Kryptos Launches Military Grade Voice Encryption App for iPhone Available on iTunes

Kryptos has launched a new iPhone application named Kryptos available for immediate download on iTunes for only $4.99. Kryptos utilizes 256 bit AES military grade encryption to encrypt voice communications between users while using 1024 bit RSA encryption during the symmetric key exchange.

Kryptos is a Secure Voice Over IP application. The product provides VoIP connectivity for secure calls over several networks including 3G, 4G and WiFi. As the access to cellular phones and mobile devices has evolved so has the propensity for security threats in regards to interception of calls made and received. Most people are not aware of how simple it is for hackers to use readily available tools, devices, etc., to intercept standard cellular calls.
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Vyke Releases Reseller Initiative Vyke Reseller

Vyke-logo.jpgMobile VoIP service provider Vyke Communications announces the launch of Vyke Reseller, its new web-based management tool. Vyke Reseller enables resellers to purchase Vyke credit and move funds online to cash customers; create Vyke top up vouchers at denominations to suit their cash customers; promote Vyke online and benefit from customer registration rebates; and access real-time reporting on credit movements, purchase history and rebates.

Vyke said that resellers receive a bonus rate of 20% every time they top up their online Vyke Reseller account. An introductory rebate rate of 10% on all top ups made by affiliated customers, for the customers lifetime as a Vyke user, will also be available for Vyke Reseller accounts created before 28 February 2011.
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BlackBerry and Nokia VoIP Apps Now Available to Buy at fg microtec

fgmicrotec_logo.pngFollowing the recent launch of fgVOIP, a true Wi-FI SIP VoIP client for BlackBerry OS 4.6 and OS 5.0 devices, fg microtec has announced that its VoIP app shop is now open, providing both BlackBerry and Nokia VoIP apps at

fg's IP PBX Mobile Client is a feature rich soft phone application for mobile phones. It can be registered to any IP/SIP capable PBX using a Wi-Fi connection in the office, campus, home, hotel rooms or public hot-spots.
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fgVOIP Provides Blackberry Users with the Best VoIP Call Quality on the Market

fg microtec announces the availability of the fgVOIP app for BlackBerry, which allows SIP-enabled VoIP calls on all Blackberry OS 4.6 and OS 5.0 devices with unrivalled call clarity. fgVOIP app for BlackBerry enables high quality, low-delay VoIP calls via SIP on all Wi-Fi enabled OS 4.6 and OS 5.0 devices, including the BlackBerry Curve 8520, 8900 & 9000 as well as the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

fgVOIP's Click2Dial feature lets callers make VoIP calls in exactly the same way as regular GSM calls. With Click2Dial, whenever the user makes a call using the standard BlackBerry dialler, the call is automatically routed over VoIP when in range of a Wi-Fi network - no user intervention is required. Calls made whilst outside Wi-Fi range use the cellular network as normal. Users can also choose to enable or disable VoIP calls for specific numbers through an exclusion list.
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Vyke Launches UK Specific Website and iPhone App

Vyke-logo.jpgVyke announces it has launched a branded Vyke UK website for Vyke Mobile. Customers accessing the website from the UK will now see a UK specific portal, supplementing the established global site and offering the same products and services, but with rates and offers specifically targeting the UK mobile VoIP market. The initial launch, to selected potential customers, will be followed up with further marketing campaigns over the coming months.
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VoX Communications' Mobile VoIP App is Now Available on Ovi Store for Symbian Phones

logo_VOXlogo_400.jpgVoX Communications has a downloadable mobile VoIP app on the Ovi Store by Nokia for use on Symbian mobile phones. Users of Symbian devices can download the VoIP app from VoX Communications at or by going to from their smartphone.

Symbian smartphone users will be able to download the VoX mobile VoIP plan with a simple signup process that will deliver the install software package straight to the device. Consumers worldwide can use the app to make calls to the United States for $.02 per minute, or less, if an unlimited plan is purchased.
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IMS Brings VoIP into Mobile Telephony - and with It All the Security Risks

Codenomicon announces that Ari Takanen, CTO of Codenomicon, will give a presentation on threat assessment and proactive defense against VoIP vulnerabilities at the 3GPP ETSI Release 8 IMS Implementation Workshop. The event will take place 24-25 November 2010, at the Sophia Antipolis technology park, in southern France.

Ari Takanen will give his presentation "Recommendations for VoIP and IMS Security" on Thursday, November 25th. He will talk about VoIP security threats, focusing on the attack surface analysis and threat assessment of IMS Release 8 architecture. The presentation is based on research and numerous audits on live IMS deployments across Europe performed during early 2010. Presentation also reviews results of selected security tests using test automation technique called fuzzing, which finds and identifies both known and unknown vulnerabilities in communication technologies. The presentation is partially based on the Securing VoIP Networks book Ari Takanen wrote together with Peter Thermos.
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Acrobits Turns Two this Month - Acrobits Softphone or Groundwire for 50 Percent Off

