Vopium's Mobile VoIP Service Comes to U.S.

Vopium announces that its mobile VoIP service is available in the US, offering low-cost and free international mobile phone calls. By installing Vopium for free to any of the more than 500 supported GSM mobile handsets, US callers can immediately begin taking advantage of high-quality and affordable international calling. Once registered, all new users receive 30 free minutes of talk time and 100 free SMS. Consumers can view a step-by-step registration guide at Vopium.

How Vopium works:

Vopium is a free mobile software program that leverages mobile VoIP and Wi-Fi technology to greatly reduce the cost of international phone calls made from mobile phones while also maintaining excellent call quality. Free and easy to download, Vopium integrates directly with the user's mobile address book, automatically re-routing all international calls via the least expensive method available. In addition to heavily discounted international calls, Vopium users can also slash the costs of sending text messages abroad as each message costs only USD .13.

Call for free using Vopium Wi-Fi:

Vopium users can also make free and heavily discounted calls using Vopium Wi-Fi. Vopium automatically detects if a user is connected to Wi-Fi and enables users to call other Vopium Wi-Fi users around the world for free. If a Vopium Wi-Fi user calls a non-Vopium Wi-Fi user, they pay only the reduced international Vopium rate.

Cheap international calls:

Following is an example of recent pricing to call popular destinations from the US with Vopium:
    United Kingdom:
    Landlines: USD .03/min
    Mobiles: USD .32/min
    SMS: USD .13 per message

    Landlines: USD .04/min
    Mobiles: USD .24/min
    SMS: USD .13 per message

    Landlines: USD .03/min
    Mobiles: USD .03/min
    SMS: USD .13 per message

    Landlines: USD .08/min
    Mobiles: USD .08/min
    SMS: USD .13 per message
Vopium: The Key Facts
  • Vopium is free to download athttp://www.vopium.com
  • All new users are given 30 minutes of talk time + 100 international SMS for free
  • Vopium is compatible with more than 500 GSM handsets across Java, RIM, Windows Mobile and iPhone
  • Calling internationally through Vopium saves up to 90 percent off international calls
  • Calls made through Vopium are always high quality
  • Vopium Wi-Fi users can call each other around the world for free
  • Vopium users keep their own mobile number and SIM card
  • When a user calls from their home country, a local rate may be applied by their operator
  • When calling from abroad a roaming charge will be applied by the subscriber's operator.
  • Any Wi-Fi call will not incur additional charges from a subscriber's operator
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