IMVOCAL Launches Free VOIP Phone to PC International Calling Service

IMVOCAL launched its new Web-based, download-free VOIP service. The service allows callers on in the U.S. to connect with IMVOCAL users through any of the major Instant Messenger services (Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN-Messenger or AIM). The technology, using instant messaging to notify IMVOCAL users of incoming phone calls, is unique.

IMVOCAL fills a void in the Internet technology landscape by offering Phone to PC calling for free. IMVOCAL is targeting netizens, who spend a lot of time online and use IM as a primary communication tool and want to be reachable by phone or by IM, but don't want to share their phone numbers to keep their online identities private. Like any communications company, IMVOCAL brings people together, but without compromising their hard won online identities.

To use the service, register at using one of your instant messaging id at Yahoo!, Google, AOL or MSN and choose VOCAL ID (Internet phone number). At the time of registration, IMVOCAL adds IM bot to your registered IM as one of your IM contacts. The chosen VOCALID can be shared with contacts. An IMVOCAL user is reachable when an acquaintance dials IMVOCAL's toll free access number 1-888-87VOCAL (1-888-8786225) and then provides user's VOCALID. The IMVOCAL user will receive an incoming call notification from IMVOCAL IM bot as an IM chat message. The user will click on the link in the notification to connect with the caller or ignore the notification to direct the call to voicemail.

For a user, there is no need to install any client on PC to receive a call. Where ever in the world an IMVOCAL user goes, the user selected VOCALID never changes. In addition to toll free access in U.S., IMVocal provides local access numbers in UK, France, Singapore, Australia and Japan so callers from these countries could reach a user using user's VOCALID.

IMVOCAL can be used by web workers servicing clients globally. As an example, if an interested prospect in the U.S. wants to have a conversation on the phone with a service provider before making a decision without giving up a phone number, he or she can talk using the IMVOCAL service. Web workers can list their VOCALID as their contact number in forums, community sites, and classifieds. The IMVOCAL service can also be used by people interested in protecting their identity while online dating, gaming or socializing.

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