Flint Telecom Sees Additional VoIP Revenues of $20 Million in 2011 with Pending and Planned Acquisitions

Flint Telecom announces that advanced discussions are under way to acquire a number of turnkey VoIP providers which are currently delivering telecom and data services to small and medium enterprises in the United States. Completion of each acquisition will bring immediate profitable revenues to the group. The projected revenues, when all planned acquisitions are completed throughout the year, are expected to reach over $20 million in 2011.

The market for VoIP services in the U.S. continues to grow rapidly, particularly on mobile devices, with the Telecoms Industry Association seeing the VoIP share of total U.S. residential and business phones lines reaching 37% and 10% respectively by 2015. Ovum, the market leading research company, forecasts fixed VoIP revenues in United States reaching nearly $9 billion annually by 2014.

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