VoX Communications Becomes First US Premier Partner to Nimbuzz with Android Mobile VoIP App for Wi-Fi and 3G Data Networks

logo_VOXlogo_400.jpgVoX Communications and Nimbuzz announce the release of a new VoIP application, VoX Mobile Out for Android. Embedded within the Nimbuzz service, VoX Mobile Out service is a compelling new option for inexpensive cloud-based calling for Android phone owners within the US. The market research firm, In-Stat, estimates that the number of Mobile VoIP users will approach 300 Million by 2013, opening the gates for generating revenue from VoIP applications.

Pervasip is a partner in Nimbuzz's SIP Premium Affiliate Partner Program that was established to enable 3rd party SIP technology providers to offer their services across the Nimbuzz open, universal communications platform and to tap into the fast growing community of 30 million users.

Pervasip Chief Information Officer, Mark Richards, noted, “We are very excited to become the first US-based premier partner to integrate our cloud-based SIP mobile calling software with Nimbuzz. A smooth and easy download, people appreciate having a phone line from VoX, which gives them a second phone number, a second voice mail box and low-priced VoIP calling plans that run over both the 3G and WiFi data networks. We see reports of daily sales for approximately 200,000 Android phones.”

Every Nimbuzz Android download now presents the VoX logo as the second icon on the SIP providers list within the installed Nimbuzz application. The Nimbuzz Android App with VoX Mobile Out calling can be downloaded from the VoX website.

The Nimbuzz SIP Premium program provides a complete pre-configuration of partner server settings that makes long distance calling on mobile phones simple and easy, with no VoIP/SIP knowledge required. Nimbuzz also provides branding and distribution opportunities to increase user growth, engagement, and visibility.

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