RNKVoIP and VoIP Supply Join Forces

Expanding its footprint as a globally-recognized provider of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony services, RNKVoIP announced that it will partner with VoIP Supply, a leading provider of VoIP hardware, software, and services, to provide a complete IP PBX package that includes equipment, telephone service and configuration for small businesses positioned to benefit from the Linksys LVS Program. VoIP Supply will also distribute RNK’s ReVoS Internet Voice Service products and services to consumers worldwide.

RNKVoIP is a participating service provider in the Linksys LVS Program, which gives small businesses a total telephone solution at a fraction of the cost of a “big business” system - but with virtually all the features and functionality.

VoIP Supply, as an RNK reseller, will be able to offer the number-one service plan in the industry for Linksys LVS users, featuring:
  • $9.95 per-line monthly charge; minimum of 4 lines
  • 1.9 cents per minute outbound to US, Canada, and over 40 international destinations
  • Low out-of-plan international rates
  • Extensive nationwide VoIP coverage
  • Toll-free numbers at some of the lowest rates on the market
  • Virtual numbers that provide a presence in hundreds of cities around the world for as low as $3.95 per month per number
And, among the many key features included in the low monthly charge are:
  • Ability to keep existing telephone numbers
  • Voicemail per line with voicemail to email attachments
  • Unlimited 411-directory assistance
  • Caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling
  • Meeting reminder service
  • International call blocking
  • Disaster recovery
  • Backup routing of main number on Internet failure
  • VoIP2Go add-on cell phone feature for each line
  • Nationwide E911/911 coverage
  • 24/7 customer and technical support
  • Online account management,
  • ETC.
"Businesses across the globe have realized significant benefits from using VoIP – not only in cutting their overhead and long-distance bills, but also in improving their overall business performance," said Richard N. Koch, CEO, RNK Telecom. "We look forward to a successful, mutually beneficial relationship with VoIP Supply, as their team is known throughout our industry as one of the best in the business. Through our participation in the Linksys LVS Program, VoIP Supply will be empowered to offer their small business customers a high end, total telephone solution at an affordable price."

“RNK’s offerings and customer-centric approach aligned perfectly with what our perspective Linksys LVS IP PBX users are looking for,” stated Garrett Smith, Director of Business Development at VoIP Supply. “As more small to medium businesses consider the switch to IP PBX systems like the Linksys LVS, RNK’s flexible and affordable offerings will allow these businesses to realize greater cost savings, increased productivity, and painless user management. This, along with VoIP Supply’s industry leading customer service and technical support, forms a small to medium business IP PBX solution few can match.”

In addition, any customer who purchases a Linksys adapter from VoIP Supply for residential use will receive a 100-minute free trial of ReVos HomePlus Service. ReVos HomePlus replaces traditional telephony with state of the art VoIP service and enables subscribers to make unlimited calls across the U.S. and Canada from their home phone for just $24.94 per month – while keeping their existing phone and phone number – in addition to being able to make unlimited long distance calls to over 40 international destinations. The service also allows subscribers to add their cell phones to the plan for just $4.95 per month, so they can have unlimited calling to in-plan international destinations whether at home or on the go. In total, the ReVos brand represents a family of five services that offers customers a comprehensive suite of features and functionality delivering savings, international reach and mobility.

RNKVoIP currently originates, transports and terminates billions of domestic and international minutes annually, and is the leading VoIP private label wholesaler of choice for hundreds of carriers and resellers. The company operates and maintains its own dedicated network, connecting switches located throughout the United States.

The RNKVoIP network is fully redundant and is interconnected via multiple tier-one IP backbone providers. Its VoIP service is managed by utilizing two separate platforms in conjunction with the resources of at least three domestic and international carriers at all times, insuring timely call completion and exceptional quality of service.

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