Vonage Launches Free Extensions Apps for iPhone and Android Devices

vonage_logo.gifVonage announces the availability of a free downloadable app for iPhones that enables one-touch international dialing using the recently announced Extensions service. A free Extensions app for Android devices was launched in September. These new Vonage Extensions apps allow customers to extend Vonage's signature unlimited international calling plans to their smartphones using an easy-to-use app, providing even greater convenience.

The new apps let users dial international phone numbers directly through their existing contact list so there's no need for users to re-enter numbers or leave the app to make calls. The international calling apps are available for immediate download at the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace.

Customers can register for up to two mobile Extensions through their online accounts at www.vonage.com.
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SPIRIT DSP Boosts HD VoIP and Video in South Korea

SpiritDSP_logo.jpgLG U+ has licensed SPIRIT's TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile to power HD-quality VoIP and video-calling on mobile devices.

South Korea has one of the world's most vibrant IP Communications markets in the world backed by strong support from the government. A dedicated area zone for VoIP telephone numbers was introduced several years ago, followed by a number portability options that made it possible for people to move to VoIP-calling without changing their phone number. A wide mobile VoIP adoption thanks to a great wireless broadband infrastructure, new smartphones from Korean handset OEM giants and high smartphone adoption rates were recently reported by the Korea Communications Commission. In just 18 months, the number of smartphone subscribers in South Korea has exploded more than ten-fold to top 10 million (or around a fifth of the population) stimulating local carriers to deploy their own mobile VVoIP services to retain their customers from migrating to Skype and Google mobile voice and video services.
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Vyke App Now Available on Android

Vyke-logo.jpgVyke announces the release of its successful market leading app on the Android platform now available to download from Android Market.

Vyke's app is a simple application designed to save customers money on international calls when they’re on the move, without compromising quality. Features include WiFi, 3G and Callthrough calling. Vyke customers can make low cost calls to anywhere in the world at a quality level comparable with fixed line phones. The fresh interface has a Quick Dial screen that lets customers set up their 12 most called contacts on speed dial.
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Mobile VoIP Users to Reach 640m by 2016

juniper_research_logo.pngMobile VoIP specialists are expected to favour alliances with social media, gaming and software partners over partnerships with mobile network operators in coming years, as social media becomes ever more mainstream, finds Juniper Research.

Juniper Research anticipates that the role of voice within the broader communications market will change, and it will become increasingly available as an extension to other applications. Companies such as Vivox are pioneering such services in the gaming industry, and Skype's acquisition by Microsoft and several Facebook alliances with VoIP providers will accelerate this trend, finds the report 'Mobile Voice & Video Calling: Strategic Opportunities & Business Models 2011-2016'.
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Vox Communications Now Offering Free Use of Its Android Internet Calling App

vox_communications_logo.jpgVoX Communications is now allowing free usage of its mobile VoIP app for all Android mobile phones and Android tablets.

Pervasip's Chief Executive Officer, Paul Riss, noted, "We have updated our Android VoIP app so that any Android user can download it, make free calls and send free text messages to others who have our app. Earlier this month, we launched our Android app and required a fee of $4.95 to sign up for services and receive a telephone number. We had more than 1,000 downloads in the first week, and many people want to try the free calling before they use our service for inexpensive calls to landlines or other mobile phones. We have adjusted the product so that anyone who downloads the app can now try it without making a payment."
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Korea Telecom Licenses SPIRIT DSP's Mobile VoIP Engine

SpiritDSP_logo.jpgSPIRIT DSP announces that Korean Telecom giant KT has licensed the company's TeamSpirit Voice Engine Mobile, an SDK that enables HD VoIP calling on a broad range mobile devices. KT is S. Korea's top fixed-lined operator and the No. 2 mobile carrier in the region.

Internet telephony is Korea's prominent daily communications medium. The VoIP rates are 80 percent cheaper for intercity calls, 20 percent lower for calls to mobile phones and 95 percent cheaper for international calls. According to the Korean Communications Commission, the number of paid Internet telephony subscribers broke the 10 million mark this year.
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Report: Mobile VoIP Subscribers will Near 410 Million by 2015; VoLTE Still a Long Way Off

Infonetics Research released excerpts from its new Mobile VoIP Services and Subscribers report, which tracks native mobile voice over IP (a.k.a. voice over Long Term Evolution, or VoLTE) and over-the-top mVoIP service revenue, subscribers, and deployments by world region.


"The adoption of over-the-top mobile VoIP services is growing rapidly but it is not without challenges. With free applications and extremely low revenue from users, it is tricky for application providers without the deep pockets of larger companies like Google, Microsoft, and Telefónica to have a sustainable long-term business model. Despite the fact that we expect mobile VoIP subscribers to grow nearly 10-fold from 2010 to 2015, there is relatively little money to be made from it in the near term," poses Diane Myers, directing analyst for VoIP and IMS at Infonetics Research.
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Rebtel Launches Version 2.0 of its iPhone Application to Bring an End to Dropped Calls with KeepTalking Technology

announces the launch of Rebtel 2.0, a new generation of intelligent applications designed for desktop and smartphones, which facilitates platform independent free high-quality calls. The free iPhone application, available today from iTunes, allows users to make and receive free international calls using WiFi/3G as well as local minutes. Texts and calls can also be done to any non-Rebtel users on any phone for rates up to 90% cheaper than the standard international calling rate of an average carrier. The app also introduces a new proprietary Rebtel technology called KeepTalking, which by the push of a button allows users to seamlessly transition mid-call from WiFi/3G to local minutes. The iPhone and desktop applications will add to the Rebtel free call network already including Android and Blackberry applications and facilitate free calls between all existing platforms.
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Voip-Pal.Com and VoipSwitch Work Together to Re-deploy the Latest in Voip-Pal's Mobile Apps

voip-pal_logo.jpgVoip-Pal.Com is pleased to announce that it will begin re-deployment of its VoIP products and services using AWARD WINNING softswitch platform and mobile dialers (apps) provided and customized by VoipSwitch Inc., a subsidiary of VoiceServe Inc.