Acrobits_logo.pngMobile software developer Acrobits turns two this month. As a leading developer of VoIP on the iPhone, they have consistently led the field in introducing advanced SIP features to the iPhone and integrating the best iOS features into their products. This dedication to innovation has brought their users the best VoIP experience on the iPhone and made Acrobits Softphone the leading SIP Client on the iPhone. To celebrate, both Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire are on sale for half off today and tomorrow only, November 16th and 17th. Get Acrobits Softphone for only $3.99 and Groundwire for only $4.99.
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Counterpath Officially Releases Bria Android Edition Mobile VoIP Softphone

counterpath_logo.jpgCounterPath is pleased to announce the official launch of Bria Android Edition. An enterprise-grade VoIP application, Bria Android Edition is a highly secure, standards-based softphone that works over both 3G and Wi-Fi networks. Highlights of Bria Android Edition's features include:
  • Support on any SIP-compliant server to enable rapid implementation
  • Multi-tasking support for background operation, such as fielding incoming calls while using other applications
  • Audio codecs G.711a/u, iLBC and GSM
  • Option to purchase with or without G.729 codec
  • more after the jump
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Voip-Pal.Com Announces OS6 Version of Their BlackBerry App

voip-pal_logo.jpgVoip-Pal.Com has posted a new upgrade of their PointsPhone Mobile App for the BlackBerry which now is compatible for the OS6 version of the new BlackBerry Torch and all previous versions of the BlackBerry as well. The PointsPhone Mobile App for the BlackBerry is available on and users can now download for free the PointsPhone Mobile App for BlackBerry. A user account must be registered.

The PointsPhone Guard will be available for delivery as a stand-alone App on our retail website. It will also be available as an Add-On for all new and existing clients. In addition, a new PointsPhone Platinum package will be available that will provide a complete telecommunications solution for Smart Phone users.
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Send Free SMS to 2.5 Billion Asians with Vopium

vopium_logo.jpgFor the rest of the year, you can send free SMS text messages to Asia if you have the Vopium application installed on your mobile phone. The application is easy to install, and in addition to the free SMS service, Vopium also offers low-cost international calls of a quality far exceeding what you may know from Skype.

With Vopium on your mobile phone, you can send free SMS text messages for the remainder of the year to your friends, family and other people in most Asian countries, such as India, Japan and Thailand, enabling you to send text messages to more than 2.5 billion people in Asia.
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VoX Communications Becomes First US Premier Partner to Nimbuzz with Android Mobile VoIP App for Wi-Fi and 3G Data Networks

logo_VOXlogo_400.jpgVoX Communications and Nimbuzz announce the release of a new VoIP application, VoX Mobile Out for Android. Embedded within the Nimbuzz service, VoX Mobile Out service is a compelling new option for inexpensive cloud-based calling for Android phone owners within the US. The market research firm, In-Stat, estimates that the number of Mobile VoIP users will approach 300 Million by 2013, opening the gates for generating revenue from VoIP applications.

Pervasip is a partner in Nimbuzz's SIP Premium Affiliate Partner Program that was established to enable 3rd party SIP technology providers to offer their services across the Nimbuzz open, universal communications platform and to tap into the fast growing community of 30 million users.
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Skype Requests Nimbuzz to Remove Support

Nimbuzz-Logo.pngNimbuzz has been asked by Skype to remove support for all Skype services, effective October 31st. The move is understood to be in line with Skype's mandate to disconnect with all third party VOIP and messaging services ahead of its impending IPO.

Nimbuzz recently announced that it has surpassed 150,000,000 downloads and has 30 million registered users across all major mobile operating systems. Moreover, 3.65 Billion Mobile Voice Minutes have been logged by Nimbuzz over the past year proving the increased demand and rapid adoption of the platform's own low cost calling service, NimbuzzOut. More competitively priced than Skype, NimbuzzOut is available on more mobile devices and networks than SkypeOut.
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Voxofon Enables International VoIP Calling and Messaging on Windows Phone 7

voxofon_logo.pngVoxofon enables low-cost international VoIP calling and text messaging on Windows Phone 7 at launch, allowing users of the new smartphone to stay in touch with their friends, family and business contacts around the world. In addition they can call VoIP destinations, such as Skype, SIP, Google Talk.

The world is getting smaller, and a lot of people now have friends living all over the globe. The businesses are no longer limited to one city or even country. People travel, move, and global communication becomes an essential part of their lives.
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HelloSoft Announces The Availability Of Video On Its Mobile Communicator Clients

hellosoft_logo.gifHelloSoft announced at 4G World, the availability of video on its range of communicator offerings for 4G devices. HelloSoft Communicator™ is a client for PC’s, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices that offers full VOIP, convergence and rich communication suites for mobile devices, and is now enabling support for video calling, sharing and teleconferencing. HelloSoft’s full range of award winning client solutions are available as white label clients for operators around the world and for leading ODM’s and OEMs.

HelloSoft’s comprehensive video processing framework and video QoS technology ensures top quality video under varied network conditions. H.263 and H.264 based video client solutions are available for PC platforms and for mobile platforms such as Android, Windows Mobile, and upcoming for iPhone. Other platforms such as Linux, MAC, and Symbian are under development. This comprehensive offering enables service providers and OEMs quick time to market for presenceenabled rich communication on a wide range of devices.
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