEC announced a major expansion of the company’s wholesale VoIP Origination product. The company has increased VoIP Origination geographic coverage by more than 100 percent and now can provide the service in more than 3,300 rate centers nationwide.

The company’s VoIP Origination service allows VoIP service providers to quickly enter new markets by providing local telephone numbers to clients at their home, business or a remote location. In addition, IP-based enterprises such as call centers and conferencing providers can use VoIP Origination to assign local telephone numbers to their clients. This gives providers a cost-efficient method to establish a local presence.
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PossibleNOW Selected by Allworx as Reseller of VoIP

text-partnership.jpgPossibleNOW's IT Services division has partnered with Allworx to resell local phone and network services. PossibleNOW's territory will cover the southeastern United States. Allworx provides telephone systems with features that increase business productivity along with the cost-savings and flexibility of VoIP. As an authorized partner, PossibleNOW can sell the complete line of Allworx phone systems, handset and software products.

PossibleNOW's IT Services division offers a full range of services including network installation and troubleshooting, identity protection solutions, data security and data backup services, software application support, and web site design and web hosting services. PossibleNOW's experienced IT staff helps clients develop an overall IT strategy as well as provide services to supplement existing staff.
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VoX to Provide VoIP Services to Charles Street Partner’s

logo_VOXlogo_400.jpgVoX has signed agreements to provide wholesale VoIP digital phone services to the operating companies of Charles Street Partners. They will market under the Clearband brand name in targeted markets throughout the US.

VoX’s VoIP services will initially be deployed by CSP’s operating companies covering portions of Arizona, Maryland and Florida. When completed, CSP’s broadband network, using the latest WiMAX and wireless technologies, will offer data and voice capabilities to geographic areas encompassing over one half million homes and businesses, many of which have limited or no available broadband access.
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Virginia Broadband Selects Edgewater's Solution for VoIP Services

Virginia Broadband has selected Edgewater Networks’ solution for its VoIP services. The Edgewater solution consists of the EdgeMarc Network Services Gateways and EdgeView VoIP Support System and Reports products. The EdgeMarc gateways are being used by VABB at their customer premises as a demarcation point for their VoIP offering. VABB has deployed the EdgeMarc to ensure scale and cost savings on the VoIP installations and ensure a positive customer experience of the service and installation. The EdgeMarc gateways combined with the EdgeView platform allows VABB to sell a high quality service at a reasonable price and allows them to scale their operations and business to keep up with the demands of the VoIP market segment.
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Northland to Offer SinglePipe's Digital Phone Service

SinglePipe to serve as the managed voice service provider for Northland’s residential and business digital phone customers in selected markets. SinglePipe’s managed service solution is a turn-key Digital Voice product that includes a range of packages for both residential and small to medium businesses, including regulatory compliance, FCC-compliant 911, local number portability, complete back office integration, and Tier 2/3 support.

A vital component of SinglePipe’s offering is its SinglePipe Integrated Provisioning System, which gives the company the unique ability to integrate its Web-based back office solution with Northland’s current systems. Also of note, is that SIPS is integrated with a service-provisioning gateway, which facilitates flow-through billing and provisioning for commercial and residential VoIP services. The SIPS platform also incorporates customer care and support services software, which enables operators to rapidly launch new revenue generating services, provide excellent customer care, and ensure high levels of network availability.
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