"Voip-Pal will be using a management softswitch platform and the latest in mobile apps provided and customized by VoipSwitch Inc. to re-deploy our retail site www.pointsphone.com," states Dennis Chang, President of Voip-Pal. "Our three year relationship with VoipSwitch Inc. will meet its full potential when our site is re-deployed. With their state-of-the-art technology and our marketing channels, Voip-Pal will prove that it will truly be an international presence in the VoIP smartphone and smartphone security market arena."
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VoX Communications Launches Internet Calling App to the Google Android Market

vox_communications_logo.jpgVoX Communications has launched a mobile VoIP app for use on all Android mobile phones and Android tablets. A VoX subscriber can subscribe entirely on the phone and choose a U.S. phone number without leaving the interface, which makes the sign up process more elegant than many competitors. The mobile VoIP plans start at $4.95, which is a low cost of entry for a high quality and reliable VoIP service offering. VoX also offers 500 minutes for $9.95, and $29.95 for unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.
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Fonality Unified Communications App Now Generally Available on iPhone and Android Platforms

fonality_logo.pngFonality announces the general availability of Fonality Heads Up Display Mobile. More than 6,000 users have already purchased Fonality services to access the application. Purpose-built for the unique needs of small- and mid-size businesses, Fonality HUD Mobile provides cloud-based VoIP, Unified Communications and contact center solutions via Apple or Android platforms with a single, secure, user-friendly interface.

Fonality HUD Mobile delivers UC and contact center features never before available to SMBs. For example, contact center managers working remotely can access a 360-degree view of all activities with color-coded agent status, call type details, as well as duration. Calls can be recorded on-the-fly or engaged through barge, monitor or whisper modes. In addition, staff can log in and out of queues, regardless of location. Other prominent features include Voice over Wi-Fi calling, saving an average 56 percent on monthly mobile costs, as well as user’s real-time presence, company directory access and collaboration capabilities.
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IT-Cloud Launches VoipNow Callback 1.4 for Android

IT-Cloud announces the release of VoipNow Callback 1.4 for Android. The application enables Android users to make local and long-distance calls to landline and mobile phones around the world for 1 US cent per minute. VoipNow Callback for Android is immediately available via the Google Android MarketT.

VoipNow Callback is a mobile application for making calls to friends, family or business partners at home and abroad with rates beginning at 1 US cent per minute, and no additional fees. For making a call, users need to launch the application, enter the phone number they want to reach and send a callback request to the VoipNow provider over a 3G / Wi-Fi connection. The VoipNow system dials out to the phone user and the destination and connects the two via its VoIP circuits. Because all outgoing calls become incoming, which are free in almost all countries, the phone user does not have to pay to a mobile operator and enjoys only the lowest rates provided by VoipNow.
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Fonality Mobile Platform for Apple and Android Receives 2011 TMC Labs Innovation Award

fonality_logo.pngTMC named Fonality Heads Up Display Mobile as a 2011 TMC Labs Innovation Award winner. Available on Apple or Android platforms and purpose-built for small- and mid-size businesses, the application delivers cloud-based VoIP, Unified Communications and contact center solutions with a single, secure, user-friendly interface.

“There is nothing like Fonality HUD Mobile on the market,” said Fonality’s Chief Marketing Officer, Wes Durow. “It enables growing businesses to work smarter and faster, anywhere, anytime with advanced Unified Communications and contact center features. We are honored that Fonality HUD Mobile has been recognized with a 2011 TMC Labs Innovation Award.”
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Report: Market Opportunity: mVoIP + Social + Presence

research_and_markets.gifResearch and Markets has announced the addition of the "Market Opportunity: mVoIP + Social + Presence" report to their offering. There is a unique opportunity, for a period of about three years, for certain so called Over-the-Top VoIP providers to offer social networking driven services that represent a low cost/no cost alternative to incumbent network operator's services.

More specifically, there is an opportunity for certain OTT VoIP providers to stand out from the crowd, gain market share, and attract the attention of acquiring incumbent wireless carriers. Those same mobile network operators need to recognize that a strategy to start with OTT Wireless VoIP is a bridge to "dialable" VoIP via LTE. They also need to recognize that OTT VoIP is also a longer term offering themselves, even in a ubiquitous LTE coverage environment (which will be many years in the making) as roaming partners will not necessarily have their own LTE coverage.
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VoX Communications to Distribute Android Internet Calling App to the Google Android Market

vox_communications_logo.jpgVoX Communications has developed a mobile VoIP App for use on all Android mobile phones. Until recently, VoX had relied on other companies, fring and Nimbuzz, to deliver its mobile VoIP application to an Android device. Now, a consumer can install a VoX app directly on an Android tablet or smart phone in an easy download. VoX is working to automate this download so that it can be purchased anywhere in the world from mobile VoIP app websites.
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