Skype Users Receive Freedom From the PC

Broadcom Corporation, announced that the Broadcom Wi-Fi phone platform now supports Skype software and will be available to consumers in new Wi-Fi phone handsets from Buffalo. In the past, Skype users needed a PC to make Skype calls. Now, with the availability of wireless Internet phones, users can make calls at open Wi-Fi access points all over the world without being tied to a PC.

"A Wi-Fi phone is more flexible and useful than a traditional analog phone because it uses Internet Protocol (IP) as the underlying technology and can communicate with other devices on the network," said Monika Gupta, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Broadcom's Consumer VoIP products. "Consumers can now be part of the Skype community -- scroll through their contacts, see who is online, make free Skype-to-Skype calls -- all without sitting in front of the PC."
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Reviewed: Philips VoIP433 and VoIP321 Phones

I came across a review of these two Philips VoIP Phones and thought I'd provide you a cliff notes version of the review.

The VoIP433 provided users with a "true plug-and-play" experience with Windows Live Messenger and the phones automatic contact book provides an up-to-date contact list. However the screen is considered to be one of the worst ever seen on a handset. It's 98x67 pixel LCD is only capable of showing 4096 colours and the low resolution can make it hard to read.

Call on hold
Call waiting
Battery life of 10 hours talk time and 100 hours standby

The VOIP321 is a Skype phone that requires the installation of a driver and small application program. This runs in parallel to Skype and your computer to provide the phones interface. After installation it provides a small icon in the computers system tray.
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Top 100 Voices of IP Communications

“Top 100 Voices of IP Communications” by TMC’s Internet Telephony magazine was released today. Selected by the editorial staff of the publication, the Top 100 list recognizes the most influential, significant, and groundbreaking leaders who have driven the development of the VoIP market over the last decade. This special 100th issue, available now.

"There was no lobbying for a spot on this list. The editors simply sat around the conference room table and went through the names of many of the more influential, significant, groundbreaking individuals with whom we have had the pleasure of working since the magazine’s inception."

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RNKVoIP and VoIP Supply Join Forces

Expanding its footprint as a globally-recognized provider of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony services, RNKVoIP announced that it will partner with VoIP Supply, a leading provider of VoIP hardware, software, and services, to provide a complete IP PBX package that includes equipment, telephone service and configuration for small businesses positioned to benefit from the Linksys LVS Program. VoIP Supply will also distribute RNK’s ReVoS Internet Voice Service products and services to consumers worldwide.

RNKVoIP is a participating service provider in the Linksys LVS Program, which gives small businesses a total telephone solution at a fraction of the cost of a “big business” system - but with virtually all the features and functionality.
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Puerto Rico 'Virtual' Phone Numbers throughout the 50 States

VoX Communications Corp., announced the launch of an Hispanic-targeted advertising campaign promoting the availability of Puerto Rico virtual telephone numbers. VoX is the first to offer customers in the 50 U.S. states the ability to add a Puerto Rico telephone number to any U.S.-based VoX plan for just $4.95 per month, allowing friends and family living in Puerto Rico to call them on a local number rather than a long distance number.
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VoIP Phones Used For Microsoft’s Exchange Server 2007

snom technology, announced that during the VON Europe show in Berlin, Germany and SIMO in Madrid, Spain, snom technology will be demonstrating the compatibility of its SIP based VoIP phones with the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

The security provided by SIP-based (Session Initiation Protocol) IP communications offers a complex, protected, and unassailable communications infrastructure. Both snom and Microsoft customers benefit from the increased security measures that are put into place when using a SIP-based infrastructure.
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8x8 Awarded New VoIP Technology

packet8.jpg8x8, Inc., provider of Packet8 broadband Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and videophone communications services, announced it has been awarded a new U.S. Patent for VoIP technology related to the display and sharing of images over the Internet.

