Virginia Broadband Selects Edgewater's Solution for VoIP Services

Virginia Broadband has selected Edgewater Networks’ solution for its VoIP services. The Edgewater solution consists of the EdgeMarc Network Services Gateways and EdgeView VoIP Support System and Reports products. The EdgeMarc gateways are being used by VABB at their customer premises as a demarcation point for their VoIP offering. VABB has deployed the EdgeMarc to ensure scale and cost savings on the VoIP installations and ensure a positive customer experience of the service and installation. The EdgeMarc gateways combined with the EdgeView platform allows VABB to sell a high quality service at a reasonable price and allows them to scale their operations and business to keep up with the demands of the VoIP market segment.

In addition to QoS capabilities, the EdgeMarc and EdgeView total network solution allows VABB to streamline their installations by using the plug & dial feature for IP phones. Edgewater Networks formed the Plug & Dial Alliance to simplify the installation of VoIP and the interoperability program now includes members from leading IP Phone manufacturers and feature server vendors.

VABB also uses the EdgeView Reports server to continually measure the voice quality they are providing and shares this information directly with their customers. “A simple example of how we use the reporting tool is that we produce a report for the customer after their first month with the hosted service. This report contains the number of calls placed during the month and the percentage of calls measured that experienced a poor Mean Opinion Score. This percentage is usually very low and the report enables us to prove the quality of the service we are delivering,” said Mark.

The EdgeMarc is a part of a complete solution from Edgewater Networks that also includes EdgeConnect managed Power over Ethernet switches, the EdgeView VoIP Support System and EdgeView Reports server. EdgeView is a troubleshooting and setup tool that allows service providers to proactively manage and support their communications services. EdgeView Reports is an advanced yet easy-to-use reporting tool that provides valuable VoIP performance information to network planners, operators, product managers, executive management teams and end-users.

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