Speakeasy Launches Direct SIP for Integrated Voice

speakeasy_logo.jpgSpeakeasy expanded its SIP IP voice and data integration capability as part of its comprehensive 'Integrated Voice' service. Speakeasy can now provide combined voice and data service over direct SIP trunks, in addition to its existing service over analog and digital lines. Speakeasy's Integrated Voice connects to a traditional key system or PBX, and now with direct SIP, to an IP PBX, making it easier than ever to take advantage of the cost savings and flexibility of Speakeasy Voice.
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FreedomVOICE Launches Improved Website for FreedomIQ

FreedomVOICE launched the newly redesigned www.freedomiq.com. The brand new website will provide business owners with a valuable asset to learn about the FreedomIQ hosted VoIP PBX product and the rapidly growing business VoIP industry.
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CiaoTalk VoIP Services Redone

Technology Alignment announces the re-release of it’s CiaoTalk VoIP and SIP Trunking offerings. The new services are a change from the metered only plans offered on CiaoTalk previously. CiaoTalk is an affordable and feature-rich VoIP product that Technology Alignment partners can offer customers for as little as $9.95 per month. Technology Alignment Partners include Telephony System Installers and Computer Retail and Repair Centers in the United States and Canada.
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Vopium's Mobile VoIP Service Comes to U.S.

Vopium announces that its mobile VoIP service is available in the US, offering low-cost and free international mobile phone calls. By installing Vopium for free to any of the more than 500 supported GSM mobile handsets, US callers can immediately begin taking advantage of high-quality and affordable international calling. Once registered, all new users receive 30 free minutes of talk time and 100 free SMS. Consumers can view a step-by-step registration guide at Vopium.
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Buzz Technologies Releases Corporate VoIP Services Globally

12buzzlogo.jpgBuzz Inc's, BuzzTel is releasing a corporate VoIP service. The service carries an annual fee of $500 and provides 2 Virtual Phones numners anywhere in the world, Unlimited calling to USA, Canada,(Landlines and Mobiles) China and Europe (landlines). Buzz offers Crystal Clear VoIP calling and can be used from your existing phone network, mobiles, smartphones and iPhones.
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JAJAH Delivers Wholesale VoIP Services with Acme Packet

jajah_logo2.jpgAcme Packet announces that JAJAH has deployed Acme Packet’s Net-Net session border controllers to protect JAJAH’s SIP application infrastructure and dynamically optimize the quality and profitability of its IP communication platform.

JAJAH provides retail IP calling services to consumers and businesses and white label services to carriers, Web 2.0 companies and application service providers. JAJAH provides a fully outsourced IP communications platform, including PSTN and IP termination, billing, payments, fraud prevention and quality management. JAJAH is the platform partner for dozens of local and global organizations, such as Yahoo!, Plaxo and eHarmony. For example, Yahoo!’s premium voice services, “Phone In” and “Phone Out,” enable consumers to make high-quality, low-cost PC-to-phone and phone-to-PC voice calls over the JAJAH network to more than 200 countries using Yahoo! Messenger.
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ooma Unveils Telo Home Phone System

ooma unveils its next generation phone – Telo – the premier phone system that offers unlimited US calling for free, with no monthly fees, and huge savings on international calls. Packed with new features, Telo offers an unparalleled telephone experience at a significant cost savings to consumers.

New, with ooma Telo, is a powerful cordless handset featuring DECT 6.0 technology, High-Definition voice, connected phonebook, mobile transfer, speaker phone, and musical ring tones. Customers can expand to six handsets, enough for each room in the house.
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MetroCast Deploys SAFARI C3 to Deliver VoIP Services in Mississippi

safariC3.jpgMetroCast has deployed Cedar Point's SAFARI C3 Multimedia Switching System for VoIP services as part of MetroCast's digital cable and Internet triple play services in the state of Mississippi. Cedar Point is replacing Metaswitch, and is the exclusive switching vendor throughout the MetroCast service footprint.

MetroCast recently entered the Mississippi market through an acquisition and is planning to install a fiber optic network to bridge North and South Mississippi enabling them to deliver enhanced digital services to Mississippi customers. MetroCast deployed Cedar Point's packet-based SAFARI C3 Multimedia Switching System for part of a bundle of services that includes voice to approximately 50,000 total subscribers.
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Phone.com Taps Voxbone

voxbone-logo.jpgVoxbone has been chosen by Phone.com to supply DID numbers abroad. Phone.com users who work in the U.S. but have clients in other countries can choose telephone numbers in those countries that when dialed will ring to their Phone.com “Virtual Office.” The Virtual Office’s customized auto attendant (automated receptionist) then can ask for the called person’s extension number and complete the call.
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Speakeasy Launches Integrated Voice Business Trunks

speakeasy_logo.jpgSpeakeasy launched its new Integrated Voice business trunks service for small businesses. Integrating voice and data on a single T1 connection, Speakeasy business trunks provide cost savings and increased bandwidth for companies with a traditional PBX. The basic business trunk service includes a T1 connection plus four business voice lines at a promotional price of $379 per month, allowing businesses to customize the service to meet their unique needs by adding additional lines, long distance, and IP features as necessary.
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Sky|Wi Telecom Selects Taqua for VoIP Termination

Sky|Wi Telecommunications has chosen to deploy multiple Taqua 7000 Switching Systems to provide high-quality VoIP call termination in Mexico for carriers in the United States and abroad. The cost effective and robust VoIP capabilities with the T7000 allows Sky|Wi Telecommunications to provide better rates to carrier customers while leveraging the reliability inherent with the T7000’s blade-based carrier class architecture.
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VoicePulse Expands Coverage to Idaho's 208 Area Code

VoicePulse announces the immediate availability of phone numbers in the 208 area code. VoicePulse now offers numbers in 37 rate centers across Idaho, compared to other services that offers as little as six cities. VoicePulse now has greater coverage in the state of Idaho than any other pure-play VoIP provider.
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Vitelity Communications Launches Dedicated VoIP

Vitelity_Logo.jpgVitelity Communications haslaunched a new Colocation and Hosting service designed specifically for VoIP service providers and businesses using VoIP. The current lineup for their hosting services will include a choice of Dell PowerEdge servers with options for CPU, memory, storage, and RAID. In addition, Vitelity will pre-configure and optimize each server with either: Asterisk, Trixbox, PBX in a Flash, or a base operating system such as Windows or Linux. Customers can also ship their pre-configured PBX, switch, or gateway to Vitelity for Colocation in their soon to be completed 10,000 square-foot state-of-the-art data center in Denver, CO.
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IMVOCAL Launches Free VOIP Phone to PC International Calling Service

IMVOCAL launched its new Web-based, download-free VOIP service. The service allows callers on in the U.S. to connect with IMVOCAL users through any of the major Instant Messenger services (Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN-Messenger or AIM). The technology, using instant messaging to notify IMVOCAL users of incoming phone calls, is unique.
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Virtual PBX Embraces Open VoIP Peering Standards

Virtual PBX announced its introduction of native support for open-system VoIP peering. Small businesses looking to take advantage of the cost-effectiveness of traditional hosted PBX services and VoIP technology now have the best of both worlds. Customers will be able to mix and match a VoIP network, softphone and handset to best meet their needs for features, cost and reliability. In addition, clients can choose VoIP calls for cost savings or traditional phone service for calls to landlines or cellular phones, or enable both and let the system automatically send calls via the most appropriate method.
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