The new patent, U.S. Patent No. 7,124,165, issued October 17, 2006, is titled "Arrangement and Method for Displaying and Sharing Images." Amongst the 27 allowed claims is claim #12 which reads:
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Verizon Business VoIP Portfolio Available for International Markets

Verizon Business has announced the availability of its full VoIP portfolio for the International market, offering a full suite of VoIP solutions on a single integrated network-based VoIP platform. New enhancements to the portfolio include a Managed IP PBX service, extended European availability, local language interfaces, local ringtones and additional access methods. The full portfolio offers customers a simple and efficient way to transition their voice and data services to IP technology at their own pace, irrespective of their stage of IP implementation.
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Social Network Marketing Platform Integrated with VoIP

YFonGlobal, Internet media company and social network services provider, announced the first implementation of WindStor (www.yfonglobal/, a Social Network Marketing platform with integrated VoIP. Announced and demonstrated at Ad:Tech NY (YFonGlobal, Booth 2114), WindStorm is available as a private-label solution for marketers, allowing them to rapidly deploy, manage, grow, and monitor experiential, viral, and grassroots communities centered on a company's brand in as few as 10 working days.

YFonGlobal's WindStorm fosters virtual peer-to-peer interactions within a community of brand consumers, along with a brand's marketing team of "cyber reps". The result is a virtual group of highly engaged customers who freely share their thoughts and experiences in real-time via a rich array of community features.
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WorldDialPoint VoIP Provider

Receive and make calls to any phone in Australia with WorldDialPoint Soft-Phone or any SIP compatible hardware. Dialing rules supported by state, no need to dial area code. Use service as if you are using the home phone.

Our national and international interconnection network, WorldDialPoint calling service gives your home or business access to big savings and highly competitive local and international phone calls backed up with a 30 day moneyback guarantee.


  • Unlimited Worldwide IP to IP Calling
  • Call waiting
  • Free In-Network Calling
  • Distinctive Ring
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail to email
  • Control Panel with Live Billing
Phone: +61 7 3107 7419

Have you used WorldDialPoint's service? Please leave a comment and let us know about your experience.

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VoiceTrading VoIP Provider

Welcome to VoiceTrading!
VoiceTrading is the premium quality provider for termination of your international telecommunication minutes. We provide small and medium-sized enterprises such as carriers, ISP's and telecommunication service providers with extremely low rates for international calls to ANY destination worldwide. Calls are sent out via more than 150 local operators, reaching each and every country on the globe, both fixed and mobile phones.

Operating the service
Program your devices to forward the traffic to us in SIP protocol and we will take care of the rest. Without any hassle whatsoever, we make sure all your calls get properly connected and have crystal-clear voice quality.

VoiceTrading offers the possibilty to create a profitable model for your business. You are completely free to set your own selling prices and conditions.

Administration and invoicing
VoiceTrading does not charge monthly fees or administration charges. Once you sign up as a VoiceTrading customer, you will get your own account page.

Phone: +49-221-3549565

Have you used VoiceTrading's service? Please leave a comment and let us know about your experience.

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ISPCON FALL 2006, at Santa Clara Convention Center

ispcon2006.gifThe Golden Group announced that ISPCON, “The Internet Industry Event,” will open its doors next Tuesday, November 7, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, where it will run through Thursday, November 9. This year’s event will focus on the industry’s hottest Internet services and technologies, including VoIP, Web 2.0, managed services, municipal Wi-Fi, open source opportunities, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and much more. Now in its 13th year, ISPCON FALL 2006 is expected to attract thousands of ISPs, Web hosts, MSPs, ITSPs, technologists, entrepreneurs and innovators, VCs, top corporate executives and more for three days of highly-charged conferences and networking opportunities.
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Pressure from VoIP Drives Down Traditional Voice Services

Research and Markets has announced the addition of 2006 Global NGN, IP & VoIP - Volume 1 - Global Overview, Analyses & Statistics to their offering.

Next Generation Networks (NGN), VoIP, cheaper calls, new IT applications, voice, data and video convergence, VPN, IP networks.
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SIPit 19, SIP Interoperability Test Event

Data Connection Limited, the world's leading independent provider of communications protocol software, announced its participation in SIPit 19, the nineteenth SIP interoperability test (SIPit) event organized by the SIP Forum (

SIPit is a week-long event, held twice a year, to improve the quality of the SIP specification and forge global interoperability among SIP implementations. Data Connection was one of over seventy vendors who participated in the event, which was hosted by the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Laboratory.
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IIR's Telecoms Regulation Conference

A unique conference, taking place in January in Budapest, will focus on both the fixed and mobile regulatory challenges facing the telecoms industry today. With the increasing amount of activity that we are currently witnessing in this area, now is the ideal time to attend IIR's comprehensive, two-day Telecoms Regulation conference.
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